Men against Young Boys, Reds’ experience eventually wins through

 Young Boys 3

Nuzzolo (38), Ojala (52), Zarate (63)

 Liverpool 5

Ojala (4) (og), Wisdom (40), Coates (67), Shelvey (76), (88)

Well who would have thought it, my joke prediction made at the end of the last post nearly came true!

It’s not often you see this socreline which probably had both managers concerned about their respective defences after mistake after mistake punctuated this game. We will need to be tighter on Sunday against The Mancs but then again the side will be different. Perhaps this was understandable reflecting the greenness of the line up and  it was only when we introduced the more experienced player that we put the game to bed. On the positive side, five away goals will do us the world of good and let’s not let the so called analysis of our faults or mistakes detract from the fact that this was an entertaining game.

BR made a stack of changes many of them young. At the back on the right we saw Andre Wisdom, in midfield Suso with Pacheco and Assaidi (a bit longer in the tooth at 24) further forward. Downing, Carragher, Coates, Enrique and Jones were the familiar, if not first team, regulars.

Before the game Young Boys’ manager suggested that by fielding a weakened, inexperienced side we could be embarrassed. There were a few hiccups for us here and there but, in the end, I think the Young Boys were blushing more. An example of this came after only three minutes  when Downing, crossing from the right to no one in particular, saw his effort find the back of the net after Spycher’s clearance ricocheted off the back of Oiala’s head.

Young Boys responded immediately making Jones work to deal with Bobadilla’s shot from the right. Despite this we settled in well, the youngsters didn’t look out of place and must have had their confidence boosted by the early goal. We kept it this way for nearly all of the first half  but, as at Sunderland last weekend, this counted for nothing as we let the opposition back in the game. This time was our turn to feel a tad flushed as Enrique, having done well to snuff out a home attack down the centre, failed show some decisiveness. Instead of clearing the ball away from the danger area his effort got no further than Nuzzolo, who wafted a shot into the roof of net.

Cue firecrackers and big flags (Young Boys and their toys eh!) from the home crowd however just as they were getting into full voice we struck back. Sahin’s corner found Wisdom who cleverly climbed unchallenged to head home at an unmanned back post. Back in the lead but then we nearly lost it again as Farnerud hit the post. Slowly one was beginning to sense that there were goals in this match! Perhaps the approaching half time break would give the managers of both teams an opportunity to suggest that, besides attacking, there is also a defensive aspect to the game!

As you would expect from a losing home team Young Boys, attacking their home end, showed more vigour at the start of the second half. This soon paid dividends when Oiala rose between Coates and Wisdom to head home Bobadilla’s cross into the bottom corner. Jones had no chance. A key stage of the game? having had the better of it we had contrived to lose the advantage twice. Surely it was no coincidence that BR got his more experienced players to warm up and sure enough Pacheco made way for Borini. However before he could even break sweat we were behind. Bobadilla escaped Carragher on the half way line and flicked a good pass through and out of position back line to Zarate who lifted the ball over Jones. Another poor goal that, with a bit more decisiveness and concentration, we should have avoided.

Rogers sensed the situation and upped the experience quota as Assaidi  gave way to Shelvey. The impact was immediate Coates, despite Borini’s attempts to claim it, squared it again by heading home Downing’s corner  with hosts defence rooted to the spot. Shelvey then sent the Young Boys to bed making it four following some sharp passing between Borini and Henderson and then five with an challenged trot straight down the middle followed by an emphatic finish.

Young Boys: Wolfli, Ojala, Zverotic (Frey – 81′ ), Spycher, Veskovac Booked, Sutter, Farnerud, Raimondi Booked, Nuzzolo Booked, (Schneuwly – 69′ ), Bobadilla Booked, Zarate (Alexander Gonzalez – 65′ ) Substitutes: Benito, Alexander Gonzalez, Lecjaks, Costanzo, Schneuwly, Vitkieviez, Frey

Liverpool: Jones, Jose Enrique, Coates, Carragher, Wisdom, Sahin, Henderson, Downing (Sterling – 77′ ), Assaidi (Shelvey – 66′ ), Pacheco (Borini – 61′ Booked ), Jesus Fernandez Saez Substitutes: Gulacsi,  Wilson, Robinson, Sterling, Shelvey, Borini, Yesil

Att: 31,120

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