Luis for Real but Tevez to fill the void?

Things appear to have gone a tad quiet on the Luis Suarez front. Perhaps it’s because the player is away on International duty one thing is for sure no news is certainly not good news?

I guess after Suarez has finished his matches with Uruguay (he scored last week against France) we will enter “phase two” of the saga. Already the battle lines have been drawn up.

Suarez says that it would be a good time for a change but he doesn’t know if he’s going or not. However, he’s been fluttering his eye lashes at Real Madrid suggesting it would be hard to turn down their advances.
The club has been more assertive

“Luis Suarez is not for sale. Neither Luis or his representatives have communicated these feelings directly to Liverpool. The club remains supportive of Luis and expect him to honour his contract. The club will not be making any further comment at this stage.”

One wonders just how much of a case of p*ssing into the wind this will prove to be? If Suarez wants to go then surely we can’t stop him? Leaving aside the arguments about player loyalty and honouring contracts, which change as quickly as the wind you are p*ssing in, if Suarez is unsettled and doesn’t want to play for the club then surely it is in the best interests of both parties that he should go? The thing Suarez appears to be trying to convince us is that this isn’t the case and that, in some bizarre way, he as no choice but to leave?

For Suarez to suggest he might leave because he has been persecuted by the media somehow doesn’t fully wash. The obvious argument is that if you want to stop the levels of media intrusion then don’t draw attention to yourself by getting embroiled in a race issue with a fellow professional and then go on to bite another one of them! Having done this I’m sure Suarez would have expected a degree of negative coverage and harassment, however, things wash over and I don’t really think Suarez is constant headline news. Even after the Evra affair things were beginning to get better for him as his play shone however he then shot himself in the foot by biting someone else on the arm!

For Suarez to say it would be hard to say no to Real Madrid is disappointing but, I guess, understandable. Real can offer Suarez more on and off the pitch than we can, we all know that so lets not pretend otherwise. Many will say he owes Liverpool because they stood by him over his various misdemeanours, another season perhaps? However, the loyalty card is only played when circumstances suit and it can easily be withdrawn for the same reason. It’s nice to say that the club stood by Suarez over Evra however, I wonder just how much of this related to the £22m (Suarez’s transfer fee) they would have stood to lose if they’d dumped him? Moreover Suarez was clearly upset at the outcome of the FA verdict however, rather than back him to take it further the club advised him to take his medicine and move on leaving Kenny to field the brickbats.

Hopefully I won’t need to write Suarez’s leaving obituary”. I hope he will stay, fruitcake antics and all! However, enviably reports about replacements are already merging. There are many but the one that intrigues the most is the possibility of Carlos Tevez coming our way.

Like Suarez Tevez is seemingly never too far away from controversy, on and off the pitch (how is the fence painting coming on Carlos?) however his goal scoring record speaks for itself. The player has a year left on his contract so shouldn’t cost too much however, what puzzles me is what Tevez sees in us. I know we are a great club however, look at it from his point of view. We can’t offer European football, Man City can and even they don’t want to there will be plenty of other clubs in Europe that will be more than willing to do so? There is also the issue of the 29 year old Tevez’s reported salary of £200k a week. This doesn’t seem to fit in with the recruitment noises the owners have made in the past about age and salary, exceptions can be made but….?

I guess the only thing in our favour is, like Manchester, we are in the North West so he won’t have too far to travel however remember this is the Carlos Tevez that toyed with a move to Spain and Italy so he could be nearer to his family … in Argentina!!!!

Does all this add up? No. Which means it will probably happen?

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3 Responses to Luis for Real but Tevez to fill the void?

  1. Rajen says:

    Go for Edin Dzeko rather than Tevez….

  2. Rajen says:

    Or better go for Demba Ba…

  3. Anonymous says:

    We dn’t need tevez,go 4 another striker like ba.

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