Conor’s call up, transfer dilemmas and Luis and Brendan, stop it, no more excuses!

It’s that time of year again, England have gone out of another international tournament in this case the under 21 European Championships in Israel. So off we go with mass, post mortem discussions about the state of the English game until something else more newsworthy comes along. Then the debate is shelved once more until the next time England go out of a tournament which presumably will be in Brazil next year assuming they qualify!

However for Reds fans there is good news on the international front. Congratulations to Conor Coady who has been named as England’s captain for the under 20 World Cup in Turkey. This caps a good year for our man as he made his debut for us at Fulham towards the end of last season. This tournament promises to be different from the last one. Apparently then over 50 players withdrew from the squad because it clashed with pre season. FIFA have changed the dates now but if anyone is looking for an excuse about why England go out of tournaments then they should look no further than this incident as a reason?

Back to base and BR has been waxing lyrical about the club summer transfer policy without, understandably, giving any clues about potential targets. I guess it’s a bit tangled for the club at present in addition to the uncertainty about Luis Suarez’s future there is also that of Andy Carroll who doesn’t appear keen to play ball in a proposed £15m move to West Ham? Presumably if, or when, these issues are finalised BR know how much he has to spend and, as a result, what quality of targets he can go for?

“We need one or two centre halves and I’m looking to bring 20 more goals into the team. So I’m also looking at another offensive player to give us a real threat on goal and another attacking midfield player. We definitely need to do that, especially if we’re going to put some young ones out on loan next season to gain experience. But it’s not easy when you can’t make mistakes. We want to keep the acceleration and pushing on so this is a very important window for us. We have to do our best to make it right because the players who need to come in have to be effective right from the off.”

All this looks good but it does sound a bit like an over enthusiastic kid’s Christmas wish list. The target of bringing twenty or more goals into the team seems stiff given the possible departure of Suarez however if BR was suggesting that the rest of the team need to score more then fine. Reading between the lines of this quote I sense that BR knows that the 2013-14 season is crunch time. The patience he has been afforded since he started will, in some quarters, begin to run out. Talk of players hitting the ground running is also fine in theory but all too often the reality of the situation is different?

BR also took time to look back over his first season with us and sadly his comments fall back onto the less than convincing arguments and excuses that have dogged his utterances since he joined.

“What we have shown in my first season is promise. There have been moments of disappointment and moments of delight but when I look at the reality of it we scored 47 goals the season before I arrived and this time got 71, and we hope to add to that amount. Defensively, for a team that was supposedly very strong last year, we only conceded three more goals so in terms of numbers and performance-wise then we have improved.”

There are lies, dammed lies, and statistics. Although we scored more goals and conceded three less the fact is we only finished one place higher than we did last season and didn’t reach any finals were as the season before we reached two and won of them. I also wish BR would stop harking on about the previous regime(s) as if they had just crawled out of the primeval footballing swamp and that, as a result, he has been left with a crock of sh*t. Some of Kenny’s signings were over expensive however, many of the players that ply their trade for BR were signed by him or previous managers, Luis Suarez for example. I am not anti BR and do not slavishly worship at the golden alter of Dalglish however, it simply does not wash for BR to try and buy time by suggesting he’s been left with the sh*tty end of the stick?

“I believe we will improve again and we have to because we want to sustain a challenge. I think we can do but it will be a tough ask because as we improve other clubs will have masses more money to improve also. But I believe we have built a real good base. It’s not my job to look for excuses…”

Well Brendon stop making them then. It is tiring and unnecessary. The fans will give you time if they see you are genuine and passionate. Just get on with it, stop trying to cover your tracks or constantly justify yourself at the expense of others!

Meanwhile Luis’s lamenting his lot again. In addition to being hard done by the media he, correctly, feels he’s been a victim of the FA’s lack of consistency. Re the ban for the Evra incident

“Without any proof they gave me an eight-match ban. But with (John) Terry, where they had proof, lip-readers, they gave him four. I’m South American and I think that’s the root of all of this.”

I sympathise with Suarez on this point but why on earth didn’t mention this when it happened instead of letting it fester inside him and dredging it up (conveniently?) when he wants a move? Doe he really feel this will make his move easier? Does he really think it will placate everyone?

He also gave us some indication as how all this has effected his family.

“About a week ago I was walking in a shopping centre near Manchester and three or four guys asked me for a photo. While we were posing for it my wife said to me: ‘Luis, get out of the photo.’ She noticed they were making biting gestures. I was with my wife and my daughter. Things like that get on your nerves. My wife was on the brink of tears and the blokes ran off laughing. You get tired of stuff like that.”

