A tonic for the troops and who is Luis Suarez?

Newcastle United 0

Liverpool 6
0-1 Agger (2), 0-2 Henderson (17), 0-3 Sturridge (54), 0-4 Sturridge (60), 0-5 Borini (74), 0-6 Henderson (76)

The obvious title would have been “the joy of six” or “six of the best”, or if we had scored seven “seventh heaven, or one more ”eighth wonder” however this seems apt given the week the club has gone through?

Even though he was putting his feet up the “ghost” of Luis Suarez threatened to haunt this game. Even though he’s accepted the FA’s punishment, and club has expressed a desire to move on, it was inevitable that the weekend’s press would dwell on the story and not just in the sports pages. However, those strikers in competition with Suarez for a first team birth had a commendable stab at exorcising it.

And so did the team with a relentless succession of precision, rifle shot, moves which unravelled an admittedly lame Newcastle defence. There was a cool efficiency in our demeanour that bought back memories of the side in it’s pomp when they travel away, saunter into the lions den and through nothing more that simple, sensible football. silenced the baying home hoards. Newcastle fans pride themselves on their loyalty however the rush for the exit after we put the game beyond reach belied this. On a point principle I have never ever left any game early and therefore can’t understand the these so called passionate fan’s reaction, even though it was their team’s worst home defeat since 1925.

For those of us how want to move on the rout provided reassurance to thoughts that when it comes to goals we weren’t just a one man show and would therefore miss him. BR for all his faults should also take, for once, deserved satisfaction from the performance. Three of his signings, Sturridge, Borini and Coutinho were instrumental the victory be it sticking the pill in the back of the net or, in the case of Coutinho just looking great on the ball and playing sublimely. BR still continues to confuse and exasperate and, occasionally, please in equal measure just when you think you’re forming an opinion on him his team produces something like this or, f*cks up bad style!

Re the game, if you had to narrow it down to one player other than Suarez I guess it was about Daniel Sturridge. There seem to have been hints from Anfield that there were one or two issues with him, having him sitting on the bench in some games suggests so? However given the role of main man on Saturday he rose to occasion and scoring two and, unselfishly, setting up one.

Our second goal said all that needed to be said about the man. He produced a lovely deft touch from Reina’s clearance to Coutinho before running on to receive the return ball. Sturridge was then in a position to score, and make a early point re his “post bite” role in the team, however unselfishly he fed Henderson, overlapping on the left, who couldn’t miss. Then when perhaps he could have put the side into more trouble, by reacting to Debuchy’s over the top reaction re a nothing incident, he kept a cool head. Prior to that, after only five minutes, after a couple of abortive attempts to penetrate the Newcastle defence, Agger easily sprung the offside trap to nod home. Downings’ cross.

Newcastle missed a chance to get back into it via Perch’s poor header. It was costly miss as we kicked on in the second half. Coutinho broke and, with the Newcastle defence back peddling in his wake, found Sturridge who crashed it into the roof of the net for a deserved third. Six minutes later Sturridge was at it again. Henderson, springing the off side trap via Gerrard’s ball and returned the complement Strurridge paid him for our second via square pass allowing an easy tap in, cue boos and Geordie exits.

The fifth and sixth were added bonuses? Borini on as sub and back from injury, secured the perfect return by prodding it home for his first league goal, after good work from Coutinho and Downing. By now the game should have been stopped to save Newcastle from further punishment especially after Debuchy was sent off after another hapless, clumsy attempt to shackle Coutinho. However, Henderson, as you would expect from an ex Sunderland man, piled it on as his “cross”, from the resulting free kick missed everyone save the back of the net.

The only disappointment was that Coutinho hit the crossbar, if anyone deserved a goal it was him however, given the overall score, it would churlish to complain!

Newcastle United: Elliot, Yanga-M’Biwa, Perch (Ben Arfa – 46′ ), Haidara, Debuchy Dismissed, S Taylor Booked, Cabaye, Sissoko, Gutierrez Booked (Gouffran – 46′ ), Tiote (Anita – 65′ ), Cisse Substitutes: Harper, Williamson, Anita, Ben Arfa, Gosling, Gouffran, Sh Ameobi

Liverpool: Reina, Johnson Booked, Jose Enrique, Agger, Carragher, Gerrard (Borini – 72′ ), Phillippe Coutinho (Suso – 84′ ), Henderson, Downing, Lucas, Sturridge Booked (Shelvey – 84′ ) Substitutes: Jones, Coates, Skrtel, Wisdom, Shelvey, Borini, Suso

Att: 52,351

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One Response to A tonic for the troops and who is Luis Suarez?

  1. liverbird`!! says:

    To see countinho play in a deep central role pulling the strings was magnificent..pass after pass it was breathtaking…vision and precision uncanny…still to early to say but he was like an alonso but only much better in an attacking sense..with one stroke of his foot defence became offence and he was sitting too deep to be marked by the Magpies defence..with hendo doing hard penetrating runs into the magpies defence and probing the weak central defenders with strurridge it was a perfect gameplan.we swamped their midfielders with sheer numbers…

    are we playing better without suarez?maybe for now as he is usually alone in attack and we keep passing balls to him hoping he will create something out of nothing..

    against newcastle we became unshackled and attacked like hungry animals set on their unfortunate defence…

    I dont know what role suarez would play in this team next season but i do know it shouldnt be as an out and out striker..perhaps as a second striker or on the left or right of an attacking trident..but who do we sacrifice?something i cannot answer ..but the idea behind BR’s 4-3-3 in full flow was evident during the game..

    I think we have a solid team in the making…as long as we play with the same hunger and attacking passion plus precision that we did against newcastle,we should be able to steam roll over any opposition..

    Onwards redmen! time to destroy the Toffees!!


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