“Oh what circus,oh what a show” Fenway slowly begin to show their true colours?

It seems that Liverpool FC are branching out into the media world much more than we have been lead to believe?

As many of you will know we’ve negotiated a deal with some American Broadcasters (Fox?) for a “fly on the wall” documentary which will no doubt paint those who putting up the money for this shabby, classless project in a good light. Perhaps they’ll take a line for their countries’ own film industry and apply a “Hollywood gloss” to this which often involves “massaging” true facts to achieve more a dramatic story. Perhaps the film will see us recover from seven goals down to win in Istanbul or beat Chelsea in the FA Cup final thanks to a swarm of killer bees invading the pitch. May we’ll see Kenny after his sacking staring out wistfully over the Mersey saying “I could have been a contender….” May be Brad Pitt will be roped into play Jay Spearing! Perhaps Anfield, for a match against the Mancs, will be “CGIed” into something resembling the Millennium Falcon with Gerrard as Luke Skywalker, Fergie as Darth Vada and the Mancs team as storm troopers? Perhaps, even more ridiculously, we’ll see Stuart Downing produce a league goal!

As QPR’s recent “Four Year Plan” documentary proved this sort of malarkey is not necessarily a good thing. Make it good and flattering and everyone says it’s been “edited” in a favourable light trying to portray us as, whiter than white. Show it “warts and all” then there will be figures of ridicule which everyone will concentrate on, in short you can’t win. It makes my heart sink that we should risk the club’s reputation in this way just for another quick buck. Actions speak louder than words or films surely everyone be better employed by demonstrating that Liverpool Football Club is good club but actually enacting good deals rather than getting distracted in this way and artificially suggesting it is so?

Worse still we appear to be applying this logic to our selection of a new manager. Are trying to re-enact BBC’s “The Voice”? In the Chairs of the men of Fenway and “the acts” are the so called contenders for our vacancy. Who are they well if the newspapers are to be believed it would be easier to list those who aren’t n contention which, as I write, appear to be Steve Keen and Bobby Gould – there’s still time!

The contenders are who they are with Roberto Martinez seemingly attracting the most coverage however, I’m disturbed by those managers who have declared themselves out of the running. This is their choice however, what does it say about Fenway’s handling of the situation that we should have so many “refuseniks”. Swansea’s Brendan Rogers’ “thanks but no thanks” struck home the most. I agree with his reason. Why should Rogers be invited to talk to Fenway on the possibility that he might, if they are impressed, be shortlisted for the post. What if he is turned down and then has to face everyone in Swansea who would be in the knowledge that he might be open to a move? Clearly Fenway would want access the manager however, the way they have gone about this by publically pitting contenders against each other via shortlist is hardly discrete and hardly the ”Liverpool Way”. Moreover it is disrespectful to other candidates and their clubs. This is not a game or a circus keep it dark for everyone’s sake rather cheaply enacting out every move in public?

With every turn of the page their seems to be another candidate touted as a possibility the latest being Harry Redknapp! I’m all for keeping options open however some of the names that have been touted beggar belief. To even suggest that Pep Guardiola is a contender is surely pure fantasy? Firstly because he has stated that he needs a break and secondly would he, let’s be brutally honest, go to a club such us when he can probably have his pick all the clubs in Europe and one that would at least be in the Champions League? It’s the equivalent of a local pub band, upon sacking their guitarist due to “musical differences”, approaching Eric Clapton!

All this is slowly beginning to raise doubts about the way Fenway, and those in the club they are responsible for, do things. The writing was on the wall last season and was probably ignored because of Kenny and some of the success we had in the cups, and the honeymoon period that sometimes occurs with a new regime. However, now both have gone and things have been bought into sharper focus with the spotlight well and truly trained on their next move? It needs to be soon at present we have no manager, no Director of Communications and no decision over the stadium.

No doubt things will be resolved with at the first one however, it does not end there. The manager is one thing however, the PR gaffs crop up with alarming regularity from the tactless handling of the Luis Suarez affair to the preposterous poll on Twitter re who should be the next managers there is inadvertently attracting trouble and then stupidly putting yourself in a position where you are all but guaranteed to attract it?

Is it any coincidence that in the light of mounting disquiet we see an announcement on the new stadium? Ian Ayre, who must be coated in Teflon as he has survived every behind the scenes upheaval since he was appointed, states that we are moving closer to a decision over whether to pack our bags or tart up the old lady of L4.

