That was the week that was and facing Fulham

A busy week of “festive commitments”, which is a way of saying lots of drinking, means that a fair bit of Liverpool water has flowed under the bridge since I last wrote. I hope this makes up for it.

 In view of the report complied by the Hillsborough Independent Panel it would have been an absolute scandal if the High Court hadn‘t ordered new inquests into the deaths of the 96 victims.

 It is clearly good news following on from the vindication everyone felt at the publication of the independent report’s findings. The High Court decision was the next logical step and one that has, thankfully, been successfully completed without, it seems, any trouble. Hopefully now everyone will get the justice they deserve and those responsible will be held to account assuming the powers that be don’t try to wriggle out of this because of the length of time since the disaster.

 The irony is of course it has taken twenty three years of struggle for those fighting for justice to get to a position where they were just after the disaster. All it needed was for someone with more influence and clout to say “do it again” earlier however, for whatever reason no one did and much time and heartache has been invested in unpicking it and getting to where we are today. Hopefully this time the right decision will be arrived at and that everyone involved, especially those directly related to the 96, can get some much deserved closure?

Meanwhile amidst the seasonal flash of credit cards, till queues, fruitless treks up the high street and diminishing bank accounts another form of shopping hits the news this week. It looks like we are positioning ourselves for an early assault on next months transfer window the footballing equivalent of camping out in a sleeping bag outside Harrods!

 The two players we have set our sites on seem to be Blackpool’s Tom Ince and Chelsea’s Daniel Sturridge. I guess those who think we should go out and buy a top class striker might, like a dad viewing presents of socks and hankies on Christmas morning, be slightly underwhelmed by this however should we be surprised? Both players are young enough to fit in with our policy of signing and developing players for the future even though we missed a trick by letting Ince leave us in the first place. As it is it would seem that any thoughts about signing the likes of Huntelaar appear to be just that?

 I suspect we will offset the money we’ve spent on players in this window by also offloading others. Stuart Downing has already been told he can leave. This is no surprise just as much as it is a surprise that BR still persists in picking him rather than getting someone used to playing in his role for when he has gone? Joe Cole, despite his slightly upward curve recently, may also feel the icy hand of ejection on his shoulder this January, presumably the salary savings will take the pain out of Raheem Sterling’s new contract?

 To the football and we’ve drawn Xenit St Petersburg in the Europa League. Given the recent ignorant, archaic, Neanderthal outbursts from their fans I wouldn’t be too upset if we just said “f*ck it, we don’t want to play you” however, I guess the best reply is go over there and beat them?  

 Of more immediate concern is Fulham today at Anfield. It is a good opportunity to make up for last Saturday’s Villa defeat although one wonders just how much that result, together with BR’s foolhardy, over ambitious words about our progress, has scarred the team? BR’s comments about not seeing where the result came from, being unable to put his finger on why we lost and it just being a bad day at the office don’t exactly inspire confident about his ability or intention to do anything about it. He needs to, another home defeat will test patience even at this time of goodwill to all men? However, as ever, one remains optimistic and therefore I take us be tighter and more focused that last Saturday and to prevail by two of our goals to Fulham’s one.

 Finally a nod to Sulayman who is attending his first Liverpool match today, hope you enjoy it and that it is memorable, for the right reasons!

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