Oldham oratory, transfer rumours and farewell Frank.

It’s cup weekend however it’s sad sign of the times that, as the week progresses, the exploits of Luton and MK Dons, will fade as everyone’s attention switches to the end of the transfer window.

Sky in particular seem very keen to promote this as some kind bi annual treat cum celebration that is compulsive viewing. All through this month we’ve had a so called tantalising build up which consists of a bloke with a touch screen TV that’s as big as the side of a house basically imparting the same information day in day out, still at least it makes a change from Harry Redknapp hanging out of his car window. No doubt, as the last day of the window gets nearer, we’ll get the usual Tweets from twerps that go along the lines of Lionel Messi has been spotted getting into a taxi outside Southampton Airport and asking for St Mary’s!

I wonder if most of this will pass Liverpool by? We were quick off the blocks in securing the services of Daniel Sturridge and, as I write, there is no progress with other players we’ve been linked with. However, hope remains said BR

“We still need one or two additions. The club is doing everything it possibly can to assist me”

Hopefully “assist” will amount to more than the “misunderstanding and lack of communication we saw last summer over Clint Dempsey? As it is Wesley Sneijder is presumably regarded as to old and too expensive and has gone to Turkey and the trail for Blackpool’s Tom Ince appears to have gone cold.

Re Ince. Rumours range from Swansea attempting to highjack the move to Blackpool refusing to return our calls. Presumably Swansea’s interest would be an advantage to Blackpool as this might drive up the price from the quoted £7m remember we have a sell-on clause from when Ince originally went to Blackpool from us which would reduce the money we pay to buy him back. As for Blackpool not returning our calls I have this vision of BR giving up on this method and driving up Bloomfield Road to try and talk to them face to face and everyone, when his car is sighted, drawing the curtains, switching off the lights and hiding behind the sofa!

Widely touted as an alternative signing to Tom Ince is Inter Milan’s Philippe Coutinho. The bid is £8m which was rejected however, we appear to rate the player enough to go back with a higher offer which, as I sit here, is £8.5m and appears to have been accepted. Coutinho was regarded as a “young player to watch” in Seri A so one wonders why Inter are willing to sell, their difficult financial issues appear to answer this one? The noise from Coutinho doesn’t exactly inspire confidence.

“The Liverpool offer? I’m happy with these offers, because it means I am doing my job well. But I think Inter have faith in me and I want to show my value here.”

Fair enough if he wants to give it go in Italy which begs the question how will he react if he goes to us?
Anyway all of this is for next week and, who knows, we may sign someone that no one expected. Joey Barton spotted getting into a taxi at John Lennon Airport and….. no!

To the cup and Oldham Athletic at Boundary Park. Although we should note how well Mansfield recovered in the last round, hopefully this will be a straight forward game Oldham, despite beating Notts Forest in the third round, haven’t been that hot lately so hopefully we can finish the job off first time? Surely despite this, with Arsenal and Manchester City next up in the league BR will field a weakened side although in some positions his hand has been forced for example Pepe Reina is still injured meaning Brad Jones deputises. Elsewhere one wouldn’t be surprised if Suarez and Gerrard were benched or didn’t appear at all?

Prediction? It has to be a win for us anything else won’t be the end of the world but hell, it will be annoying and will again doubts which are slowly beginning to disappear? 3-0 to us.

Finally a word about the death of Guardian columnist Frank Keating. I was bought up on reading the Guardian, my parents got it everyday. From studying the football results and tables at a very young age I finally started to read the thing like most I never read it from cover to cover however if there was an article by Frank Keating it was always, regardless of the subject, after those tables and results, one of the first things I read.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Lets bring Tom ince as well.

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