Luis Suarez a Real deal and Iago to go .. to us?

Well did anyone think it wouldn’t happen? Surely during the cause of this summer there would be some speculation regarding the future of Luis Suarez even though he has gone on record as saying that he intends to stay at Anfield?

That assurance of course was given before the biting incident which now sees him serving out a ten match ban and being subject to yet more bad press. Add to this the Evra incident, our absence from European competition of any sort, and you could argue that that’s not an earth shattering revelation to discover there is talk of a Suarez move, there is only so much a man can take?

Not surprisingly given a player of Suarez’s quality the calling appears to be from Spain, well actually it doesn’t appear to be calling just Luis saying that if Real Madrid did come calling it would be hard to refuse. This is the same Real Madrid who Gareth Bale, despite stating he would also be a this club next season, would find hard to turn down!

Speaking on Uruguayan radio Suarez said

“I’ve talked to my agent, there’s nothing concrete. To say no to Madrid would always be difficult and more so with the team they have. I have a contract with Liverpool, but it would be very difficult to say no to Real Madrid”

Suarez wouldn’t be the first player we’ve had to let go to Real, sadly it is reality, the footballing food chain and I guess over the years we’ve fallen down it. A hefty wage, Champions League football and presumably a less intrusive (more tolerant?) press tick all the boxes in terms securing Suarez’s future, advancing his footballing career and his work lifestyle. On the latter point Suarez was pretty forthright….

“My family have suffered and things have gone beyond the limits. I am tired of it. My daughter and my wife have suffered. I’m not prepared to continue suffering at the hands of the English journalists. I suffered a lot as a kid to get where I am just to be attacked unfairly by the English press. They haven’t appreciated me as a player. They’ve just judged my attitude.”

Many will feel Suarez has bought all this on himself with his conduct, the Evra, incident, the biting, the diving etc However, did all this warrant the frenzied press reaction? There are arguments on both sides and some fans would even say he should leave because of what they think he has done to the reputation of the club. Whatever the case I guess this is irrelevant in this instance even if Suarez’s reputation was such that people showered him with scented rose petals every time he appeared Real would be interested because he is good player and Suarez in Real given what the club can offer him over us? Will Real have the desire and bottle to see it through …. moreover will Suarez be able to resist them? I guess as ever during the summer, it’s a case of wait and see?

Elsewhere and some mixed news on the striking front. Daniel Sturridge played the other night for England against Ireland and set up Fat Franks’ equaliser but then departed with what looked like a pretty serious injury. Suggestions are that it’s ankle ligament damage but everyone seems to be coy over how serious from talking about a minor injury on Thursday yesterday there are now stories about Sturridge missing the start of the season?

If Sturridge is injured and Suarez does go we appear to have a replacement already lined up in the form of Celta Vigo’s Iago Aspas. The details are in the region of £8m which is a few million shy of the fee we paid for Fabio Borini last year. Perhaps it’s unfair given the injuries he has experienced but Apsa looks more of a prospect than Borini? He is 25 years old and has scored a dozen goals for Vigo this season. He is also versatile being able to operate as a first or second striker or wide. This appears to tick all the boxes for the sort of player we are after however, as ever, it is something of a gamble. BR has “struck lucky” with Coutinho and Sturridge, let’s hope, if the deal materialises, he makes it three.

If Suarez does go then presumably Borini and Aspas will have increased opportunities to establish themselves in the team. However, one supposes that BR will also have all or sizable chunk of the Suarez funds to spend? Perhaps this is why Schalke have now suggested that Kyriakos Papadopoulos is worth around £10m more than the £12m we appear to be willing to offer. I know money is an issue with anything Greek at the moment however as this is young player who has just recovered from a knee injury three words spring to mind “p*ss”, “the” and “taking”!

There is also the issue of Jose Reina who has said it would “be difficult to say no to Barca although

“I am not aware they are interested in me”

Hmmm I would find it difficult to say no to Gemma Arterton although I’m not aware she is interested in me (actually I’m dammed sure she isn’t) or has even heard of me? I sense a trend here it looks like being the summer of where players, or specifically their agents, will be finding it “hard” or “difficult” to say “no” and saying so. The words may change but the sentiment, and the strategy, never does?

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  1. Bundex says:

    To be sincere Luis Suarez suffer at the hand of english journalist but am not happy about his move to real madrid though this is football we have to seek for new challenges. Suarez YNWA

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