Swansea review and don’t hold your breath!

No review or report of Tuesday’s 4-1 win against Chelsea due to unfeasibly massive work commitments, illness and then our phone lines (and therefore the internet) being down. Yes it’s been a good week, oh and we’ve got Squirrels in the loft!

 Normally every red would be pleased with the Chelsea result however I guess many will review it in the light of the Cup final result,Chelsea’s weakened side and the fact that those first teamers who did manage to play probably had their minds on Munich?

 It’s ironic that we should end our last home game of the season with a result that is in complete contrast to the majority of our form at Anfield. Yes we had a bit of luck, Chelsea hit the woodwork twice and their defence seemed to be anywhere other than where they should be, and we took our chances which his something we have consistency failed to do this season. However, I’m sure we’ve played better than we did on Tuesday and come away with nothing like that score or for that matter the amount of points!

 There were some good signs with the new signings, almost as if they decided they’d better start delivering given that we’ve only two games to go!Henderson got a goal and Jonjo Shelvey broke his Liverpool duck. Andy Carroll’s improvement continued, he seems to be slowly approaching his Newcastle form and won’t want the season to end?. All that remained was for Stuart Downing to do something he did, a missed penalty! How many of these players will be in the side for the first game of next season and, more to the point, how many should be?

 Kenny said the season will be reviewed in the summer however, after the game he was speaking in terms of success – some silverware, another final and back in Europe. A good return but inevitably, amongst the less patient, expectations, despite Kenny’s quote about “work in progress”, were probably higher and when you’ve got our history it’s hard for them not to be?

 However this is premature the season is not over and we have an interesting, if ultimately irrelevant, final game against Swansea to deal with. Many have tried to breathe some life into this game by saying that we are playing to finish above Everton in the table to secure seventh place wow, be still my beating heart! I guess we’ve a chance as they are playing Newcastle however to be honest I’m not bothered. Our record against Everton’s over the years speaks for itself and to finish above them in the context of this season is the equivalent of setting off on a bike ride to the Himalayas only to find your journey terminated by a puncture at Northampton! We did the double over Everton this season and won a trophy something they haven’t done since 1995 so if they want the seventh place “bragging rights” they are welcome to them, have it on us!

 Back to Swansea and like Wigan and Norwich Brendan Rogers’ team are the sort of outfit that has been patronised to death this season. Pat them on the head and  say “well done” for punching above your weight, it’s almost as if they are gate crashers humorously indulged by the regulars because it amuses them. This of course is nonsense,Swansea are in the Premiership on merit.

 Team wise the stories seem to suggest that country will go before club which means no Gerrard and that Maxi will step in to play his last game for us before going elsewhere. A pity, I think we’ve underused him this season and when he has played he’s delivered, I don’t blame him for wanting to go as a result. One wonders if Kenny will give the youngsters a chance to gain some experience in a game that will be a bit part to the main acts at The City of Manchester Stadium and The Stadium of Light.

 Prediction? End of season games, particularly when there is nothing a stake, are notoriously unpredictable so I guess the result depends on which version of each team turns up and, when they do, if they can be bothered? Being the naive sucker that I am I take us to go for it and end on a high with 2-1 victory.

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