Suarez commits but Agger to be tempted by the sounds of the City?

It’s been a relatively quiet summer on the transfer front no massive deals or major headline signings at Anfield or elsewhere?

 Even clubs with, seemingly, endless reserves (financially and squad wise) have been quiet. However, it is just our luck that when one of them, Manchester City, decide to get out the big cheque book it’s one of our players that is the object of their attentions!

 There have been on and off rumours about Daniel Agger leaving us for some time Real Madrid and AC Milan have been sited as potential suitors however, it is reports of Manchester City’s interest in the Dane that pop up on a regular basis. 

 There must be something about Manchester City and our centre halves. It was only a month or so ago that they were also linked with Martin Skrtel however, if push came to shove, I suspect the “money bags” team would plump for the more stylish Agger. For starters Agger can confidently fill in at either centre or full back. Experience suggests that Skrtel’s circuitry malfunctions terribly if he is moved out wide. That said Skrtel does not have Agger’s seemingly continuous injury problems.

 Reports suggest we are holding out for £22m whereas City think £18m is nearer the mark. Our theory is that if Joleon Lescott cost City £22m in 2009 then Agger should be worth at least that amount. A tad crude rule of thumb but I’ve heard worse or more bizarre ideas? Worryingly Liverpool’s and City’s valuations aren’t that far apart suggesting that a compromise deal is a real possibility maybe even involving Adam Johnson coming across to Anfield as a makeweight?

  Even allowing for this Brendon Rogers must surely regard Agger’s departure as a blow. This will leave us a tad short at the back with only Skrtel and the ageing Carragher with major Premiership experience. That said we’ve had to cope with this situation plenty of times before because of Agger’s lengthy spells on the treatment table. Nonetheless, as ever, there is always a silver lining if you look hard enough. This could be good opportunity for Martin Kelly, Sebastian Coates or Danny Wilson which in the long term can only benefit us if we sign ‘em then surely there must come a time when we try to use them?

 Elsewhere and it’s good news that Luis Suarez has committed to us for another five and half years. Even though Juventus were rumoured to be interested I don’t think there was any worry about losing Suarez this summer. Given what he went through last season surely, if he had wanted to go, he would have gone by now? Not so good however on the Craig Bellamy front with a move away, either to QPR or Cardiff, rumoured to be a matter of days away.

 Things also appear to have gone quiet on the Joe Allen front. Swansea appear irked that Brendon Rogers has made an approach for him as there was an agreement that we wouldn’t go for their players for a year. One assumes, in our mind at least, that Allen’s situation is different however, not different enough for them to accept our offer of £12m plus Jonjo Shelvey?

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5 Responses to Suarez commits but Agger to be tempted by the sounds of the City?

  1. liverbird says:

    losing agger would be a big blow..he was one of the few players who really fought hard for the team last season..he was stylish,confident and rarely put a wrong foot foward..he also built a good understanding with skertel and we definetely leaked less goals when they were playing together..

    sayign that he is injury prone and selling wouldnt be too bad especially if city paid 22 mil for him (we bought him for 6 mil if im not mistaken)

    carra is getting old so the most likely partnership in center of defence would be skertel and coates with wilson as back up…training an academy center back to come into the first team would take time as they will need to learn positional play and gain experience before making the grade…

    so overall i think we should keep agger and shouldnt sell him at all..he is a colourful charachter kinda like the dennis rodman of the team..bad boy with tattoos but plays with his heart and is beautiful watch….

    so dont go Agger..YNWA

    • Ben success says:

      Yes, selling agger is going to be a big blow for liverpool, there is no how you will train all this kids that they will quickly gain experience like dany agger.agger is a very good and hard working player….please dont let him go.

  2. Ben success says:

    Am a true liverpool fan, i think selling agger is going to be another war for us at the defence. The club should tie him down, so that he can sign another contract with the club, the owner need to bring out money for new players instead of selling out our best players to raise fund.

  3. justin says:

    ye ma rude boy playa agger,men,that dude should stay man,he plays well when on that back,with sketel they like brother,men u sell that dude u guys are fuck,honestly,better go for players that we bring more goals

  4. Bren77 says:

    I think Agger will push for a move as his heads been turned with all the attenion from top clubs here and abroad, however he would be somewhat hipocritical of him if he did choose city as he once stated that he could never play for another EPL club because it would show a total lack of respect to Liverpool think he made these comments after torres done the Dirty on us however, 20 odd million pounds would be a good profit for someone we paid 6 million for just as long as its reinvested bk into the team

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