Jamie’s premature fourth place thoughts a Sterling future and Young Boys, go for it, I suppose!

Times haven’t been too good this season however, I would suggest the vast majority of Liverpool fans accept that and are willing to give BR enough patience to try achieve his goals. This is the decent thing to do, most normal people recognise that and do not impatiently succumb to short knee jerk reactions as soon as the first set back emerges. Not so if you are the owner of Chelsea it seems.

Most clubs and fans would be more than happy to see their  team in the position Chelsea find themselves in at the moment however, one isn’t and it’s his club so he can do what he wants, so there! The fact that Roberto Di Matteo won the Champions League, the one trophy that Abramovich has coveted since his take over at StamfordBridge, counts for nothing. Rafa Benetiz has been bought in, presumably until Pep Guardiola is ready, and to perhaps try and kick start Torres into the form he showed for us? Given the track record of the owner surely professional pride would dictate that Rafa would be well advised to stay in the Wirral keep his barge pole well truly tucked away and out of contact with the club? “Fact”?

Back to, hopefully, saner clubs and there always an air of kneejerk optimism following a good win at football even if it is sometimes misplaced in relation to the overall position of the club.

Saturday’s win over Wigan was no exception and Jamie Carragher was at thefront of the “we can now take on the world” queue by suggesting that a top four finish is on. This seems to be at odds with BR’s view who seemingly pencils any time between 2015 and 2020 depending on which post or pre match press conference you hear! Nonetheless Jamie is convinced it is on

“We look as if we have not made a good start but with winning on Saturday, we are not too far behind the top four. It is still up for grabs. Beside the top two, and even Manchester United lost on Saturday, a lot of teams are dropping points all over the place. From our own point of view, we now want to kick on and make a challenge for that top four place because it seems that everyone is throwing it away.”

You can’t really argue with that at this stage of the season and who knows what will happen as it unravels? What is currently indisputable is our lack of strength in depth, particularly up front, our ability to take our chances and also our penchant for giving away silly goals. We are only in touch because others are equally as inconsistent it is not rocket science to say that the sides that eradicate this will go higher, let’s hope it’s us and JC is proved right?

Meanwhile while JC contemplates the imminent land of comfy slippers and punditry Raheem Sterling’s footballing life is very much on the up. Talk of his contract expiring in eighteen months time have focussed minds at Anfield particularly in view of the progress he has made this season. Presumably the contract will reflect this he will be rewarded accordingly? This no doubt, will be a substantial increase on the Haribos, Monster Munch and Fruit Shoots he currently receives!

Clearly, there is more to it than that. Sterling has, unsurprisingly, attracted the attention of other clubs and rumours have already sprouted up about possible moves. A move might benefit both club and player financially however, in terms everything else, surely it is a backward step? A backward step for Liverpool who are trying to develop players from within for use within and probably for Sterling who, at seventeen years, won’t do himself any harm in continuing to learn his trade with us rather experiencing the upheaval that a move can create?  

Meanwhile it’s back to the pitch as we play Young Boys in the Europa League. If we beat Young Boys and Anzhi Makhachkala don’t lose to Udinese, we and Russians will progress to the knock out stages. If we win but Anzhi lose, it goes to the next set of games, I can barely contain myself! Perhaps BR might try and secure qualification tonight which means he can relax for the next set of games? This would mean fielding a stronger side and BBC website suggests that Gerrard and Suarez may well feature.

Prediction? It would be nice if the game will be as entertaining as the corresponding fixture (we won 5-3) however, hopefully we can just get this competition out of the way for while and concentrate on the league? I take us to do this by qualifying tonight with a 3-1 win.

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2 Responses to Jamie’s premature fourth place thoughts a Sterling future and Young Boys, go for it, I suppose!

  1. Paul Lovelady says:

    Excellent reports. Just installed on my phone.
    Have been watching liverpool from 8 years old, l am now 62 and have been a cop season ticket holder until two seasons ago when l was so dissenchanted with it all. I gave my season ticket to my nephew.
    Your reprts are so refreshing to read . No hype and no bullshit.
    Keep up the good work.

  2. redfloyd says:


    Many thanks. I guess at 62 you can remember all the great days but, in a perverse way, we live in equally as interesting if not altogether pleasurable times now? I really hope we can rekindle those days but we have no right to them and I wonder if you and I (I’m a bit younger) were just lucky to be born at the right time re experiencing the height of Liverpool’s success?

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