A depressing day for the Reds and not because of the draw.

Liverpool 0

 Stoke City 0

 No one likes a sneak, snitch or a tell tale but, above all that, in my book anyway, this is far out weighed by the hypocrite.

 This is especially annoying when, someone pushes themselves forward as a paragon of virtue when their main reason for doing so is nothing to do with the stance they are taking. When criticising the house’s of others, they forget to look at  the sh*t in their own backyard! When someone overlooks this and cynically tries to ride the wave of popular opinions to cover up their own failings.

 Step forward Tony Pulis, Stoke City manager who is indulged by many for keeping his side up in Premiership with a style of play that many would bulk at if it were adopted by their own team. There is room for everyone in this league and, detractors of Stoke and Pulis take note, all approaches be it as a team or an individual player provided they are legal and not dangerous. In accepting this, as I’m sure Pulis and Stoke would agree, you sometimes have to take a pragmatic view to the various situations the game throws up as you travel through the season?

 With Pulis all this was confined to one game. we get the baseballed capped (come on Tony, everyone knows you are bald ) paragon of virtue criticising Luis Suarez for going  down too easily and suggesting he should be banned as a result

 “I’ve been on about and banging the drum about people who fall over and in one incident in the second half it’s an embarrassment. The FA should be looking at this. Give him three games and he will stop falling over.”

 Fair enough Tony let’s single out Suarez because it is easy to do so because, along with John Terry and Ashley Cole, he is in the “unpopular football file” (unless you support Chelsea or Liverpool). Let’s ignore all the other players who indulge in simulation as that would be too much and wouldn’t lend you as much credibility, or popularity, as criticising football’s arch villain does?

 Sadly however I fail to see how slating our man squares with the one of Pulis’ own players (Robert Huth), stamping his chest before the incident. Come on Tony, let’s here it….

 “We are disappointed with the amount of bookings that we got and we are disappointed that maybe one or two of the Liverpool players weren’t booked,”

 Hmmm right, OK I’ll let any sensible person draw their on conclusions on this. What is worse, a cowardly dangerous stamp or a “non contact” incident where one player is seen to be cheating? I take no opinion I wouldn’t like any Liverpool player to indulge in either. Presumably Tony Pulis can, the trouble is in doing so he is inadvertently pushing the boundaries of credibility between being objective and pragmatic and being a total kn*bhead! Perhaps Tony feels we can’t see the latter because of his baseball cap!

 That said Suarez’s “dive” over Wilson was the last thing we wanted. Just when opinion was being to perhaps accept that our man was being picked on because of his reputation he goes and does this? His worst and most unconvincing dive yet, it could start a new dance crazy, the star fish! BR HAVE AWORD!

 Despite that Suarez was brilliant again, full of it but sadly without producing anything in the way of goals. Add that to the game as a whole and sometimes I wish I was into gardening, Sundays would be less stressful!

Liverpool: Reina, Johnson. Agger, Skrtel, Wisdom, Sahin, Assaidi – 79′ ), Gerrard, Allen, Sterling, Suarez, Suso (Cole – 67′ ), Substitutes: Jones, Coates, Carragher, Cole, Henderson, Assaidi, Borini

Stoke City: Begovic, Cameron, Huth Booked, Wilson, Shawcross Booked, Whelan (Whitehead – 20′ Booked ), Nzonzi, Adam Booked (Edu – 80′ ), Kightly Booked (Etherington – 63′ ), Walters Booked, Crouch Substitutes: Sorensen, Upson, Edu, Whitehead, Etherington, Jones, Jerome

 Att: 44,531

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4 Responses to A depressing day for the Reds and not because of the draw.

  1. Daniel says:

    Why everybody has the opinion that Suarez was diving on that incident? Why can’t anyone give him the benefit of doubt that he fell down because he lose his balance. I fell down that way before because I lose my balance, not because I was diving. With the way Suarez played and the way he twist and turn, John Barnes was right when he said it’s very difficult to always keep your balance. Check with any experts in Physic and they will tell you Barnes is right.

    • Anonymous says:

      I can’t say any better words than u (Daniel). To add to that, if, only if, what Pulis said is true, “give him three match ban”, than what about stamping on the chest by the ‘wrestler’ (Robert Huth)? A typical, unrealistic,hypocrite and unreasonable bald head Pulis!! I Thot yesterday’s game was a world wrestling premier league game.

  2. ParkTheBusInfrontOfGoal says:

    This article is crap.Didnt you all see how many fouls Stoke committed in that match??There should have been a sent off(Huth),so Pulis come on just be honest and shut up because your team got away without any red card in this match

  3. liverbird says:

    tony pullis is sh%t and so is his band of iidiots who dont know how to play football..

    bullying their way thru games how i wish we had a goal scorer to smash the ball into the net…huth is disgusting and should have been sent off and so is a whole host of other stoke players..they played hatchet style and slew suarez and sterling time and time again..

    and just because he said suarez was a diver and deserves a 3 match ban the FA really will coz we know theyre pro-manure and anti-liverpool..tomorrow sir alex is going to talk about suarez diving again and if he does it might as well as be as the word of the Queen of England..how quickly everyone forgets about valencia diving..but no he is Manure so he get away with everything as usual..

    And what cock is the FA talking about john terry?? he abused ferdinand only once with the nigger word so he get a 4 match ban and becuase suarez said it repeatedly so he gets 8?? isnt racism of any amount bad enough?? bloody fools…

    cant imagine another couple of weeks without any games…sigh..

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