All’s fine with Fulham and building on things with the Villa

 So it’s nice in this season of goodwill to all men, to learn that Fulham and Liverpool have kissed and made up!

 The background to all this is a big non event. The Fenway website in the US published, for five hours, a statement saying that Clint Dempsey had moved from Fulham to us. As soon we in Blighty got wind of this, and recognised it was a mistake, it was taken down. Nonetheless sensitive and indignant Fulham (perhaps understandably as they were facing the prospect of losing their man) took umbrage and reported us to the Premier League Instead Dempsey went to Spurs and now we have apologised for the gaff which perhaps we should have done as soon as the error was discovered?

 Said Fulham

 “In a letter from Liverpool to Fulham’s chief executive Alistair Mackintosh, Tom Werner’s praise of the magnanimous gesture from the chairman was reiterated, as was the club’s assurance that the conduct of Liverpool was simply not acceptable. The chairman decided that this sincere action was enough, and as a gesture of goodwill, instructed that all complaints against them be dropped.”

 Thanks Mr Al Fayed you are so merciful! Despite this no doubt the FA will probably still seek to treat us like naughty boys especially if it means levying a profitable fine? Business is business regardless of us taking the initiative and eventually doing the right thing and Fulham being magnanimous and realising it!

 To Aston Villa today and after the victory against West Ham perhaps we are going into this game as positive as we have been all season? I don’t think many were too optimistic about our chances on Sunday especially when we went 2-1down and were without Luis Suarez. However we dug in, remained patient, had a bit of luck and got our reward.

 Aston Villa is also the start of a run of games that we should be capable of winning? Fulham, Stoke, QPR and Sunderland follow so, with due respect, we should looking to earn more points than we lose. Despite this perhaps it’s a tad premature to get ahead of ourselves, we are four points off fourth place which is clearly by no means out of our reach however, progress has been slow and I reckon we will need a few more wins between now and Christmas for people to really start looking or prospects with genuine confidence and belief.

 The BBC website  suggests BR isn’t taken in by such caution and is targeting, wait for it, second place, f*ck it Brendon what stopping you from going one better, if you going to be daft let’s go the whole hog! Thankfully he hasn’t had a mad moment  there is a difference between reporting this and what Rogers’ actually said

 “We are 11 points off second and that can all turn around very quickly so you need to get consistency, That is what we have at the minute.”

 This is true but does it mean we saying we can get second place or are targeting it? Of course not, it is just identifying just one of many factors that is required to achieve this and suggesting that, at present, we are currently displaying it.

 Team wise of course Luis Suarez returns from suspension however we could be without Jose Enrique who was injured at Upton Park. Who will make way for Suarez? Then of the course there is question of Joe Cole will he start in place of Enrique having scored on Sunday?  

 Prediction? Aston Villa will no be doubt be buoyed by their League Cup win this week. However we are in reasonable from, certainly better than they are at the moment and I take us to show this and build on the momentum and confidence that we must have surely gained against West Ham. 2-0 to us.

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