Carroll rumours gather pace as Borini waits

Ho hum it appears this Andy Carroll to leave thing won’t go away.

Apparently West Ham owner David Gold says his club would be interested

“I am not aware of any talks between ourselves orLiverpoolover Andy Carroll. But that’s not to say we don’t have an interest should he become available.”

I’m not aware of Bill Gates giving out free hundred pound notes on the high street but that’s not to say I wouldn’t have “an interest” in acquiring one (or twenty) should he decide to do so! To be fair the club conceded that the odds of securing him were slim “about a 10 per cent chance” which seems to fly in the face of another report which suggests Sam Allardyce is actually preparing a bid and we’ve even got an amount, 15 million of our British pounds no less!

As if to cover all the bases the papers are also suggesting Carroll might move to Fulham with Clint Dempsey and some cash going the other way. However, for the purposes of shamelessly eking out this post, lets’ assume there is some mileage in the West Ham rumours and that they are not solely hatched from Brendon Rogers’ talking about loan moves and then Andy Carroll the other day.

If this is so then the question that has to be asked is has Carroll’s form been so abject since he signed for us that his value has more than halved in the best part of eighteen months? Of course it’s a difficult one to answer when it’s widely acknowledged that we paid over the odds for him the first place so let’s put it another way, have Liverpool given up on him? If so it seems strange given that he was improving towards the end of the season?

It’s a brave move by Brendon Rogers for starters surely the owners would shirk at what basically amounts to a £20m loss on the £35m they paid for him but then one remembers that this was financed from the Torres sale which who of course was purchased by the previous incumbents? I guess there is the added bonus of getting Carroll’s not inconsiderable wages off their books?

Inevitably the question of Rogers’ and Allardyce’s perceived different football philosophies isn’t far away. Roger’s alleged pass, pass and pass again style against Allardyce’s more robust, direct wrecking ball approach. Because Carroll is big he is automatically assumed to fit into the latter just as Peter Crouch was assumed to be unbeatable in the air when in reality “for a big man” he was good on the ground. All clichéd assumptions?  

I am sure any Carroll move would depend upon us getting a suitable replacement and Roma’s Fabio Borini appears to be heading the queue of most likely suitors. Like Gylfi Sigurdsson there is a history between Borini and Rogers. Borini was on loan atRogers’ Swansea on 2011 whilst he was at Chelsea and played a significant part in their final push for Premiership promotion. At 21 years his goal scoring record isn’t going to be extensive however six goals in nine games for Swansea and nine in twenty four for Roma show some promise? Moreover he seems to fit the bill terms of price, we would probably have to pay £7m to £8m, and the sort of player the owners are looking to finance. Someone who is young, has potential?  

So where will it go? My guess is that Borini will be signed but Carroll? His move to us was a surprise and I guess any move out might initially prove so unless Rogers’ style of play becomes so quickly ingrained that it would be impossible to imagine Carroll to be a part of it? This is noble however isn’t there also a danger of it being predictable which, as mentioned in the previous post, Carroll provides an alternative to.

Finally I notice Ashley Cole is providing a “character” witness for John Terry at his trial. All very nice I guess, and I know I’m taking it to extremes, but I can’t help thinking this is the equivalent of Muammar Gaddafi speaking up for Slobodan Milosevic!

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