Gylfi talks begin, psycho Keane and Carroll to miss out?

Go to the Liverpool BBC website and you are greeted with the following headline.

 “Southampton to face Manchester City first”

 This is nice to know if you are a Saint or a City fan but who are we playing? Turns out itsWest Bromaway which is presumably announced on the Spurs section of the website! After that it’s Manchester City and in September Arsenal and The Mancs, Rogers to be out by the start of autumn!

 Meanwhile the trial for Gylfi Sigurdsson becomes hotter as we open talks with Hoffenheim. Although it’s been agreed with Swansea that Rogers should lay off their players for a while Sigurdsson, presumably because he was on loan, does not fall into this category? Like Rogers’ appointment I guess Sigurdsson’s signing is something of a gamble? He scored 7 in 18 for Swansea last season but has also had loans at Crewe and Shrewsbury! However, as an attacking midfielder he falls into a category where we are in need. Of the current crop it’s only Gerrard and Maxi that have got on the score sheet with any regularity. Gerrard will need to replaced at some stage so at 22 Sigurdossn might fall into the category and I wouldn’t bet against Maxi not being with us by the time we travel to the Hawthorns in two months time?

 Meantime in Euro 2012 if I were an avid England fan (which I’m not) I’d probably think that the reaction to their win against Sweden was annoying. “Can’t keep the ball”, “can’t defend”, “sit back too much” were just some of the criticisms levelled at the team. Listening to Chris Waddle, who isn’t helped by his snide tone that always suggests barely disguised disgust, on Five Live the other day you’d think Sweden had battered them. No doubt at some stage in the tournament when England go out the Critics will say ”I told you so” and expect us fall at their feet in wonderment at their perceptive foresight? The road to ultimate football perfection has many victims on its kerbs. Not doubt both Holland  and Portugal will be regarded by Waddle and his ilk as technically superior to England however out of the two games (England v Sweden and Holland v Portugal) which was the most enjoyable? At the end of the day isn’t that what it is all about?

 Attention will no doubt be focused on the availability of Wayne Rooney tonight however one wonders if he will start? Surely Andy Carroll and Welbeck did enough against Sweden to keep him on the bench? Then there is the question of Rooney’s fitness, I assume the last time he played a competitive game was for the Mancs four or five weeks ago? With Welbeck being Rooney’s Mancs teammate presumably the odds are on our man to miss out?

 Elsewhere and how ironic that Greece managed to get through to the next bit and, low and behold, they are playing Germany. I suspect it won’t be the only time this year that the Germanys give them nothing! Croatia lost out in the final round of Group C games last night a warning to England as going into this game they too had four points. If England go through, they will face Spain or Italy cue more tiresome technical debates and then, should England go out, long intense theories over why English football is so behind every body else – you should know the story by now it happens every time they are in a major tournament and ends when the Premiership starts. The circle of footballing life?

 Although Ireland are out there was still plenty of hoopla surrounding their match with the Italians. Roy Keane seems to think that many of their players are past it and that the Irish fans shouldn’t enjoy themselves if they lose.

 ”You’ll never beat the Irish? It’s time for that song to be put away because, at the moment, everyone is beating them. I’m sick of this ‘win, lose, we’re on the booze’ mentality. It has to change.”

 If the Irish ever qualify for another major tournament, which Keane thinks they won’t because they are so bad, then presumably, if they lose, the fans should silently parade through the streets flagellating themselves with birch twigs! I thinkRoyconfuses supporting the Irish Football  team and celebrating being Irish? He also tries too hard to be hard and outspoken with his comments and attitude, it kids or impresses no one least of all it seems the Irish fans? On TV he is a real drag. Adrian Childs tries to lighten proceedings without being too banal yet Keane sits stiffly in his chair emotionless like that Abraham Lincoln Memorial Statue in Washington or Norman Bates’ mother! Come on Roy, you are watching the footy for free and getting paid for it which is one luxury, in these austere times the majority of Irish fans who have travelled to Poland, do not have.

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