Gyfi and Bellamy plus Moses’ reds “interest” signals a parting of the ways for Wigan?

 So only one more major football game to go before the country surrenders it’s sport coverage to middle England for two weeks of batting a ball across a stretched out string bag. As I’ve said before here’s looking to Andy Murray winning the tournaments and any Scots in the crowd invading the centre court as they did at Wembley back in 1977.

 Back at Liverpool transfer rumours continue to smolder without really bursting into flame. We still continue to scrap it out with Spurs for Gylfi Sigurdsson’s attentions. If stores are to be believed Gylfi is man who is torn between his loyalty to Brendon and the extra money Spurs will give him, it’s tough life being a professional footballer!

 Meanwhile Cardiff say they would love Craig Bellamy to touch the green, green grass of home. One of their big wigs said

 “We’d love to have Craig back. But he is a Liverpool player and untilLiverpooland Craig decide what they are going to do, there are conversations that we can’t even have at the moment. We don’t know how it is going to pan out and it is for Craig andLiverpoolto decide what they are going to do first.”

 Interesting tactics from the Welsh by planting an alternative seed, with emotional connotations, in Bellamy’s mind before he starts speaking to us? Which route will Bellamy take us or the “as soon as Cardiff came in I couldn’t say no” route? Knowing our man he’ll probably end up signing for Glasgow Rangers or whatever they call themselves these days.

 The link to Wigan’s Victor Moses seems to be a rumour of the most tenuous kind. Moses has a year left on his contract and we aren’t the only club interested. Wigan have suggested £8m would secure his services however, one wonders how well disposed Dave Whelan is to Liverpool after Ian Ayre’s unnecessary, unhelpful and rather juvenile comments about him being a “comedian” earlier this summer?

 Moses can play in a variety of positions however, he is mostly associated with a wide birth. The quest for a decent wide player, on either side of the pitch, has been a continual one at Anfield over recent years. Players have come and gone without fitting the bill Mark Gonzalez and Ryan Babel are two who spring to mind and currently Stuart Downing has shown little signs of solving the problem. In fact I’d say the best player we’ve had in that position over recent years is one you wouldn’t normally associate with it, Dirk Kuyt!

 Meanwhile at Euro 2012 Spain progressed to final thanks to Fabregas squeaking his penalty home and Ronaldo’s finishing regressing back to the sort of efforts you see on Hackney Marshes every Sunday morning. Italy upset the form with a convincing 2-1 win over the Germans. Mario Balotelli showed Christiano how it was done by posing and preening after his goals which was in marked contrast to the humble, shuffling, expressionless shy little boy routine we normally see. However one can’t knock his timing, for both his goals and for turning up when it really mattered.

 Thankfully both games were covered by the BBC so we had Guy Mowbray’s commentary which isn’t perfect but a more serene alternative to anything the other channel can offer. Mark Lawrenson is becoming more cynical with every season is it significant that I could not remember a word he said or what game he was co commentating on, was it both? Thankfully in the studio we had the excellent Jurgen Klinsmann and Gianluca Vialli. Never have defeat and victory been received so coolly?

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7 Responses to Gyfi and Bellamy plus Moses’ reds “interest” signals a parting of the ways for Wigan?

  1. Chris Brodie says:

    it was 2-1 to Italy

  2. Stephen says:

    The score was 1.2

  3. Jeepers says:

    LFC certainly need a winger. Downing is just a habitual under achiever.

  4. Nemma says:

    Is high time we stop admiring good players. Let us make a move and get some signings done no more time to wast LFC

  5. redbird says:

    Is brendan ever going to buy anyone?? Meanwhile might as well cash in on carrol if AC Milan dont mind parting with some cash for him..

  6. Looks like Borini is his first signing mate… 😉 Maybe Clint Dempsey to come as well?

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