Chant away the heartache and Reds facing up to the young ones

There wasn’t much fallout from the Sunderland game mainly because everyone seemed intent on following up last Wednesday’s news.

 There was a class show of support from Everton before their game on Monday night. The use of The Hollies’ “He Ain’t Heavy, He’s My Brother” was apposite for all the obvious reasons and also me for because only the night before I’d seen it used to great emotional  effect in a film by Terence Davis called “Of Time and the City” which was about  … Liverpool.

 David Moyes’ programme notes were clear and to the point.

 “I believe everybody in the world of football will have been shocked by the wrongdoings surrounding Hillsborough, which were exposed last week. As part of the football family, I, and everybody at Everton, stand alongside the families who for so long have challenged the authorities over what has now been proved a travesty. I am not only a football manager, I’m a football supporter and a father, and I applaud the families who continued to fight for the ones they loved. The outcome was nothing short of disgraceful. We have all been brought up to believe and trust in authority. The authorities who were responsible for ensuring the safety of supporters that afternoon let themselves down, as have the government parties, who have been in power since.”

 Sadly it’s a pity that certain Mancs fans, before their game on Saturday, didn’t get an advance sight of them. Much has been made over small minority at Old Trafford who sang the “it’s never your fault, always the victims” ditty plus others. Of course it should be remembered that he vast majority of Mancs fans acted in a way one would expected any normal person to act when they hear about 96 people being crushed to death and we should also not forget the support they and  their club have shown. You can’t stop those who choose to sing these sort of songs and to be honest it says more about their intelligence and ability to digest facts and draw conclusions from the findings than anything else? I’m aware we are on dodgy ground, there must have been an element of remembering how Liverpool fans chanted about Munich until after the events of April 1989? Football has a huge following so the law of average suggests that you get a bigger proportion of in that following who are a few wheels short in brain department?

 On the general subject of “vile chanting”. The reasoning seems to be that now the truth about Hillsborough is out, it should be stopped. This is a bizarre train of thought suggesting that while everyone was trying to get to Wednesday’s conclusions such chants were acceptable! Hopefully this issue will remain public eye and not fade away when the next hobby horse comes along?

 So to tonight and back into European action on the Thursday night Europa League naughty step! One of these days we’ll be allowed to be with the “big boys” who play on Tuesday and Wednesday night!

 Tonight’s opponents are Young Boys and, leaving aside or the predictable and tiresome “ha ha” remarks about playing with tonight’s hosts, the name couldn’t be more appropriate. It seems BR is going to name a weakened side presumably with Sunday and The Mancs in mind. Gerrard, Reina, Suarez Johnson, Skrtel, Agger and Allen will be home watching Mock The Week and the squad that travels has an average age of 21 and eight teenagers!

 Young Boys’ people appear to be slightly affronted by this apparent lack of respect and have suggested we will pay for this, said their coach Martin Rueda

 “I don’t think Liverpool can afford to turn up without their best players. We can embarrass them. They did not shine in the early season, taking just two points from their first four games – that makes me say that we are not far from them… this is a high point. We are looking forward to the Europa League – this is like a Champions League group.”

 No it is not!

 I’ve no doubt Rueda and his men may well be able to “embarrass” us however priorities must and at this stage of the season surely we need to concentrate on getting on in the league. Even if we were flying high in the table past history, at this stage of the competition, suggests we wouldn’t have fielded a full strength side and I guess the last thing we want, with such a small squad, is to pick up injuries?

 Prediction? I’ve no real feel for this given that I know nothing about Young Boys or how “LFC Junior” are going to perform. 7-4 no, 3-4 oh OK 2-0 to us.

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One Response to Chant away the heartache and Reds facing up to the young ones

  1. vinnie says:

    Tottenham smashed them before they were good enough to smash us, so it will be a tough game. Not sure if it’s mind games or these people are just short sighted. They think we are condescending? I think they are condescending towards our young players, we are just managing the resources we have

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