A small bit of Norwich plus dive, dive, dive! BR and PR don’t match as Luis gets caught by the verbals

The news about Luis Suarez admitting that he dived in recent game against Stoke hasn’t really done anyone any favours.

 Firstly let’s get things into perspective. On more or less the same day Lance Armstrong admits to cheating in seven Tour de Frances wrecking the credibility of his sport, coning fans and sponsors and the prospects of other cyclists. Our Luis simply admits to deliberately falling over against Stoke a few months ago. This is something football’s Theo Walcott, (fast becoming footballs Tom Daly – nice but underachievng kid) openly admitted to diving for Arsenal against Leeds in an FA Cup tie a year or so ago. However, Theo is young and impressionable has an X Box Kinect and is English as for Luis he’s a shifty foreigner so ban him and string him up eh!

 What I find odd is that anyone seeing the Stoke game needed to be either daft, or biased towards Liverpool to the point of unhealthy creepiness, to not realise that Suarez had dived. It was easy for everyone to see it was a pathetically unconvincing and thoroughly transparent attempt to con the referee. I don’t want to say “I told you so” but this is what I said in my review of the game

“…. Suarez’s “dive” over Wilson was the last thing we wanted. Just when opinion was being to perhaps accept that our man was being picked on because of his reputation he goes and does this? His worst and most unconvincing dive yet, it could start a new dance craze, the star fish! BR HAVE A WORD!”

BR on, being questioned about the incident a few days ago, said

“I think it’s wrong. It’s unacceptable. I’ve spoken to Luis and it will be dealt with internally, diving is not something we advocate. Our ethics are correct. He has been totally understanding on where I am coming from as manager of the club. This is a big club and, whatever people do say goes around the world, and what was said was wrong and not acceptable. There is no-one bigger than the club or the club’s image.”

Sorry I thought the fact that Suarez had dived was a given yet, seemingly, it takes an interview in Argentina months later for BR to say, something about it. He was at the game and presumably must have seen the incident in question and then, in greater detail, on TV afterwards? Surely that would have been the time to have a word with Suarez? In fact one assumed (wrongly?) that he had as since then Suarez hasn’t dived and, if anything, has been on the wrong side of decisions as genuine fouls on him in the area haven’t been given. However if BR’s words a few days ago are anything to go by, it would seem nothing was said? Instead we get the late, ill the thought out , indiscreet nonsense that we heard at the press conference

Why an earth does BR see fit to comment on what is essentially old news in such an over the top way? Embarrassment perhaps ? Having defended Suarez, he has been seen to look stupid by Suarez’s “honesty”, BR can be a touch self regarding as pervious interviews have revealed? Surely BR should have just acknowledged that he had heard the interview said the incident in question was a long time ago and that he’d had word with Suarez and then gone on to praise his play. However, he speaks as if he’s just realised that  Suarez dived? Perhaps he thought it wasn’t a dive at the time? My God, it’s a real worry if that’s true.

 I wonder what Suarez is thinking and why did he say all this it the first place?. Did he think, as many foreign players seem to do, that distance means silence or out of sight means out of mind? Did he think that an interview far away from England won’t go unnoticed or unreported over here? If he did he doesn’t now! Perhaps he thought he was coming clean and being honest? What he said was hardly a major revelation however BR gets all sanctimonious, presumably diving is Ok to as long as the players keep quiet and don’t admit to it, do so and you get admonished in public! BRs words haven’t helped Suarez’s reputation. BR, as a Liverpool man, should be on his side trying to build it up instead of, via his words, giving fuel to the long queue of people who wish to trash it. It would be going to far to say that BR is being disloyal but fair dos, Suarez basically bailed BR and the owners out of their foolhardy conduct in the summer transfer window by almost single handedly holding things up front for us and he gets this sort of “support”? Perhaps it could even be the final straw prompting his exit at the end of the season?

 One also wonders what will happen in the short term? Graham Poll has suggested Suarez should be punished which, because it is Graham Poll, means, in my book anyway, that he shouldn’t be. Graham Poll is a ex referee wondering around trying to speak to anyone that will listen to him in desperate attempts to replace the self publicising antics he enjoyed (but no one cared about) when he was refereeing. Since Poll waded in the FA have suggested that they won’t take any action so, wrong again Graham add that to your three yellow cards!

 Perhaps I’m overreacting going over the top about an incident that happened a while ago, someone suggested that Suarez might indeed thrive on this sort of bad news. However there is a point. Sadly this is the latest incident in a whole sorry series of PR gaffs by the club. It started with Hicks and Gillett and carried on into the new American owners, it simply that creates more trouble than is necessary. I don’t know who is charge of this however, surely there should be regular “lines to take” exercises starting with BR. It’s a shame, he and everyone else at L4 has enough to contend without making things worse?  

Oh, by the way, snow permitting, we are playing Norwich City today and I think we will win 2-1, Suarez to score after diving for a penalty!!!!!!!!

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One Response to A small bit of Norwich plus dive, dive, dive! BR and PR don’t match as Luis gets caught by the verbals

  1. Ayofela says:

    Well,as much as I love Luis,he shouldha shut up nd I second on that BR should ha laughed it off when he was asked. It happened months ago nd ipersonally think its all propaganda nd onsecond thoughts,Luis was brandished a cheatafter the Mansfield game nd he Dicanio came out nd said sportmanship is dead,well it not deadcause now Luis s fessed up nd let’s just enjoythe game. #YnwaJft96

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