Keeping hold of Suarez and Reds v The Mancs review, ”Where are we now”

If you asked most red’s fans about Damien Comolli I don’t think the reaction would be too positive.

 Appointed as Director of Football to many he was the reds glorified “shopper” in the transfer market, and what a spree it was! We have Comolli to thank for his part in signing the likes of Stuart Downing and Jordon Henderson and Charlie Adam. He suggests that these are ones for the future but Adam is currently eking this at Stoke, Henderson well come good but Stuart Downing at 28 hardly seems to fit into that category. However, for all this, Luis Suarez is regarded as being one of Comolli’s “signings” even though he was someone we had our eyes long before he came on the scene.

 Despite his less than impressive record when he was with us Comilli, on Friday, was more than willing to defended Suarez in the light of recent criticism, 

 “It’ll be an absolute shame for English football if this victimisation drives him away. As the biggest league in the world you want to keep the biggest players, not drive them away for crazy reasons.”

 He then said

 “I find it extremely hard to understand why people look at all the bad aspects and not how good the player is,”

 The second point is easily answered the majority of football fans in this country don’t support Liverpool. The first is much complicated and, sinisterly, goes much deeper.

 Lets be frank Suarez was accused of racism towards Patrice Evra last season and since then, as a result, has been victimised himself  to the point where the lines between what he was accused of and the way he has been treated since are getting alarmingly close. Those who continue to poke and pick at Suarez need a take a look at themselves the phrase “poacher turned gamekeeper” might equally apply in reverse? Suarez will leave Liverpool eventually, he is too good a player to remain with us for the rest of his career, however if he does go  because of the way this country has treated him then we should all be ashamed.

On to today’s game at the Theatre of  Delusion and Steven Gerrard has been sampling a cold dose of reality

 “We are not on the level of City and United. The table is evidence of that. But I don’t think we’re a million miles away. We’re eighth in the league and it’s not good enough. To be eighth and see United flying high again, of course it hurts”

 For me it doesn’t “hurt” so much now as we are so far behind The Mancs now it is a pointless exercise to get upset about how we are doing in relation to them. Even if we beat them today they will still finish above us in the table. I agree with Gerrard however our best policy is to concentrate on us and not look at how others are doing. To do so would be to fall into Fergie’s trap where, like a washer woman gossiping to her neighbour over the garden fence, he seems to want to put everyone to right having presumably concluded that everything with his own team is hunky dory?  The latest “thoughts for the day”, which are presumably designed to peck up today’s game,  concern Daniel Sturridge whose signing  is a bit of a “gamble” and then Luis Suarez who is. “laden with controversy”. Apparently Stuart Downing picks his nose and Martin Skrtel has chronic flatulence. Thanks for the opinion Alex no matter how unprofessional and indiscreet it might be and, by the way, I’m sure most reds fans will conclude that you confusing them with someone who gives a f*ck! Been there heard it before, it seems wrong to tell an old man with so much experience to grow up but…….

 Team wise the issue is whether Sturridge will start with Suarez. My hunch is that he will be benched and that Suarez will start. Surely this game is not the sort of environment to try out new formations then again we are expected to lose so what we got to lose!

 Prediction? The Mancs have only lost once at home in the league this season and we have yet to beat a side above us in the table. I think there will be opportunities for us to score today the trouble is for every goal the opposition scores the Mancs get more! Defence will therefore be key today, three clean sheets out of the last four league games bode well however if we see a repeat of the attitude we saw at Stoke then it could be very messy! I take us to do well but not well enough, sorry 2-1.

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3 Responses to Keeping hold of Suarez and Reds v The Mancs review, ”Where are we now”

  1. doowsman says:

    This match is going in favour of liverpool and the score line is 2-3

  2. doowsman says:

    I disagree with redfloyd i don’t think he is a true fan of liverpool, i know suarez is going to be runing their defence causing them troubles and worries. I jst pray rogers starts sturrage alone with suarez you can imaginne the disasster their will be bringing to united defence area and this will bring the game to an end of 2-3 lol go go go liverpool for life

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