FA’s final faux pas, West Brom review and being mugged!

A quiet week for Liverpool fans to reflect on last Saturday’s game and the rest of the season.

Wembley is probably the first thing that springs to mind however, in terms of carrying forward into the next campaign, a strong finish in the league is in many ways just as important?

I guess Saturday was something of a red letter for Andy Carroll with his winner against Everton and also, earlier in the week, Blackburn. Perhaps now some of the pressure will ease on him? For far too long Carroll and Luis Suarez, for different reasons, have been at the eye of the Liverpool storm. Hopefully now we are in our second final people will leave them alone and start to talk about the team as a whole and the football it can play, I’m not holding my breath!

I guess it might help us if Chelsea, our opponents on 5th May, progress in the Champions League and still remain in the fight for a top four place? If they have interests on three fronts then perhaps something will give? Allowing for the prioritisation process perhaps it will be the cup? Even allowing for this we should hold no fears about playing them with two league consecutive league wins at their place as well as a Carling Cup triumph.

Which brings me, albeit prematurely, to the day itself. No trip to Wembley it seems is without difficulty particularly when the organisation is left to the FA! Fresh from scheduling the semi final at the most inappropriate time there is no let up in the buffoonery. The final is scheduled for around 5pm which means, because of railway engineering works, many will have difficulties getting home. Said Kenny

“Sometimes that is the problem when fans are taken for granted – not just our fans but those at all football clubs, It could have been made a bit easier for them, but they will get there.”

I’ve no doubt they will but how long will it take for them to get home? Still why should the FA care, the competition will be over by then and all they need to do is count the money?

To today and West Brom at Anfield. Just the sort of game, given current league form at home, that should see us come a cropper! May be things will turn around after Saturday, there are cup final places to play for if nothing else, but how many times have I said that?

On the TV the other day Roy Hodgson was talking about his first return to Anfield since he left. He seemed in doubt about the reception he might get and was even contemplating that it might be hostile. Things didn’t work out for Hodgson but he conducted himself well, he is a gentleman and good man and did his best. Despite some dodgy signings, the vast majority have been shipped out now, part of the problem was not entirely down to him so why should he worry?

Team wise we welcome back Jose Reina and Doni after their respective bans which begs the question what will happen to Brad Jones today after he did such a good job filling in? Elsewhere in the defence we appear to be in a state of flux. Jose Enrique, thanks to his great form, appeared an automatic choice however he has had a few bad games and add that to the return from injury of Agger and Johnson and it’s not as easy to guess what the line up will be?

Prediction? Despite last week it’s still a case of everyone wondering which version of Liverpool will turn up. I’ll go for a wining version and optimistically take us to build on the last two wins with another – 2-0.

Finally a word of self indulgent remembrance, which sees the end of twenty five year relationship. To my faithful, stained and chipped Liverpool FC 1987-88 League Champions mug which has helped me through numerous tedious times at work. Sadly it now lies in sorry pile on my desk smashed due to my carelessness at the tea point. Small priority I know given the overall scheme of things but I feel like I’ve lost a limb! The say that if the ravens that live in the grounds of the Tower of London ever leave the tower will crumble and the kingdom will fall ….if Liverpool get relegated next season there will be all sorts of post mortems but I’ll know the real reason why, it’s lying on my desk in half a dozen broken pieces!

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