Spurs review and the pointlessness of the disallowed!

Sunday’s game has gone however tales of what might have been are still circulating.

The general consensus was that Jose Enrique was offside at Swansea and that therefore his goal shouldn’t have stood however, as ever, others interpret it differently. We’ve had numerous inquests over Jose’s positioning. Was he level? Was his arm offside? BR, immediately after the game, and then Glen Johnson remain convinced it should have been given. Said Johnson.

“There’s no daylight between Jose and the last defender. His feet are in line with him. His arm is offside but you can’t score with your arm. If it’s a part of your body you can’t score with then it doesn’t matter”

When did this new “arm is OK” rule get introduced? I’ve never heard of that one before. Regardless of this the whole point would have been totally irrelevant had Johnson and the others taken their chances on Sunday. Sadly they didn’t so we now appear to be reduced to ruing our apparent lack of luck by reverting to points of law and the performance of officials?

 Perhaps, as with, Suarez’s a disallowed goal against Everton, there would be a point to answer if the referee was wrong however, in this case, I believe he was right. Even if you disagree smacking the ball in the back of the net more times than the opposition would have made the whole debate irrelevant?

On the subject of Jose Enrique. He appears to be adapting swimmingly to his more advanced role, a goal the other week, nearly one on Sunday and generally getting involved in a fair few of our attacking moves. Sadly the other side is Stuart Downing’s move to left back which has yet to yield any advantages. Some papers are linking him with a move to Arsenal in January which is surprising, presumably Arsene Wenger feels he can tap into something that until now has eluded other managers?

I also didn’t really understand Jordon Henderson being preferred to Jonjo Shelvey. Henderson has been in the papers since Sunday suggesting he has improved.

“I’ve been working hard and trying to improve my game since the manager came in. He has helped me do that and told me what I need to work on and I feel as though I’ve done that. I’m still improving but I was delighted to get a start and I think I played some good stuff as well”

Henderson may feel he has improved however, it isn’t apparent (yet) in terms of his impact on the game. Shelvey seems to make things happen every time he plays which included a good effort from distance on Sunday.

Which brings us to today and tonight’s match against Spurs at White Hart Lane. One wonders if BR will spring some changes from Swansea. The line up on Sunday was reasonably defensive and can we expect it to be any different tonight? Perhaps BR had one eye tonight’s game with the inclusion of Henderson and Downing and will wheel out the likes of Shelvey tonight? Given that fact that we’ve kept two consecutive clean sheets in the league will BR will be tempted to meddle with the defence now Andre Wisdom is fit again or keep it as it is?.

Spurs are up and down at the moment however of late they have a decent record against us, at home and away. I hope we are mindful of the faults they’ve exhibited just as much as the good form? What I’m trying to say is that there will good opportunities to hurt them as ever we need to take them?

 Prediction? A win on Sunday might have seen us eyeing progress up the top half of the table as it is we now need to be mindful of falling further into the bottom bit? We will do well to keep our unbeaten run going and I feel we will but only with a draw 1-1.

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5 Responses to Spurs review and the pointlessness of the disallowed!

  1. John Toher says:

    It was a border-line decision with Enrique.
    I was right to run a post about it.
    However, we had enough shots on goal to beat Swansea on the day.
    Lets hope we beat Spurs tonight

    • redfloyd says:


      Not seen your site until today and wouldn’t suggest you were wrong to run any article.

      My point was that I wish others wouldn’t dwell on it as if we were unlucky and use it as a smoke screen to hide other faults ie. poor finishing.


  2. Mic says:

    Why is almost every sentence a question?

    • redfloyd says:


      “Judge a man by his questions rather than by his answers.”

      Twenty eight sentences (excluding quotes) and eleven questions. Re Liverpool FC if I were sat in a room with BR or the owners I’d have more than eleven questions – consider yourself lucky!

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