Sweet Carroll loan flies in the face of Red’s of striker problems?

The summer transfer train, having slowly eased out of the station, is now approaching full steam as it heads for the countryside untrammeled by the restrictions of Euro 2012 and player breaks. Pre season training is back and while others may have the expensive distraction of the Olympics in their mind mine is firmly focused on 18th August and of course what we will do before that.

While other fans of clubs understandably, but also sanctimoniously, wail and wallow in self pity as prized assets decide to jump ship for more money… er sorry more “ambitious” clubs things have been relatively quiet at L4. Too quiet perhaps or should that be worryingly quiet, I think it might change soon?

Rumours are rumors however so far all we’ve had is a handful. Some appear to be just idle speculation whilst others have taken on a more tangible form. We knew about Gylfi Sigurdsson. Having agreed a deal at Swansea Brendon Rogers was keen to highjack this and move him to Anfield. The ironic fact that Spurs also nipped in and took him perhaps says more about Gylfi Sigurdsson’s greed than our ability to attract players. Had Rogers really been determined to take him on I get the feeling he could have however prudence held sway.

“We didn’t lose out because of not wanting to spend the money, we lost out because the manager was not prepared to move (on the player’s wage demands). There is no doubt there will be other targets and people we want to bring in but we won’t lose out on wages.”

Presumably Rogers knew what Sigurdsson’s Swansea deal was and thought the player was, to put it diplomatically, more than enthusiastic with his renewed demands once Liverpool came a knocking! Whether this proves to be a mistake will only be determined by how well he does as Spurs. At present however, Sigurdsson is no Robin van Persie so goodbye?

Other links appear to be fading in or out of the picture. Chelsea’s interest in Victor Moses has probably scuppered any designs we had on theWiganplayer and although the Clint Dempsey issue appears to have more mileage, neither us or Fulham have shown any signs of doing a deal.

Then there is Andy Carroll. Did we really think that he would be considered for a loan move after a reasonable Euro 2012 and end to the domestic season? Reports suggest West Ham appear to be favourite for no other reason than the fact that Kevin Nolan is one of Carroll’s mates or is it because our man’s unfairly maligned “stone age” style appeals to their manager! Whatever the case the issue of his wages and whether Carroll would improve at Upton Park, or anywhere else for that matter, appears to have been forgotten, albeit temporarily.

I wonder if Brendon Rogers was actually suggesting that Carroll would move for a year or was he just speaking about loan moves in general and then the player’s situation. Weave in the Carroll’s style which, at first sight anyway, appears to be at odds with the way Rogers allegedly wants the team to play, and you have a story. Then on top of this link in our supposed interest in Daniel Sturridge and Roma’s Faboi Borini and you have a potent cocktail of rumour with plenty of titillating “what ifs” on the side?

For a person supposedly considering shunting Carroll out for a while Rogers seems very supportive?

“He’s made a massive move to a world renowned football club and there’s always going to be a time of adaptation, especially in the first six or seven months. You sometimes forget how young these people are. They’re not machines, they are humans. If you move from one part of the country to another, it will take time to adapt. But with the profile and pressure which is on straight away, obviously it can be very difficult. Time will tell for him and all the players whether they are in my plans, but my job is to assess that.”

So a slight difference between the reports and Rogers’ quote me thinks. Perhaps if we get Borini or Sturridge or whoever the circumstances might change however, do we have the strength in depth, particularly up front to let Carroll go? Remember Dirk’s gone and Bellamy could follow?

 Moreover it cannot have escaped Rogers’ attention that when Suarez, Carroll and Gerrard play we seen to do well with the latter two combining particularly well?. Will Rogers be more pragmatic with his style of play and perhaps mix it up a bit to accommodate Carroll? I admire Rogers’ insistence that we should play a certain way but it’s always good to have a different option. Carroll provides that or will his header from Gerrard’s cross, in the England Sweden game, be the last meaningful move between he two players for some time?

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