The kit’s sh*t, Carroll’s end, Toure talk, and signing a long Greek name?

I suspect that the trophies presented at the end of the season have yet to experience their first application of silver polish however, already there is transfer talk in the air.

Whatever Liverpool’s out or inflows the future of Andy Carroll was always going to be the one thing that was decided once and for all during this break. So the recent news that fee had been agreed with West Ham is no surprise?

Many have already seen fit to question the wisdom of Brendon Rogers in letting Carroll go however one wonders just how much his hands were tied? True I suspect that in an ideal world BR wouldn’t be the sort of manager to sign a player in the style of Carroll however, he “inherited” him and was presumably betwixt and between when he was loaned out last September to Upton Park? On one side he had been “deprived” of the services of a striker who didn’t fit not his style of play and FSG, ever conscious of the purse strings, were also happy as his salary was being paid. However, as we know, this left us woefully short of striking power until the signing of Daniel Sturridge in January. A reckless, foolhardy decision which we were lucky to get away with due the continued fitness of Luis Suarez?

The reported sum of £15m (plus add ons) we will receive is clearly way short of the £35m we paid for Carroll however, it is FSG and not BR that should take the blame and the hit is not in the pockets I suspect but in the area of the body that lies between them! It must be a painful financial lesson learnt which I suspect, budget and transfer policy wise, the club is “reaping” the consequences of now?

I suspect there is a feeling amongst many reds that we should have persevered with Carroll particularly because of BR’s apparent lack of a “credible plan B” to his preferred style of play. I believe BR has no firm plan B or no real plan C, and plan D is just a distant ship smoke on the horizon, however, that does not necessarily mean Carroll is the answer to this. When you look back over his time with us, and strip out the injuries, his performances, although not necessarily bad, certainly didn’t seem to justify the £35m fee. I wonder just how much, with Torres gone, desperation there was in our offer? Whatever the case there is no getting away from it, we overpaid big style and even if Carroll was on top form, we’d probably have no chance of getting it back? Moreover I would wager good money that he will be back to haunt us in some way or another next season?

Elsewhere it looks like BR might get the “man” he seemed to think we are so short of, particularly in defence. I don’t know if Kolo Toure smokes a pipe, rips up trees, shaves with a cut throat razor, takes cold baths and talks with a deep voice however, at 32 years old he is certainly not a kid! Toure is, I guess, seen as a replacement to the experience of Jamie Carragher but does that mean he has to be as old! Of course this is nonsense Toure is Toure and Carragher is Carragher they have, and will, bring different things to the side, on and off the field.

Toure’s contract is up this summer meaning he’ll be on a free transfer which gives us an fair indication about his involvement at Manchester City recently and why we are probably interested in him! However, I guess we should look at this in context. Perhaps Toure will bookend nicely with our other defensive target, Schalke’s Kyriakos Papadopoulos who is 21 years old and highly rated. Papadopoulos, despite his few years, has been around for a while having played in the Champions League and also attracted interest from AC Milan. I guess he is just the sort of player the frugal folks at Anfield would be willing to spend their money on?

Perhaps Papadopoulos has been bought so the owners can make an killing on names to be printed on the back of their new shirts, it’s a hell of a lot of letters! The new home shirt was paraded at Sunday’s game it’s roughly the same as the one before with a little bit of white on the collar. Warrior say it harks back to the design we wore in Rome when we beat Roma in the 1984 European Cup final. It is nothing like it!

I assumed that Warrior were issuing this so that they would be able to change the away kits next season keeping the home kit for two seasons before changing it again. This seems to be the norm for most clubs, changing home and away kits in alternative seasons? However, Warrior have also bought out new second and third kits! We live austere times so I hope the fans will protest against Warrior’s commercial greediness by not buying these garish products, it shouldn’t be too hard, both look absolutely awful!

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6 Responses to The kit’s sh*t, Carroll’s end, Toure talk, and signing a long Greek name?

  1. wes says:

    hey buddy take a prozac you depressed son of a bitch. i like the kit.

  2. PATRICK says:

    A very anti BR article, very anti FSG and anti everything. I fucking hate it when supporters get on forums or articles having a go and Liverpool but more so at BR and FSG. fact is FSG saved the club from administration and possibly relegation. The cub was heavily in debt and we were a laughing stock of the football world until FSG came along. You also had a go at them and blaming them for paying 35 million for Carroll. It wasnt FSG who bought AC it was Cammolli and Dalgleish who FSG entrusted them both in the transfer market. but no you dont mention their name especially Dalgleish because I presume in yours eyes he is untouchable. If Im correct the total BS. they both blew 100 million and from that only Suarez and Enrique have looked the good and fortunately Henderson seems to be coming along and to a lesser extent Downing. I like all of them bu the money we paid for Downing, Henderson and Carroll was very wasteful. Henderson at the time might have been worth 8-10 mil, Downing 10-12mil and Carroll maybe 15-18 mil. Carroll was on fire at the time don’t forget. Also we all have to realise we dont have a wealthy Oil Tycoon to buy players and may I say both have questionable pasts as to how they accumulated their wealth.

    Lets face it, with Warrior they give the club a lot of money and its an individual choice whether or not you buy the shirt. Having a look at the photos of the 1984 game against Roma, the shirt is actually very similar and the main difference is the yellow stripes so once again very misleading there or you may need your eyes checked.

    • redfloyd says:


      You say I think Dalglish is untouchable yet conveniently forget that I said we overpaid for Carroll – KD must have been a part of this.FSG did save us from our problems but they too are not untouchable. FSG did over pay for Andy Carroll (badly advised or otherwise) stating that is not having a go, just telling the truth.

      Re Warrior, you are right, it is individual choice as to whether we buy the shirt just as it is individual choice as to whether you decide to form an opinion on it, read my blog or agree with what I’m saying if you read the other pieces I’ve done you will find plenty of positive stuff too. True Warrior gave us a lot of money but that doesn’t give them carte blanche to regularly use and fleece the fans in this way. Kids will want the new designs and parents can’t always afford them perhaps, if they are intent of bombarding us with new shirts every twelve months, they should show more responsibility and lower the price a bit?

      By the way it’s DALGLISH I’ll get my eyes checked if you check your spelling! Still think the home kit is nothing like the EC 84 because it doesn’t have yellow strips which were, let’s face it, the most distinctive feature.

  3. Sammies says:

    This is total shit,why do u tend to despise whats already good,if you don‘t fucking like the jersey thats your prob,as for me the jersey s fine and good,warrior didn‘t say d jersey is d same as dat of ‘84,it looks like it,so i don‘t see the reason why you should be looking for the yellow stripes,conerning carrol and other signings it is thefaultof commoli and dalglish we paid all those price,FSG only gave them money to sign players not to sign players for them,and we have them to thank not to be in administration this time,you need to reboot your brain.

    • redfloyd says:


      The red jersey is fine even though it’s nothing like EC84 Google them and compare. The two away ones are cr*p overly fussy and confused I can imagine you wearing them both!

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