Red’s Sahin deal closer as toys from the pram rain down over Dempsey enquiries!

 I don’t know what it is about Liverpool and way we do things? When we were pursuing Garth Barry under Rafa our approach and general demeanour somehow managed to get Aston Villa’s back up. This time it appears Fulham are less than pleased with us over our wooing of Clint Dempsey.

 Much of this centred around a premature announcement on Fenway’s website which suggested we had secured Dempsey’s services when of course we hadn’t. Brendon Rogers also admitted we had enquired about him.

 This sort of thing strikes me as Fulham lashing out against the inevitable. It seems clear Dempsey wants to leave, be it via a move to us or somewhere else, subsequently there have been stories about him refusing to play for the club. Leaving a side what we may or may not have done that’s out of order surely the writing is on for Fulham? Dempsey, he doesn’t want to play for them so let him go? I don’t know if Fulham feel that we, by our actions have encouraged this however, to suggest so is an insult to the player casting doubt on his obvious ability to make life and career decisions for himself?

 Perhaps Rogers shouldn’t have admitted that we had enquired about Dempsey however, when news of our alleged interest is plastered all over the papers what is the point in keeping mum? As regards the website this is clearly premature but the article was taken down after five hours. This was an American website but surly, in future, it wouldn’t be too much for Ian Ayre and his team to be able to run their eye’s over any proposed amendments before they are published? Does the error really merit Fulham’s response.

 Elsewhere and perhaps my suggestion of a veiled conspiracy theory over  Andy Carroll sitting out the Hearts game because he is injured was a tad premature. Apparently before the game Brendon Rogers suggested he would be a “nutcase” to sell Carroll at this stage of the transfer window. Of course this still leaves the door open for a winter window deal however, with only Borini and Suarez as frontline alternatives surely, as every day goes by, a Carroll move looks less likely, unless of course Fulham suddenly become all cooperative about Clint Dempsey however…. oh we’ve been there before!

 Back to the midfield and it looks like Nuri Sahin will be joining us on loan after Arsenal turned their noses up at the terms. Apparently this leaves us free to secure his services for a year as we have offered to pay larger part of his wages. I have to say I don’t know a great deal about this player other than to odd time I’ve seen Turkey play. He only made even appearances for Real Madrid last season and, regardless of this,  it is debatable if a loan deal means that one of our midfielders will leave?

 So to ManchesterCity tomorrow. Hopefully the players who didn’t travel to Edinburgh during the week will be rested and will have had time to reflect on Saturday’s performance? The win at Tynecastle should boosted confidence and with this being the first home of the season the crowd will be expectant for a good performance. As for City well they were less than convincing against Southampton on the opening day so why not.

 Sadly, for me anyway, that’s will be it from me for a week unless the place I’m staying at for my “holiday” has a internet. As the nearest shop is about a three mile car ride the chances are slim! So until next week, and let’s hope we manage to turn the West Brom thing around.

 Walk on.

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