Suarez takes centre stage as Reds pulled back after promising first act.


Osman (22), Naismith (35)


Baines og (14) Suarez (20)

 Oh Luis, Luis!

 There is never a dull moment. Everyone’s arch villain cum devil (unless ironically you are red) was at it again yesterday with a number of controversial incidents that served to hide another brilliant performance from the Uruguayan. Sadly, as has been the case for most of his time with us, that won’t be remembered as our man was involved in yet more shenanigans that ran the full gamut of emotions and served to delight and irritate in equal measure.

 This game had Suarez stamped all the way through it from his involvement in our opening goal after only fourteen minutes to his incorrectly ruled out “winner” at the death. In between he impishly danced his way through the game feeding off the home crowds bad will, David Moyes pre match comments and almost turned it into gold for us. When this was spent he created more, it was almost as if he needed the flack to function!

 However, one man shouldn’t be allowed to hide the fact that this was curates egg of a game for Liverpool. A great start but after that we caved in worryingly our fragile approach, coupled with inexperience in certain parts of the line up, seemingly had no answers to Everton, who at 2-0 down, had no option but to let us have it in spades! However, we hung on survived, made a decent  fist of the finish and, had the referee and his men been at it, would have nicked it at the end. 

 BR made one surprising but, I guess, fair decision in relation to the team. Reina was on the bench which suggested he was fit but not able to walk back into he side due to Brad Jones’ recent clean sheets. Enrique came in for Johnson who picked up an injury against the Russians on Thursday.

 The opening was typical. Plenty of tackling and play at a pace that probably didn’t allow for pin point football! Nonetheless our first goal belied this. Enrique evaded Osman broke down the right speared a low cross towards Sterling who fell to ground under Baines’ challenge. Before any one had the chance to shout for a penalty Suarez had picked it up smashed back across off the face of the goal and into the net via Baines’ inner thigh. The Uruguayan’s dive in front of David Moyes must have been sweet for him and many reds as it was unnecessary or even silly for others? As it was Moyes played it just right defusing the situation by ambling forward and looking at Suarez on the deck as gardener looks at his lawn for weeds!

 Before Everton could regroup Suarez was diving again. This time onto the end of Gerrard’s free kick to guide a header home after losing Jagielka. A perfect start who would though, given our recent toothlessness that we’d be two up after twenty minutes! However, as one might expect in a game of this type, Everton rallied, what else could they do? Jones’ poor clearance from a corner found Osman who smacked it home possibly off Joe Allen.

 After that it was open season on both goals with Fallenai, unconvincingly dealt with the defence, and Suarez, a left foot fizzer from range, going close. We seemed to be losing it looking like after taking the lead we were determined to let it all unravel. Sterling after a crude block on Baines was lucky not to see red after another set to and we then blew all the good work out of the water  with a Naismith poke in from close range from Fellaini’s pass. A poor goal Naismith, by dropping off, evaded Enrique’s marking far too easily.

 By now Everton were swarming over us as we, like a punch drunk boxer on the ropes we tried to stay with them. It was an interesting contrast of styles our patient building technique appeared to have paid dividends initially however it only seemed to make Everton angry who simply began to steam roller us. We appeared to have no answer to it, our defence was just not convincing, straining every sinew to deal with Everton’s attacks and just about keeping them at bay  At to that poor discipline such as conceding free kicks in dangerous areas and it was heart in the mouth time every time they when near our goal.. Plan B Brendon?

It came after half time and. On came Shelvey and Coates and 4:3:3 became 3:5:2 to counteract Everton’s midfield dominance. We started off well with a golden opportunity for Stirling who’s attempt to chip Howard in the Everton goal was poor. The alternative was a square ball for Suarez however, he, understandably, decided do go it alone, The Uruguayan, having seen the outcome, was less than pleased, oh the impetuousness of youth!

 Although Everton where a still a threat, Fellaini  and then Coleman went close, we slowly began to have more of say. Gerrard’s low free kick caused Howard to work hard to keep it away and then after good work by Henderson (on for Wisdom) he arrowed a shot, Jagielka’s block saved a certain goal. In between Neville made a mockery of his manager’s post match comments by picking up yellow for diving himself and Jagielka was arguably lucky not to see red for tumbling with Sterling and denying him a goal scoring opportunity. Suarez showed his ugly side with a clumsy challenge on Distin that, on another day, might have earned more than the yellow card it got.

Despite this our man was buzzing. He was  always looking to get behind Everton and right at the death it looked as if his perseverance had paid off. Gerrard’s free kick found Coates whose header presented Suarez with the perfect finale and he took it poking it into the roof of the net. Sadly the men in black thought otherwise.

 Offside? No. Never. Such is the way of things Suarez debated with the referee at the end however he eventually, accepted it and then shook his hand however, such actions will go unreported in favour of more controversial incidents that’s “Suarez World” and I wonder if, deep down, he would have it any other way?.

 Everton: Howard, Baines, Jagielka Booked, Distin, Neville Booked, Coleman Booked, Osman Booked, Fellaini, Jelavic, Mirallas (Gueye – 46′ ), Naismith (Oviedo – 85′ ) Substitutes: Mucha, Hibbert, Heitinga, Oviedo, Hitzlsperger, Gueye, Vellios

Liverpool: Jones, Jose Enrique, Agger Booked, Skrtel, Wisdom (Henderson – 70′ ), Sahin (Coates – 46′ ), Gerrard, Allen, Sterling Booked, Suarez Booked, Suso (Shelvey – 46′ ) Substitutes: Reina, Coates, Carragher, Henderson, Downing, Shelvey, Assaidi

Att: 39,613

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