Again one is tempted to say “don’t bite players then” however the overriding thing that strikes me when hearing this tale is not “you poor thing, pack your bags and go to Spain with our blessing” but what the f*ck was Suarez doing shopping in Manchester! If you play with fire…….?

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9 Responses to Conor’s call up, transfer dilemmas and Luis and Brendan, stop it, no more excuses!

  1. Patrick says:

    You try and seem to be fair in your article but at the same time you are hounding BR. On top of the extra goals and lifting one spot in the ladder we did play a much more attractive brand of football. We were also more resilient in games this year compared to last year especially the second half of Kenny’s rein when we would fall behind, the team would run out of ideas and look rudderless. Yes we all want the team to succeed but times have changed and we no longer have the spending power of the 80s and 90s. Back then we didn’t have to compete against other clubs with rich oil barons funding what seems a limitless pit of money . I think we are the right path and we can’t expect instant success due to our limited spending . We have to follow the Bayern Munich model which will take 5 years to realise its benefits.

  2. Biglawd says:

    Your article is you, dicecting a Brendan Rogers answer, slating it and trying to convince everyone (quite ineffectively) that you’re not anti “BR”. I hate so called supporters like yourself. Giving the manager a year and then calling it quits. even 2 years. thats nowhere near enough on our budgit. what he is doing; and that is changing the style of play throughout the whole squad, on a shoestring budget – takes real time. Not two years and you’re out. That’s Chelsea’s way of business. By the way it’s written “won one of them”. I’m sick of hearing Liverpool fans moan, and writing selfindulgent, demoralising and melodramatic drivel on their snotty little blogs. Get behind the manager, show some pride and support and stop inventing your own misery.

  3. Biglawd says:

    and just for your reference, a lot of Liverpool players live in and around Manchester. Footballers in general do. remember Manchester is about more than one football club, it has another too, it has a big city centre. They can shop where they like cant they? Just because you play football for Liverpool, it doesn’t ban you from shopping in different cities. Pepe Reina regularly shops in Manchester. It has the huge shopping centre. Get over it. Grow a set and get behind your club.

    • redfloyd says:

      Sorry, everyone of course BR walks on the Mersey, and if he tried to I’m sure he’d blame Kenny, Hodgson and Rafa when he falls straight down to the bottom!

      This blog (“snotty”, spelling mistakes or otherwise) has been going for years. Strange as may seem to some of you I don’t write it because I hate the club and want to put it down. I don’t expect you to read all the articles but if you did you’d see that it’s been consistently behind every manager each time and has also suggested that each one should be given time to properly implement their policies In the case of BR the mantra is just the same (not 2 yrs Biglawd we aren’t Chelsea, Spurs or Newcastle). The blog, with over 1,000 articles, besides suggesting I’m extremely sad, might also show I care about the club and way it’s going. Disagree with me but never, on the basis on one article, get all sanctimonious and preach to me about unnecessary negativity, lack of pride or support please.

      I am not anti BR but what I do object to is the way he tries to constantly self justify, buy time and make excuses by making veiled digs at previous regimes. He talks as if he had to start from scratch, almost as if he is rescuing the club and leading it into the light, this is disrespectful to those who ran the team before him, and have, as I write, achieved a dam sight more for one club than he has in his entire career. It is also patently untrue, he is relying on many of the players that were part of the regimes he is so quick to belittle. BR doesn’t need to do this as most of you say, at moment he has the patience of the majority of fans, what he has done stands on it’s own and, after a year, he should be judged on that alone rather using the past as a caveat?

      Biglawd Clearly players can shop where they want but if you can’t see the irony of Luis Suarez complaining about harassment when shopping in Manchester then I’m sorry. As for being “melodramatic”, “self indulgent” and “demoralising” how accurate, you’re not my wife are you?

  4. Saikat says:

    Keep your belief in BR. He is a good manager. from the day 1 he shown his character. But you know something, people make mistakes. He is also a human being. So 1 or 2 mistake won’t be hurt too much, if he is doing series of positive things. We have really played a very eye catching football last year, if we can do it more on a regular basis, and that is also with this core group of younger boys ( Coutinho, Aspas, Sturr etc) we will really have a decent chance to move further. So keep faith on your team and support our manager.

  5. Brendan says:

    You cant even spell his name right, clearly a disgruntled fan who just wants to b**** and moan.

    Youre welcome to have a go but youre just wrong about half the things.

    Cry moar

  6. Fela says:

    Main thing was what was he doing in Manchester ? Is he a learner? As a LFC rep,you re meant to hate the mancs,dislike mersey blue,and never read the sun.

  7. CHUKWUEMEKA says:


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