Toronto talk, Carroll limbo, Bellamy closer to the bush and Juve wistfully eye Suarez!

 A weekend away meant that I didn’t get chance to see the 1-1 draw with Toronto game until last night.

 As ever it was a rather laid back, experimental affair which basically seem to consist of Brendon Rogers fielding two different sides in each half. High points were Raheem Sterling who looked lively and set up our goal with a good run and Dani Pacheco who always does well for us pre season before disappearing back into the reserves and wondering what he has to do to get a first team break, pity!

 Then of course there was the return of Lucas from injury which, given the length of his time out, will be almost like recruiting a new player? As ever Alberto Aquilani, a bit like a distant relative from overseas, made his annual pre season visit before (no doubt?) jetting off the play for someone else. I still hold out hope, like some mother who hopes her son will eventually return home, that perhaps he might decide he likes Liverpool after all and stay?

 Joe Cole also returned and sadly stunk the place out with a few high profile set piece gaffs. Of course it far too early to draw conclusions hopefully his season in France has done him good. Perhaps I’m being harsh he did play a part in our goal which equalised Amarikwa’s earlier strike. Cole fed Sterling who surged past his marker and into the area. His shot beat the keeper but didn’t have enough juice in it cross the line, thankfully Adam Morgan was following up. Morgan’s reaction to scoring (I thought his head was going to explode with joy) despite it being a straightforward goal in pre season friendly was a lesson to all those players (be they reds or not) who play just to pick up their wages, cynically go through the motions and forget just how lucky they are?

 To conclude, in general terms you can’t draw anything from the game given the absence of many of the first teamers who presumably will slowly return for the other two games against Roma on Thursday (will Borini play against his old club?) and then Spurs on Saturday. Much has been made of Rogers’ proposed style of play which seems to suggest lots of passing on the deck however, I saw nothing to suggest that things were any different but found myself, because of the hype, noticing every long ball that was played, a totally unreasonable thing to do I know.

 Two players missing from the Toronto game were Craig Bellamy and Andy Carroll. Bellamy is on Olympics duty with “Team GB” and at least had the side’s only chance in what was a rather sobering “warm up” lesson from Brazil on Friday night. I wonder if Bellamy is slumming with all the other athletes who arrived at the Olympic Village yesterday? If he is perhaps he will take time to pop over to Shepherd’s Bush where, it seems, attempts by QPR to secure his services are gathering pace. Said one of their owners.

“Craig is definitely a name that has been mentioned, a name we’ve discussed. We have been a fan of Craig Bellamy for the last few years, ever since he became available…”

Rogers’ is keen to keep Bellamy however, I guess the circumstances point to a move? Bellamy has only one year left his contract and a Rangers there is the opportunity to link with Mark Hughes, who he was with at Blackburn, Manchester City and the Welsh national team. If it isn’t QPR then surely Cardiff, his home town club, will step in?

 Meanwhile we appear to playing the holding game re Andy Carroll making non committal noises regarding his future. Said Chairman Tom Werner

“The only thing I can say is we will do what’s best for the club. At the moment, Andy is on the squad. He was an important member of the English team, he has got a lot of talent and we will see what happens there. Brendan is clearly the leader here, and hopefully the question will be answered shortly. But at the moment, Andy is on the team and we are looking forward to his contributions.”

Thanks for that Tom that really clears it up. One question, is Andy an “important member” of the Liverpool team as well as the England team?

Meanwhile reports suggest Juventus are interested in signing Robin van Persie and Luis Suarez. Fine I’m also interested in winning a 100m gold medal in world record time at the year Olympics. I don’t know where Juventus have suddenly got their money from however, even if they had it would either player go? Perhaps they better turn their attentions to Messi and Christiano Ronaldo!

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