Sigurdsson gives Reds the slip and “Bellers” to go home to Wales?

 There used to be a time when our actions in the transfer market were the source in immense frustration.

 Time and time again we would be associated with a target only for well, time to move on and the player join another club. In short decisiveness, and the ability to close down a deal, never seemed to be strongest point. We seemingly dillyed and dallied fussed over irrelevant details and in the end the players were “stolen” from under our noses probably because our delays enabled others to pitch in with an improved deal and also I suspect because player and agent got p*ssed off with waiting!.

 All that seems to have changed recently and, by and large, we seem to be able secure our targets without to much competition or delay? Of course the former might be because no one is interested in them, one or two examples spring to mind, but you know what a mean. Despite all this there is always someone who might “escape” through the net however, if you’d told that there was a prospect of Gylfi Sigurdsson being an example of this I would have been immensely surprised.

 The reasons why we had good reason to be confident of securing Sigurdsson services are well documented namely the Swansea connection with Brendan Rogers. However it seems Spurs have shown more “leg” to Gylfi and made more footballing and financial promises, there is increased fee of £10m plus presumably whatever they are giving the player, so it looks like Brendon won’t get his man. I suspect this won’t be the end of the world although perhaps Rogerswill feel this more keenly because of their history and the fact that Sigurdsson has passed him over to join a club with no manager!

 One also wonders just what this says about our ability to attract players. Competition for players in the Premiership is increased with Manchester City usurping or at least drawing level with, depending on your opinion, some or all of the so called big four.Newcastle have also taken closer order and we may now have first hand experience of Spurs doing the same thing? Future deals this summer involving Liverpool could be interesting or more, to point, disappointing?

 Meanwhile another player rumoured to be on the move is Craig Bellamy who is reported to have Cardiff interested in him. This is hardly a surprise. I seem to remember one of their senior men suggesting that it was only a matter of time before he returned to his home town club, he was there on loan during the 2010-11 season.

 At 32 years perhaps this is Bellamy’s last “adventure”. He must surely be attracted by the proposed level in investment into the club suggesting that they mean business and have the funds to support, after a series of near misses already, another shy at the Premiership?

 Finally when someone young dies it is always terrible news be they aLiverpoolplayer or in any other walk of life. The death of Miki Roque at the age of 23 from cancer when he had his football, and the rest of his life ahead of him, is desperately sad news. My sympathy goes out to his family.

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2 Responses to Sigurdsson gives Reds the slip and “Bellers” to go home to Wales?

  1. Obieje says:

    What is our liverpool delaying for? Man u has signed two players and che one player and we are still here pricing.

  2. Jeepers says:

    Come on Siggy, come home to the Reds!

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