Swede Carroll Nine and not changing stadiums – Anfield redevelopment favoured?


 Slowly but surely it seems that the powers that be at Liverpool are drip feeding news and comments that will get us used to the fact that their will be no new stadium for Liverpool?

 It seems that Stanley Park, the proposed site of a new build, will remain greener and, not that it was ever likely in the first place, Everton will have to go it alone if they want a new home.

 No one has actually come out and said “we’re not moving” however surely John W Henry’s comments to a Liverpool website yesterday about new stadiums not being all they are cracked up to be is surely the biggest hint to far that the owners are favouring redeveloping Anfield?

 Henry sites that, despite increased revenue from higher crowds, corporate boxes and naming rights, new stadiums are not always financially viable

 “A long-term myth has existed about the financial impact of a new stadium forLiverpool. A belief has grown that Liverpool FC must have a new stadium to compete with United (The Mancs), Arsenal and others. No one has ever addressed whether or not a new stadium is rational. New stadiums that are publicly-financed make sense for clubs – ….. But privately carrying new stadiums is an enormous challenge. Arsenal is centred in a very wealthy city with a metropolitan population of approximately 14m people. They did a tremendous job of carrying it off on a number of levels but how many new football stadiums with more than 30,000 seats have been built in theU K over the past decade or so?”

 It is true that despite having more seats than Highbury prices at the Emirates have risen however, the willingness to pay those prices is there. Will it be atLiverpool, the season ticket waiting list is certainly long enough?. I’m no expert but one assumes that Fenway have done their homework, they’ve conducted a feasibility study and of course have direct experience through revamping the Boston Red Sox’s ground?

 I don’t necessarily think that anyone is going to be too disappointed if we don’t move. Clearly it is a plus from a historical point of view that we are staying at Anfield so why don’t Fenway just come out with it and saying we aren’t moving and we’re going redevelop where we are? Perhaps they are waiting for plans to be agreed before doing so rather than jumping the gun and making rash promises aka Hicks and Gillett?

 Anyone who as been to Anfield will know it is shoehorned in a residential area. Expansion of the ground (one assumes they are going to make it bigger) will presumably have implications for those whose houses are “in the way”?

“Going in the other direction, many football clubs have successfully enlarged their seating capacity. LFC has had plans to expand the main stand at Anfield but this avenue has been very difficult for the club over the past couple of decades. There are homes behind the main stand…”

One wonders if Fenway are, to a certain extent, caught between a rock and a hard place? Perhaps it is easier and cheaper and more of a “quick win” to keep where we are and expand? No doubt, and understandable, there will be bad publicity stoked up by residents who are directly affected by any plans to expand however, I guess, given the alternatives, that is cross that perhaps Fenway are willing to bear?  

 To Euro 2012 and for onceEnglandwin a game that was, despite some appalling defending, pretty entertaining stuff.Roy’s decision to field Andy Carroll against the Swedes was justified by his goal, which was from a Gerrard pass. Last season much was made of the fact that Carroll, Gerrard and Suarez hadn’t started many games together. Carroll’s form certainly improved towards the end of our season once Gerrard had recovered from injury?

 Elsewhere however it was more of the same as England, once they had taken the lead, kept losing the ball and then sat back invited Sweden on to them to see what they would do. Sure enough Henry VIII, who most players would probably deal with in their sleep, managed to get two.

 Thankfully England weren’t paralyzed by the enormity of their gaffs and the impetuousness of youth won through with Walcott and Welbeck finally seeing them home. One has to praise Roy for bringing on Walcott, the Swedish defence didn’t seem to be able to cope with his pace and in the end the score line could have been much more had Terry and Gerrard converted chances.

 So where do victorious, happy and glorious Enger.. land go now? Who knows but as usual one suspects the bubble of euphoria will soon be pricked by the first half decent side they meet in the knockout stages, assuming they get there! Nonetheless, unlike in South Africa, at least this latest team, despite the usual errors, have given us some fairly decent entertainment? Who said Roy’s teams were boring oh,,, er we did! Anyway long may it continue… well at least for another game or so!

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