“There is progress and we are still in dialogue on both fronts. I think it’s fair to say, if we continue making progress in that area, it might move faster than we originally anticipated.”

Hmm that’s generally what happens if you make progress, things do tend to move faster. Next Mr Ayre proves the relation between bears, defecation and the woods they live in!

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8 Responses to “Oh what circus,oh what a show” Fenway slowly begin to show their true colours?

  1. Neil says:

    Wow…… Draaaaaamaaaaaaa. I think you should be filming the documentary! Kenny’s been gone for a week give them a chance Jesus Christ.

    • dionysus says:

      I couldn’t agree more. And the Liverpool way! Give me a break. The Liverpool way has brought us what? 20 odd years of crap. Yes crap not one tile. While the Mancs, a modern club with the biggest turn over win season after season. FSG have said nothing. The only confirmation is that they have spoken to Martinez and Rogers. That it. The rest is pure speculation. Just like Pool is linked to every player in the world the same applies to the managers position. But it certainly is not a FACT. Don’t take speculation as fact and attack FSG. I would say that isn’t the Liverpool way…

      A poll on Twitter? God what the big deal. This is 2012 mate, twitter a great cheap way of engaging fans. Tomorrow you will be accusing the owners of not asking the fans opinion on matters. Ian A should just come out and say whatever the fans want..we going to build a 1 billion dollar all singing dancing Disney Land Stadium. Is that what you want? The truth is the Club is between a rock and a hard place. And as yet, they haven’t made a decision. Burn him at the alter for honesty.

  2. nick says:

    Whoever wrote this is a clown.

  3. Raj says:

    Absolute rubbish… Whats wrong with all these people? There are 5 clubs out there in premier league without a Manager…. But the only club painted in all negativity is LFC. Supposedly the Owners had brought in a manager immediately after sacking Dalglish, they would have been accused of working behind the manager.
    They did the perfect thing by sitting and talking with Dalglish and removed him from the job… They are trying to put in a proper structure and run the place in more modern and functional manner. And here we have people talking about Liverpool way… You guys need to support the club as a whole. If you keep alienating the owners from the club (the people who saved us from administration) by writing rubbish like this… then they are not going to be here on long term. If they are not going to be here for long term… then they wouldn’t be building the new stadium. Think for yourselves people…. don’t simply watch sky sports and listen to talk sports and come to wrong conclusions. Because that’s what the media wants to do… destroy our club.

  4. bigfoot says:

    Talk about “massaging” true facts to achieve more a dramatic story”. Garbage written by an idiot

  5. scouseroo says:

    if we truly are looking to the ajax and barcelona way of running a club FSG will be paraded forever more as the men who saved our club ! all this constant speculation is purely down to peoples access to and desire for information off the internet its a constant stream of crap written buy sensationalists thats got all the fans in a panic !
    lets just wait and see have faith and im sure we will see that we are not walking alone with our new owners!

    • redfloyd says:

      “Fenway begin to show their true colours?” Note the question mark!

      Call a me a clown, idiot or whatever but sorry, I love my club and the owners, whoever they are, should always be held to account. I accept Fenway got us out of the s**t and yes, there is a difference between media speculation and what they are doing. However, I disagreed with the sacking of Kenny and the way they are going about choosing his successor, particularly the conditions and provisos they seem to be laying down, worries me, it is NOT the Liverpool way. One of you charitably talks about gving Fenway more time but how much time was Kenny given?

      As for Ayre’s comments about the stadium I don’t see how anyone can defend such nonsense. He should come and say something when he’s actually got something to say rather than patronisingly fobbing us off with meaningless nonsense. Enjoy the documentary when it comes out but think about who is making it, who it is being made for and for what purpose!

      I hope I’m proved wrong and if so I’ll happily paint my face and join Bily Smart’s Circus!

  6. Adam M says:

    Why does anyone stick up for Kenny, i have no idea.

    The team sheets he put out for some matches (see FA cup) looked like a losing side before a ball was kicked, we all knew the loses were coming before they came, admit it. In the FA cup final could barely get the ball out of the defensive half for the first 60 minutes of the game, it was like watching someone shoot fish in a bucket.

    January came and we were terrible and he kicked back and said “she’ll be right”, and did nothing.

    And his worst crime was watching this team was terrible, you could argue the football they played was the ugliest in the league.

    At least when Benitez was around we played ugly but we won a decent amount.

    Ugly + Failure = On your bike son.

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