Toon to renew Carroll offer, Maxied out and Suarez ponders Terry outcome?


 John Terry being found not guilty for racism should not hide the fact that background behind this grubby little episode has painted football in an appalling light.

No doubt Terry feels what little reputation he has remains in tact. However, leaving aside the tedious Tweets and conspiracy theories surrounding the en masse evidence given by what seems be the entire Chelsea squad, plus anyone who has passed Terry on the street, there is still unfinished business.

Although Terry was found not guilty he still used inflammatory language just as Luis Suarez did against Patrice Evra and Evra did against Suarez. Suarez was charged and banned so surely, if the FA are to operate an even handed approach to such misdemeanours, so should Terry? Many will argue that the judge’s decision means the race issue may have gone however, the language Terry used, be it in a “sarcastic” way or not, should not go unnoticed or unpunished.

Moreover this case throws into light just how badly Luis Suarez must have been advised. Suarez, after the FA decision, was advised by Liverpool to drop the issue and take his medicine. Had he had the courage of the convictions and taken it to court, and placed his fate in the hands of professional lawyers rather the amateurs at the FA, would the verdict have been different? 

 In a way all this is irrelevant to the key issue is what the longer term implications are for those players who are subject of racial abuse. Anton Ferdinand was in many ways an unwilling victim of circumstances as the case was bought by a third party however he and his family were still subjected to appalling abuse during it. Will those players who are victims of racial abuse be so readily inclined to take things further having seen the outcome of this pantomime and all the outside dirt that was dished? In the meantime I wonder what is going through Suarez’s mind when he compares the handling of the Terry issue to his own and looks at the respective outcomes?

Back to Liverpool and perhaps it’s a sign of the way things have changed at Anfield but any transfer stories regarding our team used to concern players heading towards the gates of L4 instead of the exit.

I still can’t believe that we are willing to ditch Andy Carroll and presumably take a massive loss. This seems to fly in the face of the called prudence policy the new owners are keen to promote. However, with every day the story develops and becomes more believable. From Brendon Rogers’ idle (or so we thought at the time) musings about him going on loan through to West Ham, Milan and possibly Fulham throwing their hats into the ring for his services. All newspaper talk perhaps but now we have something tangible in the form of a offer from Newcastle, Carroll’s old club, albeit a rejected one, for now at least?

We don’t know the details of Newcastle’s offer the rumours suggest it was around £13m however, despite my saying they we OK for strikers with Ba and Cisse, there appears to be a certain logic behind it? Both Ba and Cisse will be on African Nations Cup duty this season and the former has early release clause in his contract. On our side the signing of Fabio Borini has set theories going that it will be the Italian and not Carroll that will be first pick to play alongside Luis Suarez. Newcastle appear determined enough to come back with another offer which presumably will be closer to our alleged valuation of £20m?

Finally a sad farewell to Maxi Rodriguez probably one of the clubs most underused and undervalued players of recent times. I don’t know what it was about Maxi but every time he played he seemed to do well. He also scored which his more than the players who seemed to being keeping out the side last season could manage. However, despite that he never seemed able to nail down the regular place he undoubtedly deserved?

 Maxi returns to Argentina for family reasons. Where have we heard that before? However, has more class than some of his fellow Argies who play down the East Lancs Road and will return to Newell’s Old Boys. I wish him luck and I’m sorry that he couldn’t stay longer and that we didn’t see more of him while he was with us.

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One Response to Toon to renew Carroll offer, Maxied out and Suarez ponders Terry outcome?

  1. Apaa peter says:

    Liverpool dnt ned 2 sell carrol anyway

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