Red’s striker posers and Reading review.

 So now we know the extent of our striking problem with the news that Fabio Borini will be out for three months with a broken foot.

Given the owners tight clasp on the purse strings they will no doubt take solace from the fact that his injury was sustained on international duty meaning that the Italian FA will pick up the tab! One is also tempted to say that we now have big problem up front however, let’s be honest will Borini’s absence be keenly felt as Luis Suarez’s would if he were injured. I’m not having a go at the Italian as it takes time to settle in and BR has played him slightly out of position (out wide) but one goal, against inferior Europa Cup Qualifying opposition, isn’t really a strike rate we going to miss that keenly?

 The obvious solution to this would be to recall Andy Carroll from his loan at West Ham however this doesn’t appear to be an option BR wants to take up possibly, it’s not clear, because he’ll have to wait until January to do this?

 “It isn’t something I have considered, to be honest. Andy has obviously gone out to get games, we have people watching when he plays and they report back on how he is doing.”

 So what do we read into this? A stubborn matter of pride for BR, he doesn’t want to be seen going back to Carroll for “help” after the way he has treated him or a thinly veiled suggestion that he isn’t playing well so it’s not worth recalling him? One wonders just what the player himself is thinking now Liverpool have only got one recognised striker but he’s still wearing claret and blue?

 So if the Carroll option is a non starter then perhaps we will be better off giving someone such as Daniel Pacheco, Samed Yesil, Jerome Sinclair and Adam Morgan a chance? However, at first glance anyway, BR again appears lukewarm to taking up the this option, the perverse like tinker that he is!.

 “Not every young player can play. This is an unforgiving league and my job is to nurture the talent and not destroy it. We have other players that we may be able to have some flexibility within the team.”

 So no Carroll (a striker), no youth strikers he now appears to want to bang a square peg into a round hole by selecting someone else from a different position? Does BR ever make life easy for himself I bet he travels into the ground from his Liverpool home via Huddersfield! Who will be the square peg? In the last blog I suggested Jonjo Shelvey could play up front and then of course there is Steven Gerrard who, unless my memory is playing tricks, has played there before on a few occasions? Perhaps he’ll go the whole hog with this Spanish tickey tacky way and not play a striker at all just as they did on occasions in Euro 2012? Trouble is our midfield doesn’t really have a great record when it comes to chipping in with the goals.

 Either way it promises to be an interesting few months until the January window opens. Possibly make or break time for Rogers? Form has improved although it hasn’t really been reflected in the results if we really start to suffer between now and January then one wonders if the owners and the fans will hold their patience? Of course there are grounds for doing just that however, when part of the problem is self inflicted, as seen in our actions in the last transfer window, then perhaps everyone won’t be as accommodating as they have been in the past?

Given the situation the visit of Reading to Anfield could have been worse, they haven’t kept a clean sheet so far this season. What are the odds on them breaking their duck with our striking problem? We have had a tough start to the league however we let ourselves down against Stoke so nothing less than a victory today is required. Team wise it seems that Jose Reina might not make it (hamstring), there will be a late fitness test however, Jonjo Shelvey will have completed his suspension, where on the pitch will he start?

 Prediction? One gets less confident with each game however, I take us to double our tally of league wins to two with a 2-0 win, but where the goals will come from is anyone’s guess!

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