Luis loves us, transfer fall out and tales of the City.

What a damp squib the transfer window was.

I felt sorry for many of the Sky reporters stationed outside the grounds. It must, after the umpteenth visit to them on Thursday, have been very difficult to say anything they hadn’t already said before? The guy outside Everton’s ground was surely scrapping the bottom of the barrel when he was desperately talking about Everton hanging on to Felliani, Jelavic and Jagielka as if, given their side’s current league position, they were ever going to be sold in the first place?

For us it was a far cry from the manic night that saw Suarez and Carroll sign and Torres leave. Tom Ince stayed beside the seaside and all we did was pack off keeper Doni off to South America and loan out Danny Pacheco to SD Huesca, the latter being an inevitable, but disappointing, off shoot of the signings of Borini and Sturridge?

More encouraging were stories of who wasn’t moving and saying so. Despite all the bad press and victimisation, those in the game, and in the know, still recognise a good player when they see one and, in view of his good form this season, inevitably there has been much speculation about Luis Suarez’s future. The news from him is good…

“I will wait until the end of the season and see how we are doing. We won’t know until then how we are doing and what our position is so I am prepared to wait until that time. But I want to say now that, if you want to know what will happen to me if we don’t qualify for the Champions League, then I will say this: I have a contract with Liverpool and I am very happy here. I will stay.”

And to balance some of the negative stuff that’s been said about BR recently.

“I have much to thank Brendan for and he knows how much I appreciate this. He always praises me in public and that helps me a lot. It takes some pressure off me. This is really a great club. From being a young boy people want to play here. That’s why I came here. It’s a dream come true.”

I think it fair to so say, and also a gross understatement, that having hopefully resolved our lack of options up front with the recent signing of Daniel Sturridge it would be a tad irritating if Suarez were to leave. Of course under the present circumstances the club couldn’t rule out a accepting an enormous offer however, Suarez has gone on record saying he wants to stay and when you view all the cr*p that’s being flying his way, that is a welcome godsend?

On the other side of the coin it seems Raheem has been a naughty boy – I’ve no doubt that you’ve seen the reports. Whether this has any substance or is just someone trading in on his name for publicity purposes (Sterling has denied the accusations) remains to be seen so on that note, and until we know, we should leave it at that.

To today’s game at Manchester City, the third of a tricky series of matches (I’m not including Oldham which I guess I should do) we’ve come up against recently. We lost to the Mancs drew with Arsenal and now this, what price a win? I guess if we can reproduce parts of Wednesday’s games then we might be in with a chance however if produce parts of Wednesdays game we will lose! Suffice to say the aftermath of the Arsenal game was mixed, some said we were unlucky to lose (the cashier in William Hill today) whilst others said they weren’t (certain blindly biased people at work). Some said we were poor in the second half others seemed to concentrate on Arsenal’s defensive deficiencies. What’s done is done however, it should not be forgotten that Manchester City’s defence won’t be as accommodating as Arsenal’s four clean sheet’s in row I’ve read?

What’s in our favour? I guess the Mancs are now ten points clear after their win yesterday and therefore there is more pressure on City as they need to win just to keep up. We should also take much heart from our first half performance at Arsenal, there appears to be more attacking options, and therefore more goals, in us since we signed Daniel Sturridge in the sense that it’s posed more questions to opposition defenders, is it any coincidence that Jordan Henderson scored on Wednesday for the second consecutive league game?

Prediction? I’ve a feeling that we need to score a few to get anything as can’t see our defence holding City’s attack. So, on that basis, I’ll go 0-0 no another 2-2 which leaves us where we are having got over a testing set of fixtures.

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2 Responses to Luis loves us, transfer fall out and tales of the City.

  1. Frank says:

    Man city shuld let go cos reds is winnin 2day.

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