Bouncing back at Blackburn and Kenny’s referee moans a needless distraction?

Less than three weeks ago I wrote a piece reviewing the game at QPR.

Then optimism, at our chances or making something out of league predicament, was still reasonably high. I suggested that the next six games QPR (that night), Wigan, Newcastle, Villa, Blackburn and Fulham were all winnerable and at least five of them needed to be won if we were be within a sniff of Champions League football. The outcome has been a depressing parade of underachievement.

With four of these games gone and two to go we have “achieved” one point from a possible twelve. It is, to be frank, relegation form and Blackburn must go into tonight’s games feeling they are our equals if not our superiors as a result? The league is now shot to pieces, we sit as if paralysed with sides above us increasing the gap and sides below us ominously closing it.

Quite how we could chose to turn in such a poor run of form at such a vital time is beyond me and it has now got the point where, like under Roy Hodgson, I’m genuinely not really looking forward to seeing our next game for fear of more pain and frustration. It is not the disappointment of losing that gets me, if we were cr*p I’d hold my hands up and resignation and take the medicine however, it’s, as they say, the expectation! I’ve lost count of the number of games were we’ve played well and come away with nothing or less than we deserved, it’s as if we can’t learn or do anything about it. Kenny Dalglish’s statement of the “bleeding obvious” a while back doesn’t help

“Everyone is disappointed with the results and understands it is much more enjoyable when you win games”

You don’t say!

Perhaps he was trying to be dead pan in front of the press however, fans read this stuff to! Moreover we have quotes in the papers today about referees and how Kenny feels decisions have consistently gone against Liverpool this season. This may be so, I can’t be bothered to tot them up, but at this stage, with a season defining game coming up on Saturday, perhaps Kenny, and I mean this nicely, might be better employed in kicking his team up the ar*e or doing whatever needs to be done in order get some kind of performance out of them. Showing them a goal and explaining what happens to the score when the ball enters it might be start!

Kenny has taken flack for his attitude towards the media which is a laugh. Why should he doff his cap to them, tell jokes and act like a performing monkey? What needs to be said to his players is for behind closed doors and his defence of them, in the light of recent results, is admirable he has certainly shown more public loyalty than most. Clearly this hasn’t endeared him to many who are looking for a something more “fruity” by of a reaction when we lose. Sorry I don’t think Kenny is your man for that. Nonetheless stoking up complaints about referees at this time won’t go down to well and will, more than likely, be seen as a smoke screen to hide our own problems?

Hopefully we can shove all this down people’s throats on Saturday morning however before that we play Blackburn at their place. It will be interesting to see if Kenny follows Everton who rested a few players for their match yesterday, let’s hope we can get the same result! Many have suggested that the semi final is a distraction. Daniel Agger doesn’t think so

“I don’t think next weekend’s game is in our heads now. When you play for a club like this it doesn’t matter if there is a trophy or not, there is always a lot to play for. We have to try to win every single game – especially at Anfield – but that has not happened the last few weeks and we have to turn it around.”

Trouble is nothing has happened since we beat Stoke in the sixth round to disprove that theory. Moreover tonight is not the perfect game to get us back on track Blackburn, with other teams around them wining, have been sucked back into the relegation battle so will be eager to for points. Both sides, for different reasons, are under pressure?

Prediction? Blackburn certainly do not lack firepower and have in fact scored more goals than us this season, who hasn’t! However, we need a confidence booster something to take into Saturday. Dare I predict a win given everything we’ve seen recently? OK, this run can’t go on forever surely pride and embarrassment amongst the players dictates that this should end? 3-1 to us.

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