Suarez peerless at Wigan

Wigan Athletic 0-4 Liverpool
0-1 Downing (2), 0-2 Suarez (16), 0-3 (34), 0-4 (49)

So five against Swansea and then four on Saturday against a side which have recently proved to be a bit stubborn match day stain to remove. That’s nine goals without reply. All is rosy in the Anfield garden, it would seem?

We know it’s not however results like this and the Swansea game (even though they were weakened) gladden the heart if not necessarily for the long, term. Brendon Rogers talks about our progress however despite the above, which is impressive, we’ve still to prove ourselves against teams above us and inject some consistency. No wins against the so called big four and horrendous stumbles elsewhere, however this task was straight forward and when BR sits down and pounders this and the way things have unravelled over the seasons he will, despite all the excuses designed to buy time and the self regarding when things have gone well, surely thank Luis Suarez for his efforts in holding whatever plans he has for us above the waterline. On Saturday Suarez proved himself again. BR owes him….

big time…. today and for all that’s gone on before this season.

The papers recently have been full of speculation about a Suarez move in the summer, to Manchester City, Bayern and others, if the clubs plan under Rogers plan is to progress then we need him, performances like this, where he felled Wigan with three clinical blows, show us that not that we ever needed convincing?

Today we were more or less unchanged from the Swansea win the only difference being Sturridge who was out again with a thigh injury. No one can complain about the way we started. Bums had barely been warmed on DW Stadium seats before Coutinho picked up Reina’s long clearance eased passed Boyce and crossed to an unmarked Downing, in, for him, an unusually central position to knock in, for him, a rare header to score, for us from him, a rare goal!

A great start and a promising add on to Coutinho’s debut goal on his debut against Swansea. A flash in the pan before he falls into the trough many players of his type have fallen into? Well one can’t complain so far, this was followed up nice link up with Gerrard and then, after bamboozling McArthur, a “eye of a needle” through pass to Suarez which suggested the green shoots of a productive understanding. All Suarez had to do was produce a little faint, and then stab it past Al Habsi in the Wigan goal.

From then on it all was about the Uruguayan. He was body checked by Caldwell. Free kicks used to be the domain of Gerrard however, after his effort against Zenit last week, Suarez took over. Even though he sipped when taking it was still good enough to worm it’s way over the line via a Maloney deflection and Al Habsi’s left hand post.

Wigan had their moments positive and negative. Reina made four excellent saves, from Boyce, Di Santo, Beausejour and Maloney which, on another day, might have seen us pondering a different outcome and made something of a nonsense of BR’s post match comments about the rigidity of the defence. However the extent of the way we pulled them over the pitch thus encouraging their own self destruction was seen when Boyce and McArthur squared up to each other.

With the second half barely still wet behind the ears what faint hopes Wigan had were evaporated as Suarez ran onto Johnson’s through ball, kept his head and slid it under Al Habsi. The only dive that Suarez produced in this game was after this goal to celebrate his hat trick and our three points.

Wigan Athletic: Al Habsi, Caldwell Booked (Espinoza – 51′ ), Boyce, Figueroa, McCarthy, Maloney, McArthur Booked, Beausejour (McManaman – 61′ ), Scharner, Kone, Di Santo (Alcaraz – 52′ ) Substitutes: Blazquez, Alcaraz, Stam, Gomez, Espinoza, Henriquez, McManaman

Liverpool: Reina, Johnson, Jose Enrique, Agger, Carragher, Gerrard, Phillippe Coutinho (Henderson – 70′ ), Downing, Lucas Booked, Allen Booked, Suarez Substitutes: Gulacsi, Coates, Wisdom, Henderson, Shelvey, Assaid, Suso

Att: 20,804

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