Exit Fergie scourge of Liverpool!

So, what can you say about Fergie?

After all that time at the Theatre of Delusion he has finally called it day. That third European Cup/Champions League trophy has eluded him which means he hasn’t equalled Bob Paisley’s record. For all the bluff and bluster his career has ended in failure!!!!!

Clearly this is nonsense although having overhauled most of our records, he was at least decent enough to leave us with that one! Given all their clubs recent success it’s surprising that The Mancs fans really don’t know how to do send offs properly. Had this been Dalglish, or Paisley leaving the Kop would have been awash with flags what did have at Old Trafford a stack of manufactured ones left on seats, clearly the crowd can’t be relied on to add their own atmosphere. Even when Fergie was on the pitch we heard “Are you watching Merseyside”. Yes we were and one wonders just how narrow minded and inappropriately parochial they can get? The Mancs is a club on the world stage yet instead of lauding them and their departing manager they still see fit to have a go at us who have ceased to be genuine rivals to them for some time

No doubt some will say that Liverpool fans will greet Fergie’s going with the same glee as Thatcher’s the month before. Add to that the fact that Everton have also had their nose’s put out of joint by losing David Moyes and many feel it’s been a good week for us. Although I often succumb to it Schdenfruade is a negative concept, in this case anyway there is no logic to suggest that a few personnel “setbacks” to The Mancs and Everton will improve our lot and make theirs worse Even if both clubs are weakened are we in a position to take advantage, least it be forgotten we’re going to finish seventh in the league the departure of Fergie and the “transfer” of Moyes is hardly going to loosen the shackles of underachievement and see us rocketing up the table? There is a stack of work for us to do it is for, Brendon Rogers and his players, still a case of trying to improve business as usual, regardless of what happens to the clubs around us.

Liverpool fans have to ask themselves this, why did they get so narked with Fergie? First things first I don’t think it was jealously we “hated” him and The Mancs in general just as much when we were the more successful club. It pains me to say this but if you strip down all the rivalry and all the clout the Mancs have Fergie was no different to any other manager. Fergie wanted to win at all costs and was prepared to resort to any legal methods to gain an edge over the opposition be it on the pitch, or off it. It was also because he cared for his team and would defend and them at all costs, even if it meant going on the verbal offensive and becoming unpopular? Towards the end this got very predictable although it didn’t stop Rafa taking the bait, hook, line and sinker! I thought the best person at dealing with all this was Kenny. Of course it was easier when we were regularly beating United but even in this second spell as manager, when The Mancs, were in the ascendancy, he dealt with it well swatting away his wind ups with a “you’re confusing me with someone who gives a f*ck” indifference.

Chelsea fans in particular, pathetically and ignorantly, forget this in their dealings with Rafa. As far as I can see, he has done a good job at Stamford Bridge yet he’s still ungratefully treated like bad smell by some of the spoilt, oh so precious Chelsea fans because a few mild things he said about their club when he we was with us. This is all part of the game and it makes it even more puzzling that those same fans can indulge John Terry and all the ugliness his behaviour has bought to the table over the years.

Fans forget that Fergie, like Rafa, has a human side. Fergie was always respectful re Hillsborough. He pleaded for Mancs fans at the last Anfield game to respect the remembrance ceremony. He could have done nothing particularly as some Reds had given to his club for so long over Munich. I also had a mate who was at St Mirren when he was manager there and some of the stories he told me about Fergie would make even the most hardened of Reds fans question their attitude towards him. I often go back to these stories when he’s coming out with all the nonsense about Liverpool and remember, as Hillsborough painfully proved later, that things need to be put into perspective? Sure it is great to have a go at him, he like many other successful people in the public eye are sitting ducks, but that’s all it is, verbal cut and trust a bit of jousting. Serious? Yes but only up to a certain point?

I guess the main reason we disliked Fergie was because, like Mark Hughes or Roy Keane or Wayne Rooney, he was a threat and, dam him, good at want he did. Had the wind ups and verbal barbs eminated from the manager’s office at Anfield we would have loved him sadly they came from 40 miles down the road which, in many peoples books, made him the enemy? Now he has left the field of play perhaps it is time to at least give him a respectful nod for a second or two only …. before we get on with the business of resuming hostilities with The Mancs once more!!!

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1 Response to Exit Fergie scourge of Liverpool!

  1. David Williams says:

    No matter how much you hated Fergie as almost all Liverpool fans do, you have to give him credit for the phenomenal success he achieved with Man U. Personally I think he marred his own reputation with some of his outrageous comments, and the fact that he was on of the games biggest whingers!! When his team lost it was always the fault of the referee or some other factor in his post match interviews, basically he was a bad loser. I was personally incensed by his remarks over the Suarez/Evra incident when he said Suarez should never be allowed to put on a football shirt again. Did he make any such remarks when one of his team (Cantona) jumped over the barrier and karate kicked a supporter, no indeed not !! he blamed the supporter for shouting abuse at the player. Two faced ?? Double standards ?? Call it what you like, that was the flaw in his character and one of the reasons why so many disliked him.

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