Suarez, the exiting – phase two begins?

I guess the club knew they were going to have to deal with this issue sooner of later this summer and now that our man (and he is still our man – just?) has recovered from the Federations Cup, the issue of deciding Luis Suarez’s future begins again.

The next round of salvos have already been fired. Suarez’s agent has held talks with the club which were described as “positive” and “amicable”. What does this mean? The latter suggests they got on well and have a good working relationship however the former is surely only from the players parties view unless we have persuaded him to stay. Hardly given that reports still suggest Suarez still wants away!

Liverpool remain steadfast, insisting that Suarez is not for sale however, if he wants to go then surely this is an empty statement a statement as empty as Arsenal’s trophy cabinet in recent years. This is not a gibe at the London club merely a statement of fact and Suarez will surely be weighing up his chances of winning things at Ethe mirates compared to the Bernabéu, his preferred destination? What Arsenal can offer Suarez over us of course is Champions League football hence their bid of £30m which I suspect they knew would be turned down, reports suggest we holding out for around £45m – £50m.

One wonders if Arsenal’s offer was political part of manoeuvring against Real Madrid. Both clubs are currently in process of conducting, what seem to increasingly futile, negations over the sale of Gonzalo Higuain? Curiously, and perhaps significantly, Real Madrid have remained silent on Suarez who has stated that because of press treatment he would prefer a move away from England. Because of this a move to London hardly stacks up moreover if he was prepared to stay on these shores I suspect Arsenal’s offer would be easily trumped probably from a club to West of their ground or from another considerably nearer to Anfield than the Emirates? In short it’s a bit of a mess really! It would also be a stark reminder of the financial pecking order in this country and, if the move goes through, a poor reflection on the credibly of Suarez’s statements about his reasons for leaving.

Speaking on a Uruguayan Radio Station Suarez said

‘It’s good to know that I am still valued by teams like Arsenal. Friends call me up to ask if I am moving to Chelsea,’

Nice one Luis let’s just plant the seed of a possible Chelsea move. Am I being paranoid but the use of the words “still valued” suggests he is no longer valued. No doubt with many this might be true on personal level but of course this is utter nonsense when it comes to football. On the question of us we get

‘Don’t believe everything you read or hear! I am sometimes off the grid. I don’t even know where my phone is sometimes.”
ow Luis you certainly live on the edge!

‘There have been no offers yet but Liverpool know exactly what is going on and what I want.’

These sort of selfish, clumsy crafted statements are why I can’t see Suarez staying. Suarez is quick to praise the Liverpool fans but childishly cryptic over his future. If he had any respect why doesn’t he tell us what he wants, or just shut up until everything is decided. It’s also ironic that he is using the press, which he seems so intent of blaming for his current predicament, to finesse his end game.

Suarez tells us not to believe everything we read however, quotes are quotes and radio tapes and radio tapes. His talk may well have seen him paint himself into a corner. Even if he was persuaded to stay it is now by no means certain that he would be forgiven by those who were more than happy support him over the last few years when many outside this club were more than happy to feed him to the lions?

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5 Responses to Suarez, the exiting – phase two begins?

  1. marc harrison says:

    whats the federations cup ?
    Dude, this is a boring article, heard it all before, nothing new.

  2. Ogbeni says:

    “I think loyalty in football, from both sides, is overplayed a bit. Basically Liverpool are loyal to Luis Suarez because he’s such a good player and Luis has got to think of his own career and what he wants to achieve.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I have to express my disappointment that you are not writing here any more. I was a regular follower of the blog and was so much looking forward to your comments and review after each of the reds’ games. I very sincerely hope you restart again, especially this season that we may have more positive results to share among the fans.

  4. Things like that are possible to happen. In this case all rumors are proven fake because Suarez already made his statement that he’s not going to transfer to any team.

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