The Kids Are (eventually) Alright – Red’s fight back on a night of history

West Bromwich Albion 1

Tomas (3)

 Liverpool 2

Sahin (17), (82)

Despite making our worst start in the league for just over a century the games in-between continue to provide encouragement.

Many members of the young side that had gleeful and recklessly exchanged a stack of goals with The Young Boys of Berne last week were on duty tonight. This time despite a dreadful start, it was a more disciplined and resolute performance. Slowly they settled and visibly seemed to grow in confidence as the game unraveled despite the fact that West Brom also fielded a “shadow side” The reward, besides revenging the defeat of the more experienced first team on the opening day, is a home tie against Swansea, BR’s old club.

As mentioned the side was different in every position from Sunday. It was also greener with only Jones, Carragher Henderson and Downing having any experience of note. Perhaps Jones, on a rare outing at the expense of Jose Reina, wished he’d stayed at home? He appeared to be confidently heading off his line to pick off Ridgewell’s free kick however he failed to collect and Tomas was on hand to punish his spill.

Unsurprisingly the nature and timing of the goal (just three minutes into the game) seemed to knock us back and inspire West Brom. Lukaku’s pace and strength gave us early problems and he was unfortunate to see his effort deflected off Carragher to safety. I guess there will come a time when Jamie has to concede that enough is enough, the heart is still willing but the flesh is looking increasingly weaker? Lukaku exposed him again simply brushing him off and feeding Rosenberg. Jones atoned slightly for his earlier gaff by keeping out the Swede’s shot at his near post. 

Slowly we settled and got back into the game. Our equalizer was deserved although the nature of it, another keeper error, was fortunate. Andre Wisdom overlapped on the right exchanged passes with Downing before feeding Sahin. His low shot was on target but didn’t look like providing Foster, in the West Brom goal, with anything other than a routine pick up. However, he somehow managed to let the shot squirm through his arms.

After that we more than held our own. Pacheco had a good effort blocked in the first half and hit the bar in the second with a measured, curling shot from the outside of the area. He then nutmeged Thorne before planting another shot in the direction of Foster, again the keeper’s save was unconvincing. Before that Yesil had a good effort nervously blocked by Foster and in general Assaidi proved a lively and tricky proposition for the West Brom defence. Faced with this it was no surprise that Sahin capped what eventually turned out to be good night by turning Assaid’s cross into the roof of the West Brom net from six yards after some good, positive approach play from Suso.

A good night and some morale boosting, encouraging and, most importantly, confident play from the youngsters On the basis of this performance and the make up of the team it seemed appropriate that  Jerome Sinclair came off the bench to become Liverpool’s youngest player at sixteen years and six days.  In short it was encouraging night. BR complains about his lack of strength in depth on this evidence he may have more of it than he thinks?

West Bromwich Albion: Foster, Olsson, Ridgewell, (Dawson – 22′ ), Jones, Tamas, Thorne, Dorrans, Mulumbu Booked,  Rosenberg, Lukaku (Long – 70′ ),  Fortune (El Ghanassy – 87′ ) Substitutes: Daniels, McAuley, Dawson, Yacob, El Ghanassy, Long, Berahino

Liverpool: Jones, Coates, Carragher, Wisdom Booked, Robinson, Sahin, Henderson, Downing, Assaidi, Pacheco (Suso – 81′ ), Yesil (Sinclair – 81′ ) Substitutes: Gulacsi, Wilson, Sterling, Conor Coady, Sama, Suso, Sinclair

 Att: 21,164

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6 Responses to The Kids Are (eventually) Alright – Red’s fight back on a night of history

  1. Jooe falaaah says:

    Well done guys and keep the winning fire burning.

  2. Sky says:

    Your statement:
    “Despite making our worst start in the league for just over a century the games in-between continue to provide encouragement.”

    Stop being negative! We will win premiership this year with BR!

    • redfloyd says:

      This IS our worst start in the league for over one hundred years. It’s a fact but it doesn’t mean I’m being negative as the word “encouragement” used in the same statement suggests!
      Will not win the Premiership this year. That’s not being negative, just realistic!

  3. Anonymous says:

    i wouldn’t say that it was a “shadow side” fielded by WBA. Infact apart from Rosenburg and Thorne, the rest of the players have plenty of experience with WBA or other Premier League sides. Liverpool’s “kids” put them to the sword quite convincingly in the end. Great performance.

  4. liverbird says:

    What a game! would houllier,rafa or daglish ever have put so many young players on the pitch in an important one game where the winner takes all? even more so when the stakes are so high with the worst start to a premier league season ever occuring at the same time?? i must say BR has got balls!

    Another person who has got big balls in jonjo one in britain seems to dare stand up again alex ferguson..not his owners,not his players,not the media,not the FA and especially not the referees association…only wenger and rafa ever tried to skirmish with him with wenger almost getting it on the pitch and rafa more through interviews..but both failed miserably..

    but our man jonjo is a true hot blooded red..he wasnt scared at all…he played his heart out(albeit slightly recklesly at times) and when he got sent off he rightly expressed to alex what echoes in the minds of liverpool fans all over the world…YOU CONTROL THE REF AND YOU CONTROL THE GAME!!! ..and he pointed his hand straight at sir alex and looked him in the eye and said it…now tell me who else in the world has the balls to that?and mark my word alex likes players with balls so dont be suprised if he swoops in with an offer for shelvey in the coming window..

    look at what happened to suarez..its a total conspiracy by the FA and the referees association…how on earth does terry get to be racist and gets charged with only a 4 game ban plus fine only but suarez get an 8 game ban which affects liverpools entire season and also has a thick report written about him?? its abseloute Bullshit…and to think before every game last year the FA put out banners denouncing racism before games..shouldnt all judgements on players be equal?? but no suarez crossed a manure player and terry is british and plays for chelsea…we dont want to cross sir alex or abramovich now do we?

    the refereeing is obviously crap and one sided sometimes its almost as if theyre on the take or being pressured to make descisions in favour of big teams like manure..i dont know what links teams like manure or chelski have with the FA and referees association…im sure they must be contributing to refereeing association dog owners fund or something…

    anyway still at the end of the day alex did conduct himself respectably with respects to hillsborough..

    YNWA redfloyd~!!!

  5. It´s been a very tough start in the league, so I don´t think we´re as bad as the points suggest. It´s vital we win at the weekend though. The young lads have done well in the europa league and the league cup, looking forward to see some of them get their chance in league games now. Shelvey being suspended opens it up for Sahin to come in and make an impact now too.

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