Spain “pain” and reds for Clint Dempsey, a team’s gotta know it’s limitations

 So congratulations to “boring”Spain who tediously, without any party hats or funny faces, stuck four past Italy to clinch another major international title, three in a row now, and still counting?

 So what of Euro 2012? A pretty good tournament on the whole but then again most of the Euros are as the top games come thick and fast waiting for Angola or Costa Rica to go home, as we to have in the World Cup before it gets to the sharp end?  One thought that regularly occurred to me during the tournament was the number of ex reds who did well in it count ‘em if you’ve time. Even in the final “we” had Torres, Alonso and Arbeloa with our only regular first teamer, Jose Reina, on the bench. What do we read into that and our ability to attract or retain the best talents?

 No disrespect but in the days when we were signing players like Alonso we probably wouldn’t have given Fulham’s Clint Dempsey a second glance however, this is where we are now. Stories suggest £10m will convince Fulham to part with a twenty nine year old who has one year left on his contract. I know there is a statue of Michael Jackson outside Craven Cottage however, surely this taking the phrase “Don’t Stop ‘till You Get Enough” to ludicrous extremes? Although Dempsey had a good season for Fulham with 23 goals his CV is hardly chocker bloc with such tallies although in fairness perhaps this is because he has played in a less advanced role until this campaign? Whatever the case I’d rather spend £10m on a younger player who is on the up rather than someone, with respect to Dempsey, who is approaching the end of his career?

 The report I read also suggested that that Dempsey is admired by Fenway but tells us nothing about Brendon Rogers’ take on this. Perhaps this is just the way it is phrased however one sincerely hopes that is not just Fenway eyeing up the player, aka Abramovich is reported to have done with Andriy Shevchenko, with a view to making their mark at home? 

 Back to Euro 2012 and many suspected that Italy might just sneak against del Bosque’s team however Spain saved their best performance for when it mattered most. Sometimes the same person or team winning everything can become boring however it’s not the case with Spain. It is no surprise that their success is reflected in the criticism of England, they can’t keep the ball, the passing isn’t good enough and on it goes. Perhaps this is a little unfair, to judge by Spain’s standards, given the make shift nature of theEnglandteam, the equivalent of saying that my mum, when running for the bus in the morning, isn’t Usain Bolt? Equally if Spain had achieved their success by lumping the ball up the field to Torres England would be criticised for not getting to ball forward quickly enough?  

 Elsewhere in the studio Alan Shearer suggested that this Spanish team were better than the Brazil team of 1970. Hansen must have known that this was year Shearer was born and pulled “rank” and age suggesting that this was not the case as “those of us who around at the time” would testify. Shearer then went to say the Spain had a “lot of sex” before correcting himself to “success”, perhaps that’s their secret? Whatever the case Hansen was rightly impressed suggesting that Spain’s efforts were the sort that every football team should aspire to. I can’t wait for Neil Warnock to field a Leeds team without a forward! Seriously I bet someone will try it in the English league before Autumn hits us. Perhaps we will if we don’t get Dempsey and Suarez is injured?

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2 Responses to Spain “pain” and reds for Clint Dempsey, a team’s gotta know it’s limitations

  1. redbird says:

    I think dempsey is more of a marketing ploy for warrior/fenway groups more than anything else for the north american scene..

  2. redbird says:

    why arent we promoting suso and sterling?? we should be fighting for young players and promoting our players from the academy to the first team..

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