Derby day fall out, Stevie Stokes (sic) it up and Swansea review.

There is always fallout from a Merseyside Derby and the latest one, on Sunday, was no exception.

One wonders just how big it would have been had the news from Stamford Bridge, a few hours later, not been equally if not  more newsworthy? Referees were at it again making the wrong decisions (just as they did in our game) and, clearly miffed at being left out of the current trend amongst players, allegedly abusing footballers!

The season is only a few months old so players are still easing themselves in (or have we got past that now?).  Are referee’s any different? Perhaps it takes them a while to get things correct? Something however, needs to be done, the outcome of both games on Sunday afternoon was affected by incorrect referring decisions. Referees are only human however, the stakes are high and surely the time as come to give them more help via technology? As for the alleged abuse at the Chelsea Mancs game if it did happen then you would think, given the current climate, that referees would be extra vigilant and make sure they don’t get involved? It appears that in this case poor judgement amongst the men in black isn’t just confined to running the game?

Re our game. Much seemed to revolve around Luis Suarez most specifically his dive in front of David Moyes and then, more seriously, his tackle down the back Silvan Distin’s achilles. The former was nothing more than a storm in tea cup .I seem to remember Jurgen Klinsmann doing something similar when he scored his first goal for Spurs, no big deal nothing to get upset about. The second incident, the Distin tackle, looked more serious and I guess Suarez, as Moyes suggested, was lucky not to walk. Interestingly Steve Claridge speaking on Five Live the other night suggested it was a accident as that sort of “retribution” is hard to meat out! Accident or not I guess the outcome still merits some kind of punishment?

Then of course there is the issue of Suarez’s disallowed goal. It was clearly a goal however what is done is done. Sure we have just course to feel miffed as it would have been three points instead of one however given the balance of play over the ninety minutes perhaps a draw was the fairest result? So, perhaps best to leave at that? No! Not if you are Steven Gerrard!

Yesterday we had an extraordinary outburst which involved Gerrard alienating two sets of fans by likening Everton to Stoke!

“Every single time they get the ball to the goalkeeper it comes in long. There was only one team who came to play football and that was us. Everton are not better than us.”

This of course is all subjective however the game stats paint a very different picture. Everton had more possession (56%), made more passes and were more accurate with them. Of these passes we had the higher proportion of long passes. Nonetheless Stevie ploughs on

“There was only one team who came to play football and that was us. Everton are not better than us.”

Everton sit fifth in the table we are 12th, ironically one place above Stoke. Enough, enough we all know Liverpool are the best in many ways but lets not expose ourselves in this way and look down our noses Arsene Wenger style at so called inferior clubs when, just like Arsenal, our record, together with our aspirations to play a certain a type of morally superior football, isn’t really any better?

Which brings us to our next game, tonight in the League Cup against Swansea at Anfield. This represents a good opportunity to progress against a Swansea side that’s been, a bit like us, hot and cold this season. The BR connection is there however, one wonders if he’ll let the emotions get the better of him? Surely after Thursday and then Sunday he’ll take the opportunity to rest players such as Suarez and Gerrard?

The argument is compelling especially after the way the younger “weaker” time admirably acquitted themselves against West Brom in the previous round? Presumably the more experienced players who haven’t featured in the first eleven recently may also get a run out, step forward Jordon Henderson, Stuart Downing and Jamie Carragher? I also wonder if Jose Reina will  get a game having missed out on Sunday despite being fit?

Prediction? The attitude towards the League Cup, despite us being the holders proved problematic as progress in the league must surely be a priority? With European Football also in the background progress in this competition must be viewed as a pleasant and surprising experience if not an essential one? However, because of the opposition I suspect, deep down, BR will want to make his mark tonight against his old club and I take us to do by 2-1.

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