Merseyside Machinations it’s Liverpool, Everton and a referee!

 Friday saw the final part of “Being Liverpool FC”.  

 I’ve “taped” all the episodes and will now plough through the lot of them. Something to entertain now the dark nights are upon us or, appropriate given the date on Wednesday, a horror story We shall see?

 Meanwhile after our “European adventures” (a well used phrase in all circles that makes it sound like we’ve been bungee jumping in Estonia) we are back  in domestic action with the small matter of the Merseyside derby. It goes without saying that these games are rumbustuous affairs and today will be no exception as Everton, backed by their home crowd, will no doubt be determined to nail home the superiority of their higher league position with a win, just to let us know who is boss, currently at least!.

 The game has always been a fractious affair and the tension often gets through to the play which, as a result, can be er… hem agricultural to say the least! Mistakes and gaffs are made that one would never see in other games. However, sometimes, if one of the teams really hits the groove, it can produce the most sublime moments I’m thinking in particular of Ian Rush’s four goals back in the early 80s which, despite everything we have achieved since, is still right up there!

 One wonders how BR will approach this game? Will the occasion be made for his emerging, encouraging but currently fragile and error prone passing style or will it just get blown away as Everton, with the bit between their noshers, trample all over us? The alternative is of course that for us everything could click into place and, for the first time, our style could take them to pieces. If we did it would a great platform for BR to trumpet his style and how it is paying dividends? No doubt he will be more than willing to do this if he gets the chance?

 Whatever the case I think it is fair to say that a sending off never seems to be far away. I don’t know if this will regarded as good timing or not but both BR and David Moyes have taken the opportunity, to speak out about different red card related subjects when really perhaps they shouldn’t have.

 BR first and the thorny, and now slightly tedious, subject of referees and more specifically, yet again, our lack of luck with them.

 “We are due a wee bit of luck somewhere along the line, so let’s hope it starts at the weekend. We haven’t got anything this year. I have got to be honest, that is incredible”

 Lets be honest this isn’t a general thing it’s about Luis Suarez and the fact that he has a reputation for diving and that, because of that, referees give him nothing regardless of the validity of our player’s claim. It is true referees have been harsh on Suarez recently however he still continues to dive. If BR wants a fair go from referees then perhaps he should show Suarez the tapes of the “diving” incidents, and tell him to stoop acting like a kn*bhead”? However, so far there has been no evidence to suggest that he has. Cue loads of comments from people defending Suarez’s approach and suggesting I am pro Everton!

 Furthermore BR’s outburst is poor timing when in last year’s game Jack Rodwell was sent off as the result of  a blatant Suarez dive. Brendon, to quote crowds over the land “if you know your history”… better to keep it stum, for this game at least?

 Which brings us to David Moyes who despite claiming that he is speaking generally has chosen this game to talk about players going down too easily, how convenient! He spends most of his interview poking veiled criticisms at Suarez even though of course he insists he is speaking generally that’s, I repeat, speaking generally about players going down too easily just before Merseyside derby involving Suarez … David we can walk and pee and chew gum so don’t insult us! He then spoils it all by defending Andy Johnson who was known to indulge in odd bit of dubious penalty area gymnastics, when he was at Everton.

 “Andy often got clipped because he got to the ball really quickly”

 And Suarez is a carthorse? We shall see today!

 Prediction? I think it’s fair to say that we must be the underdogs which suits me fine. I can’t back this up but memory suggests that on the few occasions we’ve gone into this game in this position we’ve done well. I take us to do it again and really pi** Everton off. 2-0 to us with Suarez at the centre of things again which will no doubt mean a Moyes post match moan, it will be worth it!

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1 Response to Merseyside Machinations it’s Liverpool, Everton and a referee!

  1. Sule ibrahim says:

    I dont know what to say it is really……… About diving moyes is really capitalizing on the fact that suarez dives. May be he want the referee to go against us yet again

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