Swansea leave Reds ”all shook up” but Kenny is still king?

Swansea City 1

Graham (86)

 Liverpool 0

 Schadenfraude is a negative emotion the last resort of those who have nothing to celebrate with their own teams so resort to glorying in others misfortune. So that said let’s just say congratulations to Manchester City on their title win and manner in which it was achieved which was extra special for all sorts of reasons!

Mancs fans will doubtless say that in order to be denied in the way they were yesterday you have to have been good enough to get into the position to experience it. One can’t argue with that and that’s were our balloon is well a truly pricked. Yesterday’s defeat sees us finish eighth, our worst for nineteen years. The fact we are also below Everton will have significance for some however, it is the position and not it’s relation to selected teams that is important.

 Even before this game the Sunday papers were full of stories about Kenny’s future even printing the name of his rumoured successor. Premature, all I’ll say is that this sits strangely and puzzlingly alongside other reports before the cup final which suggested his position was safe.

For this game Kenny only made one significant change Doni for the injured Reina. The first half was a mixed and ultimately unmemorable.Swanseahad plenty of possession and we took time to settle with Sigurdsson twice making us pay. The latter of his two efforts, from a free kick, producing a good save from Doni who was at it again soon after blocking Dyer’s effort with his legs. Perhaps there was an “end of term” atmosphere many Swansea fans were dressed as Elvis but it was Andy Carroll who perhaps benefited from this as the referee choose to ignore dishing out red for his role in scuffle with had both players “all shook up”

 The second half was better. Carroll nearly produced a champagne goal with an overhead kick that Vorm, in the Swansea goal, did well to deal with. He had an easier task in saving a shot from that same player, who have should have made more of Kuyt’s cross. Meagre pickings for us in front of goal and one always got the feeling we would pay. So it occurred in the last five minutes as Graham speared home Rangel’s cross from around twelve yards out.  Said Kenny

 “I think on the second-half performance, the least they deserved was a point,”

 Maybe so but rather than dwelling on this game Kenny’s thoughts inevitably turned to the season as the whole and the future

 “We won’t say the points tally is satisfactory to anyone who works for or supports Liverpool Football Club. We will face up to reality. The performances have been excellent in a lot of cases but not the points tally, so we will try our best to correct that.”

 A situation that has lead many to speculate over Kenny’s future and possible move “upstairs”. It prompted this quote when he was asked about what might happen.

 “I expect the club’s owners to have more integrity and dignity than that.”

 I sincerely hope they have.  

 Swansea City: Vorm, Williams, Taylor, Caulker, Rangel, Britton, Sinclair, Dyer, (Routledge – 79′ ), Allen, Sigurdsson (Gower – 88′ ), Graham Substitutes: Tremmel, Tate, Monk, Routledge, Gower, Gwion Edwards, Moore

Liverpool: Doni, Johnson, Agger, Carragher, Kelly, Maxi (Kuyt – 73′ ), Henderson, Downing (Bellamy – 60′ ), Shelvey, Suarez, Carroll, Substitutes: Jones, Jose Enrique, Coates, Spearing, Sterling, Kuyt, Bellamyol:

 Att: 20,605

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1 Response to Swansea leave Reds ”all shook up” but Kenny is still king?

  1. redbird says:

    A sad season..but kenny needs at least 6 months with liverpool to prove his worth..hopefully it wont be another chop and change by the owners….good we won the league cup but overall i wont say much…id rather forget this season sooner rather than later….

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