Borini close, Bellamy tempted by the Bush and Aquilani hope?

 Arrrrh God bless Gylfi Sigurdsson, he just melts your heart. He says Liverpool wanted him but, despite nice flowery things to say our Brendon, Spurs “felt just so right”.

 We are not told what was “just so right” and how he quickly came to that conclusion. To paraphrase Mrs Merton (a lot) “Tell me Gylfi, what attracted you the higher salary playing Tottenham Hotspur?” Given the newspaper Gylfi chose to help him illuminate us with this nonsense perhaps we are better off without him?

 Meanwhile as the tour of North America looms things appear to be slowly taking shape re Liverpool FC mark 2012-13.

 Reports suggest a fee as been agreed with Roma for Fabio Borini. Depending on which papers you read, £8m-£12m will secure his services by .. well by time you read this he could with us.

 Will this start a chain reaction amongst our forwards? With Borini’s services secured presumably more light will be shed on our intentions for Andy Carroll? An alternative to the West Ham link appears to be a swap with Fulham for Clint Dempsey and some cash. One paper suggests it will be Dempsey plus £9m which means that the Fulham man is grossly overvalued or that Carroll’s worth has dropped like a stone. Perhaps it’s both! The other option which has also been floated is for Carroll to return toNewcastle. Is this a good thing for Carroll? Wouldn’t it look as if he has failed, going home, back to square one with his tail (pony tail) between his legs? Also with Ba and Cisse Newcastle seem to be doing alright for strikers thank you very much?

 Whatever the case I believe we are still worryingly light in the striker area, with Dirk Kuyt gone to Turkey and Craig Bellamy linked with QPR, Celtic and Cardiff. Most would probably say Cardiff will be Bellamy’s first choice however perhaps the prospect of teaming up with Mark Hughes again at Loftus Road (it’s not the “Rangers Stadium”) might appeal? Either way it seems Bellamy’s second spell at Anfield might come to an end which, and I never thought I ‘d say this after the events of his first period, is a pity. Rogers has gone on record saying that he would want him to stay

 “He’s a good guy. He has a real passion forLiverpooland that’s the type I want here. I like his intensity, his work-rate and his passion so I’d love him to be here.  It would take a really special and unique opportunity for Craig to walk out of Liverpool and for us to go our separate ways.”

 Perhaps that will be provided by Cardiff or QPR and at 31 years who would blame him for deciding to under go just one more adventure / challenge before he calls it a day?

 Anyway, we are well into pre season and still no mention of Albert Aquilani… this stops now! The usual story is that he’s on loan in Italy and wants to stay there but we seen reluctant to let him go and take a loss on the £20m or so Rafa paid for him. However, do we sense a change of tack? Has the previously held stance of wanting to go home softened? Said his agent

 “Aquilani will remain at Liverpool. He has a contract and hence there is nothing new. I would say that at this point the chances that he could go back to Milan are impossible. Other clubs? I reiterate, he will remain at Liverpool.”

Of course this could be because Milan don’t want him however I’d also like to think that Aquilani sees an opportunity with Brendon Rogers, a chance to fit in with a team playing in way that is more suited to his style? Either way, on the strength of last season’s efforts from midfield, we could certainly do with his creativity.

This neatly brings me to Stuart Downing. It seems someone has been mishandling his finances and has now been done for it. Said our man

“It’s obviously been a hard time for me, trying to play football with this on my mind….”

Great, so with that out of the way, twelve goals from midfield in 2012-13 eh Stuart? Ok, let’s just go for twelve assists!

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2 Responses to Borini close, Bellamy tempted by the Bush and Aquilani hope?

  1. abimbola says:

    last season we lack some mildfield which affected us, maxi is gone,kuyt is gone bellamy is doupted then who will be in our mildfield? And again andy carroll should not be sold we should loan him out, We will short of strikers by selling carrol, bredan should buy better players like cavani,luk de jong,nene and a replacement of goalkeeper.

  2. abimbola says:

    even if we want to sell andy carrol the price tag not should less than 15£ andy should not go cheaply like that, he may be hot later. 13£ plus dempsey is ok for lfc to let carroll go they should keep him.

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