“Have you ever been to Liverpool?” takes it’s name from the Stranglers song “London Lady”

Why? Because I simply couldn’t think of anything original and it was playing around the time I decided to set this blog up in October 2006 – thank God it wasn’t Jimmy Osmond’s Long Haired Lover From Liverpool!

Had I actually thought about the context of the song in which the blog title was contained I might have changed it!

“Making love to The Mersey Tunnel
With a sausage, have you ever been to Liverpool?
Please don’t talk much
It burns my ears
Tonight you’ve talked for a thousand years”

Quite where the sausage comes in I don’t want to know! However it’s stuck now (the name not the sausage) and talking too much about the mighty, mighty Reds is something I do often and tediously (to anyone who isn’t a Liverpool fan). So, this blog is useful outlet for me to record my thoughts and look back over whats been happening at L4.

The views in this blog are my own. Comments are welcome but I reserve the right to edit out anything irrelevant such as advertising, other dodgy links and anything excessive in the way of bad language or taste. Don’t worry too much it will have to be really, really bad for me to do that!

If you need to contact me I’m at redfloyd@tiscali.co.uk.

By the way, if you haven’t been to Liverpool, you should go!



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  1. amiripz says:

    Hi mate,

    A nice blog you have here.
    I am adding you to my blog roll, hoping that you will reciprocate. Cheers.

  2. Fiz says:

    Good job mate .. I’ll be reading your articles .. Keep on writing


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