Transfer window – too little too late for Reds?

Back from holiday and thoughts on the Manchester City and Hearts performances to come tomorrow however, first of all, the fall out from yesterdays transfer window.

As always Sky, this time not taking a tip from the New Years Eve countdown, were there to see it through injecting drama into even the most mundane and unnewsworthy of moves. For us, after much speculation and rumour over the summer, the picture became clearer during the middle of the week with Charlie Adam (possibly Stoke), Jay Spearing (possibly Bolton or Wolves on loan) and Joe Cole (your guess is as good as mine) being earmarked to ply their trade elsewhere for he rest of the season?

Dimitar Berbatov went to Craven Cottage with a view to getting into bed with Fulham. If the move went through would a chain reaction start? Berbatov’s signing could mean that Fulham might be prepared to release Clint Dempsey to us (or elsewhere) which could mean Andy Carroll going somewhere else? Well some of this was true Berbatov moved and so did Dempsey but not to us. Not such a bad thing had we not managed, to allow Andy Carroll to go on loan to West Ham the day before. A case of putting the cart before the horse or, if you’re not a Carroll fan, the carthorse before the horse?

In previous posts I’d stated that in the light of last season’s form we needed to concentrate on finishing however, in order to do this you need recognised strikers sadly we appear intent on getting rid of them! It’ was always debatable as to whether Dempsey fell into his category, much of his time at Fulham was spent playing in midfield, we would need more? Attempts to secure Daniel Sturridge on a loan deal fell on fallow ground and with nothing else forthcoming and Carroll gone we now fine ourselves light in the very area were our problems were last season.

As the deadline clock clicked down I sat thinking that surely we’d come up with something  however, as the minutes and then seconds ticked away, and Sky got more and more excited, nothing happened no last ditch deal, no knight on a white charger to save the day. The immediate reaction is to use words and phrases such as “incompetence”, “bad business”, “poor judgment”, “bad timing”  however, perhaps it will work out? Perhaps Fabio Borini will sweep all before him, let’s hope he and Luis Suarez avoid injury, I wouldn’t get too settled in the East End Andy? Perhaps it will be good thing and a young pretender will come to the fore but hell we even reduced our options in this area by selling Nathan Eccleston!

The Dempsey deal always seemed an uphill affair. However I can’t see, having received £4m for Charlie Adam, why we couldn’t go the extra mile to secure his services? Moreover why didn’t we go for Berbatov with our £4m although no doubt Fergie would have something to say about that? Reports suggest that that we needed to sell before we could buy however, if you only do to first of these just how much trouble are you making for yourself? Perhaps our reticence in this window was born out of last season’s experience when we splashed the cash? Is it any co-incidence that we’ve not been as active, off loaded Adam, tried to use Jordan Henderson as a makeweight in the Dempsey deal and loaned out Carroll? All these players were signed last season presumably on high wages?

Elsewhere and the moves involving Spearing (loan to Bolton) and Adam (to Stoke for £4m) does not surprise, the midfield was looking a bit crowded, presumably attempts to off load Joe Cole, and his considerable salary, were spiked because he is currently injured?

So the question is, what are we seeing? Do we have a manager who is overly keen to offload what he perceives as deadwood? To sweep clean prior to introducing a brave new world? Do we see owners who having had their fingers burnt are, having bought in Joe Allen and Fabio Borini, plus assorted “ones for the future”, have decided “enough is enough” for now? Whatever the case I’ve a feeling that squad wise we may find ourselves treading a very thin tight rope. Brendon Rogers was always going to have a challenge after yesterdays “work” it may be even greater?

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8 Responses to Transfer window – too little too late for Reds?

  1. It´s embarrassing. We´ve been left with no cover up front. The owners have really shot themselves in the foot here.

  2. ogg says:

    Having spend £71 million on 3 non-functional player by KD last season had left BR with little to spend. We have to be prudent or end up like Leeds.

  3. aussie scouser says:

    whatever happened to “we have the resources to compete with anyone” ?
    who was the idiot that upset fulham by stating dempsey was already a liverpool player.

  4. David says:

    I think Rodgers is doing brilliant job so far, His signings look good value, I hate to think what he could of bought with 100mil. Its obvious FSG are not going to put cash into the club – So far they have only spent money from selling players like Torres and sponsorship deals.
    Well FSG – IF you don’t invest – I wont . You can stick your crap American merchandise where it fits – I for one wont spend another penny on Liverpool until I see the owners doing the same.
    I hope all LFC supporters do the same until they get the message. Invest or go back west!

  5. LD says:

    Fully agree with David.
    I won’t buy their crap shirt or merchandise. We all should be doing this to rid ourselves of these mickey mouse owners. I thought we got rid of two clowns, but we have simply replaced them with new ones.

  6. murt says:

    while i am very disappointed by deadline lack of action,i feel FSG had to cull a lot of expensive flops that were simply not value .With all this sponsorship loot i thought they may have brought in a lethal finisher,i like Borini but whether he can step up to the plate with luis & adam remains to be seen,Anything BR or FSG promise from now will be well scrutinised i,m afraid.

  7. Anonymous says:

    FSG will always be FSG..penny pinching americans they believe in youth and buying on the cheap..its all the moneyballs brendan rodgers said gone are the days where liverpool will ever pay 35million pounds for a player ever again..ive never really did ever take a liking to andy carrol and im glad to see the back of him..

    i know we dont have a 25 goal a season striker at the moment but we have to understand that in brendan’s system you dont really need an outright goal scorer..the goals can come from any player on the pitch..sound good in theory but will it come good in practice? i have faith that it will..looking at swansea scoring 8 goals from their first 2 matches this season i think its just a matter of us calming down and letting the players getting used to this relatively ‘new’ style of play though my heart leapt to my mouth several times during the game against man city whenever they played the ball to sure tevez studied that a few times before pouncing on the weak ball by skertel.

    i think brendan has dipped into the market wisely….and he has also been very radical in the way he has trusted young sterling to start games..sterling must be one of the youngest outfield liverpool players to start for liverpool since michael owen in the primier league….

    and with a solid defence, a strong midfield of gerrard,allen and sahin with jonjo and henderson in reserve and an attack of sterling/assaidi,borini / samad yesil and suarez / morgan i think things will look up..and we have some more players from the reserves who will be waiting to make an impact soon including suso…im excited by samed yesil..i think he is going to be a great player for us and will be in the starting line up soon enough..

    you cant expect FSG to hand over brendan 100 million pounds and ask him to buy whom ever he wants…he needs to earn the trust of his employers by getting the results with what he has .and once he’s done that (which im sure he will) then we can expect to bring in on good,proven goal scorer in january…

    buying sturidge and walcott is also buying their drama,baggage and expectations..might as well invest in players with less hype who can combine well and contribute to the team instead of ones who are only worried about where theyre gonna park their next expensive car…allen is a perfect example of great skill,humility and hard-work..who says you cant have it all in single player..

    so lets calm down..this isnt a 100 meter sprint..we are building ..but if we are patient i have a great feeling about brendan within the next 2-3 seasons might see us on the summit again..


  8. Werner says:

    Even Barcelona, the team whose is playing tiki-taka football have goal machines like Lionel Messi & David Villa. Whoever trying to copy or learn a trick or two from them without prolific goal scorer(s) must be coming from a different planet. And my poor team are left with two “recognised” strikers with no so impressive goal scoring rate…..Who should I blame? No doubt, both FSG & BR

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