Rogers’ appointed and the owners reassess?

Back in his pomp Bill Shankly uttered those immortal words about football being more important than life and death.

No one seems to know if he was being half humorous or really meant it. If it was the latter it was one of the few things Shankly got wrong during his time with us as tragic events in later years proved. So when Brendan Rogers upon his introduction as Liverpool manager the other day used these words you could help harking back to the great man.

 “I’m really excited and I can’t wait to get started on this incredible project going forward. I promise to dedicate my life to fight for this club and defend the great principles of Liverpool Football Club on and off the field.”

Comparisons have been made with Shankly’s words however rather dwell on the past this is the time to be looking to the future. If nothing elseRogers’ words suggest someone who is determined to take his chance. One of the positives about appointing someone such asRogersis that he is hungry, eager to take his chance and prove himself perhaps more so than an experienced manager who has been round the block and doesn’t have that edge?

 Clearly the honeymoon is on and all is bright and breezy in Rogers’ and the owners camps said The Liverpool chairman, Tom Werner    

 “In Brendan we have acquired a very exciting and talented and young manager. He’s a forward-thinking coach at the forefront of a generation of young managers and will bring toLiverpool attacking, relentless football.”

 So we can expect lots of six five score lines as we relentlessly charge up field leaving Jose on his own between the sticks. Of course I’m being churlish but if Rogers brings Swansea’s style of play to Anfield and gets the buy in from the players then it should be interesting. I don’t think passing or attacking was a problem under Kenny, we knocked it around nicely for most of the time it was just sticking the ball in back of the net, hence the oft quoted statistic about us hitting the woodwork more times than the last team to hit the woodwork a lot! Of all the problems facingRogers’ as he takes his position behind the desk it is finishing that he needs to address immediately?

One thing that seems clear, although they haven’t admitted it, is that the recruitment process has been a learning process for the owners. Perhaps having seen how last season panned out, in terms of our performances and from those around us, and talked to their potential recruits they have realised that their expectations were too much?  How would you explain statements such as this?

 “We do not expect miracles overnight, nor should anyone else.”

 As far as I am aware no one did.

 Moreover plans to appoint a Director of Football, to work in tandem with the new manager, seem to have been ditched presumably because Rogers and Roberto Martinez, when he was approached, made it clear they wouldn’t work under such conditions. Perhaps, having realised that this was a potential barrier, they changed the terms when they went back to Rogers? Instead we seem to have some kind of committee that will make decisions on the running of the side. Said Ian Ayre.

 “We don’t expect at this moment in time to have a director of football per se but a group of people working with Brendan to deliver the football side of it.”

 An incisive, modern, forward thinking idea? Maybe, but I suspect the old “boot room” of yesteryear might disagree!

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1 Response to Rogers’ appointed and the owners reassess?

  1. Samuel Adenigbo says:

    Please give Brendan Rodgers a formidable condition to work, i believe he ‘ll surely perform,and bring back the lost glory.

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