Jonjo goes, Villa rumours and Mkhitaryan must wait?

I guess given the number of players we’ve signed in the last month then there would be one or two heading for the exit door?

Luis Suarez appeared to the first however, his international commitments, in the Federations Cup, and Real Madrid’s managerial changes have put that on hold, for now? As it is we, rather surprisingly perhaps, say goodbye to Jonjo Shelvey who joins Swansea for around £6m.

Shelvey was one of a few players rumoured to be heading for the exit door this summer and even if we hadn’t made the signings we’d made one wonders, with only 17 starts since he joined us from Charlton in 2010, what his Reds future would have been? Things looked set fair for him less than year ago when he was thought to be sufficiently good enough to represent England, admittedly against San Marino. I often wondered if Shelvey, was part of the clubs succession planning. Steven Gerrard, despite what might think, isn’t indestructible and isn’t getting any younger. Eventually he will need to step aside and I suppose Shelvey, along with Jordan Henderson, would be pencilled in as potential long term replacements. The best laid plans don’t always materialise especially if you get another manager who has other ideas and you don’t make sufficient progress, how long do give a player to prove themselves?. Both Henderson and Shelvey could, arguable fall into this latter category however, I can’t help wondering whether we should have shown Jonjo a bit more patience and approved a loan move to Swansea rather a permanent one?

Elsewhere things appear to be in a state of flux. As mentioned before nothing on Luis Suarez although I’ve read rumours about him going to Arsenal presumably a move to the secluded, rural backwater of London will enable him to achieve his stated desire to escape the attentions of the British press! In the meantime it’s business as usual and he’s been told to join us on the tour of the east (that’s Australia and Thailand not Norwich) once he’s recovered from the Federations Cup.

It’s been suggested that once Suarez goes and we get some money that we’ll pitch in for David Villa. I can’t believe this makes sense, I sometimes wonder if journalist concoct these stores just for a laugh. Why? Villa is old (in footballing terms) expensive (even though he’s got one year left on his contract) and, as result, has no sell on price he is also, probably as result of his advanced years, injury prone. All these attributes fly in the face of our stated buying and development policy and suggest, on the evidence of their past signings anyway, that he is ideally suited to Spurs the club he’s been most linked with him?

Meanwhile the tale of Henrikh Mkhitaryan (can’t spell it or pronounce it yet) takes another curious twist. Having seen Shakhtar value him at around £25m, in way that suggested they were holding him blind folded in darkened room until we coughed up, we told that he can move for £20m if he breaks his contract.

Said a man in dark glasses with a violin case

“If Mkhitaryan wants to terminate the contract, he must pay Shakhtar $30m and go to a club that he likes. If we go in a civilized manner and sell the player, and in doing so he does not break the contract, the value we place on him is 30million euros (£25.5m).”

The good news is that Mkhitaryan does want to come to us and will await our move. Shakhtar appear to be holding out for more but if the player wants to go, and to us, what can they do? It remains to be seen if we can cut through all the bullsh*t and achieve the desired outcome?

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1 Response to Jonjo goes, Villa rumours and Mkhitaryan must wait?

  1. daniel says:

    Why is liverpool not making any move for him. And as for selling out jonjo,is not good idea at all. The young man is jus 21,not in years to come we then go bak to him just as tom ince.

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