Wednesday fall out flannel, Southampton and time to unleash Stevie G?

The fallout from Wednesday from BR was of a predictable nature.

I’m all for defending your team and ruing your luck however when you get it with every game and regularly seek to use incidents as a smoke screen to hide other faults, in the hope that people won’t see through, it becomes a little tedious.

Much of Rogers’ ire concerned the two penalty incidents. The first, Dembele’s challenge on Gerrard, was described by him as

“….bordering on assault….”

This stretches the barriers of belief to breaking point! It was just two players fairly and squarely going for the ball. Even if you disagree “assault” suggests a premeditated attack to injure Gerrard which it clearly wasn’t.

The second, Gallas’ challenge on Suarez, had more substance to it however, sadly, do we really expect anything to be given when it involves Luis Suarez? We should but, in reality, do we really expect it? Had BR had a word with Suarez earlier in the season and told him cut out the diving perhaps referees (who are human) might be more disposed to award decisions in his favour as it is we have, to a certain extent, bought this on ourselves? 

We even had excuses for the second goal (Gareth Bale’s free kick). To try and pass off Bale’s screamer as bad luck because the original free kick should never have been awarded (Jordon Henderson didn’t touch Clint Dempsey) is ambitious at best and laughable at worst . What about the wall? Did it do it’s job or did they feel justified in not defending the shot properly because of the kick should never have been awarded?

Rather than hear more stories of injustice I’d rather have BR’s opinion on why he left Jonjo Shelvey on the bench in preference for Henderson who again had an indifferent game. I ‘d rather hear why Stuart Downing was again played at left back when he isn’t a left back as exemplified by his contribution to Spurs first goal in which he failed to track Aaron Lennon’s run at the far post. I know it’s not true but It’s almost as if we are playing Downing and Henderson to put them in the shop window for January, can anyone think of any reason for their presence on the pitch? I’d also rather hear why Steven Gerrard is continually played in a withdrawn role when we are crying out for goals from midfield to support to Suarez.

No one is denying that there is a fair way to go before we start showing signs of improvement and BR still has my support as do the players (even those I’ve criticised). However, please let’s be open and transparent and above all honest and respectful about where we are and how we’ve performed. Let’s hear about what we did well (and there was plenty of it on Wednesday) and where we were cr*p. I am getting increasingly annoyed at being taken for an idiot and given unconvincing spin and being fed suggestions that things are due to something else when it is obvious to most that they aren’t. The less we win the more unluckier and harshly treated we get? Sorry Brendan, not having it!

To today’s against Southampton and perhaps we’ll see a turning point to the season? It seems that Lucas is finally available and fit to play following his lengthy lay off because of injury. The implications for the dynamic of the team could be significant as this might free Gerrard from his holding role to take up a more advanced attacking position. BR is mindful of Gerrard’s unselfish contribution this season.

“Steven has been brilliant since I arrived here. His inspiration and leadership within the team has been phenomenal. He might not have got the goals that he wanted this season, but his range of passing, commitment and drive into the box against Tottenham was superb.”

One of the reasons Gerrard hasn’t got the goals is because of where he’s been playing. It seems we can’t find anyone else to fill in this position? This is a pity as given our attacking problem, we could have done with Gerrard in a more advanced role to support Suarez? Hopefully as Lucas finds his feet again we’ll see more of Gerrard in the position where he can perform at his best?

As for Southampton they are now unbeaten in four games so are perhaps they are on a mini up? Nonetheless anything other than a win will bring the walls further in on BR if only for the admittedly short term knee jerk  reason that it is a home against a team in the relegation zone. No tales about the overall situation or decisions going against us will hold sway today.

Prediction? A win, it should be and must be. 2-0.

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