Red’s winter assault on Moscow and in praise of Suarez, Liverpool’s best striker?

It’s been a while since Sunday’s game against Newcastle but, as which any news about Liverpool these days, Luis Suarez is never far away from the centre of it?

 Thankfully and usually  this time it’s of a positive nature and centring around his excellent performance on Sunday and the way he always seems to single handedly leading the Liverpool line. We relying on him big style and he’s delivering.

 Steven Gerrard pitched in with a comment that will spark healthy debate amongst red anoraks up and down the land by suggesting, via Twitter, that Suarez is the best striker he’s played with.

 I don’t know if Stevie’s had a knock on the head recently. Last week we had his comments about Everton’s style being like Stoke even though the match stats didn’t back it up, and now this. It’s a significant statement when you consider that Gerrard has played with the likes of Michael Owen, Fernando Torres, Robbie Fowler and Titi Camera (spot the odd one out in the list!).  I  wouldn’t put Suarez top of that list and I probably wouldn’t even put him second! I also doubt goals per game stats would support Gerrard’s. Granted it not just about that however, even if you ignore them Robbie was just too good and too cool?

 However, the eulogies for Suarez continue with BR comparing him to Lionel Messi.

 “He plays the false nine role like Messi does for Barcelona where he moves freely and others have to get in behind him to penetrate. Suarez’s goal was brilliant. He is a world-class striker.”

Anyone know what a “false number nine” role is? He’s either a number nine or he isn’t? I don’t think he is.  It would interesting to hear Suarez’s take on this. I think he would be comfortable with the support of an out and out striker he can feed off. Suarez isn’t selfish look at the way he set up Sterling and Shelvey for their chances on Sundays (sadly the finishing didn’t match the creativity) however, how often have we seen him trying to take too many players on because basically no one is there to help him out? Even he can’t do it on his own?

 It’s to early to look at possible signings to help Suarez. Darren Bent, Theo Walcott and Schalke’s Klaus Huntelaar have been mentioned. Quiet how each player fits into the owners idea of the sort of players we like to recruit and the prices and wages we are prepared to pay is anyone’s guess. I would be surprised if we sign any of them. If we do I’d be happy, as long as it’s not Walcott or Bent!

 Anyway enough and onto Russia. Just what the doctor ordered, a long flight to a cold climate in a competition were there is little or no reward! Oh and then we have the small matter (Mata?) of Chelsea when we get back. On the positive side victory tonight against Anzhi Makhachkala will secure progress to the knock out stages which is the format the Europe League should have adopted from start of the competition?  Sensibly BR has left many of the first team squad at home  Gerrard, Suarez Joe Allen, Sahin, Agger, Reina, Johnson and Sterling will not need to dig out their passports and ushankas!

 So this will give another opportunity for the players such as Jordon Henderson who was in bullish mood about his Liverpool future yesterday.

 “I am very focused on what I need to do and it doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks,” said the 22-year-old. I want my future to be at Liverpool so I’ll give everything every day to make sure that happens. Now I’m 22 and I’m not playing as regularly as I would like to. But I definitely think in the future, given the opportunity, I will take it and become a first-team regular for Liverpool”

 Over to you Jordon, you’ve another chance tonight.

 Prediction? The squad isn’t the strongest so I think if we going to win the game may it be a bit like the Young Boys match with plenty of success attack tempered by some lamentable failure in defence.. 3-2 to us.

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