Red’s up short again but a long term reality check needed?

Liverpool 1
Suarez (47)

Wigan Athletic 2
Maloney (pen) (30), Caldwell (63)

I don’t know what’s more depressing, this defeat or some of the so called Liverpool fan’s reaction to it.

Yes of course this result is a bit of a downer. However, I’ve been a fan for nearly forty years and I’ve had worse. That’s part of following your team occasionally they will produce something, like Saturdays’ result, that makes you balk. However, did you really expect following a football team not to mirror life and be rose’s all the way? We even had results like Saturday’s when we were winning silverware every year. This is nuts and bolts stuff but some people are bonkers, they have such unrealistic expectations, they have the wrong “hobby”!

Nonetheless after this result it’s difficult not to moan, but one has to retain a degree of perspective. That certainly doesn’t involve making knee jerk angst ridden public proclamations of disapproval by falling for “prick teasing” programmes such as “606” and “You’re On Sky Sports”. To do so is to walk straight into their trap, ratings want to see you pissed off and venting your spleen, ever feel you’ve been had? What sort of sad nutter would pick up the phone to these sort of forums anyway, someone who has no one to talk to it about….. oh erm bloggers are different !

It’s depressing but surely some sort of perspective is required and it certainly doesn’t involve moaning and groaning and spewing out acid into the nearest available phone “debate” or internet forum. Those fans who slag off the club this via these methods are not real Liverpool fans, they are fly by nights, May flies. They give the club a bad name, go away.

At the risk of being patronising let’s look at the facts, because God knows I feel I need to just to give myself a reminder of what planet I’m on after some of the adulterated cr*p I’ve heard after Saturday.

At the beginning of the season no one ever suggested we would win the league, or even qualify for the Champions League. It’s disappointing but look, European competition secured via a winning the Carling Cup when there was no European competition this season so logic would suggest an improvement? League form better than last season however, a small matter of being unable to convert this into an advantage, room for improvement in my book particularly from the new signings. Silverware, nothing won since 2006 however one trophy under our belt and a semi in the other and therefore, if we win, the chance of another in May, again improvement in my book. Out of the three possible trophies we could win we’ve secured one and are in with a chance or another. Two out of three wouldn’t be bad – given the circumstances WHAT MORE DO YOU WANT? Three out of three? Go away and support a team in your dreams!

It’s hard, it hurts, but next time we lose to QPR or Wigan or anyone else in the bottom three take a step back and think and, moreover, get real. If you are my age and have supported Liverpool you’ve been spoilt, you’ve seen your team win more trophies in a season that followers of other clubs can only dream of in the lifetime of support.

If we are lucky enough to get to the FA Cup final this season I hope those fans who phoned up and tweeted with the sole purpose of pouring acid on the club won’t be hypocrites. When it’s on, I hope they will do the right thing and go shopping or watch the Saturday afternoon film on BBC 2. If we lift the trophy no doubt they’ll say, just as they did with the Carling Cup, “yes that’s very well but we didn’t beat Wigan and we’re not in fourth place”. It’s the Olympics this year and no medals are awarded for forth place however, most athletes will be pleased with silverware and, if it happens, two pieces at that.

Oh facts. Wigan penalty from Maloney after Skrtel nearly decapitated Moses. Good goal from Suarez after Gerrard’s cross. Caldwell got the Wigan winner, from another set piece after more poor defending. Kenny then said the players were tired which I’m afraid is an insult to those of us who have to get up and put in a seven to eight hour shift five days a week? Far better to say that Wigan were better on the day and that we were flat?

Yes I know it was bad but I what is the point in moaning? Come on we’ve got an extra hour of daylight now and the sun always shines on Cup Final (semi final at least) day!

Liverpool: Reina, Jose Enrique, Carragher, Skrtel, Flanagan, Gerrard, Henderson (Carroll 46 ), Downing, Shelvey 73 ), Spearing, Suarez, Kuyt (Raheem Sterling 84 ) Substitutes: Doni, Aurelio, Coates, Raheem Sterling, Shelvey, Carroll, Eccleston

Wigan Athletic: Al Habsi, Alcaraz, Caldwell, Boyce, Figueroa, McCarthy, Maloney, Moses, (Crusat 42 ), McArthur, Beausejour (Watson 62 ), Di Santo (Sammon 81 ) Substitutes: Kirkland, Stam, Thomas, Crusat, Watson, Gomez, Sammon

Att: 44,431

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8 Responses to Red’s up short again but a long term reality check needed?

  1. vinnie says:

    I have always been a staunch supporter of Dalglish and his players despite the inconsistency and league standing. It’s the way he pulls everyone in the club together from janitors to chairman, playing attacking football while defending well, albeit the lack of goals, that have my vote of confidence. It’s his first full season in charge and judging him based on league standing or players’ statistics (goals, assists, points won etc) is not fair.

    However, the lapse in concentration in the last 17 minutes against QPR and the lack of confidence against Wigan is atrocious. I do believe that a lot of those so called ‘fans’ are giving unnecessary pressure on these new players who are still gelling for the first season but that collapse in confidence is unacceptable for any club. If the players are tired and the squad is thin due to injury, then it’s time to play the youngsters. Jonjo and Raheem have no burden to carry on their shoulder and they played their hearts out. These two were willing to step forward and take the responsibilities from their battered teammates.

    Dalglish have to sort the confidence issue out soon or it will just destroy the hard work everyone put in over the season. Perhaps, if he could rally everyone up, I’m sure these players will have their new found strength from their strong character

  2. David says:

    Agree with most of what is in this article however KD must start looking at the players who aren’t performing. He should also give more youngsters a go now there’s nothing to play for in the league. The team must improve next season or there must be a change in personel!

  3. tonylfc says:

    I have also followed my lfc for 35 years and a season ticket holder, think u are way off the mark with your article. Players didnt recieve the huge amounts of money these players get today, even players not even in the squad get huge salaries. At the end of the day it doesnt take a rocket scientist to see that KD signings are atrocious. Carrol is crap, so to is henderson who for some reason gets his game every week when better players are on the bench. Henderson is also a youngster, so why not let shelvey play who is a far better player than henderson, he brings nothing to the team and all KD is doing is putting huge pressure on him, take him out the frame now, put him in reserves and make him work for his place. People have every right to be pissed off with the way we are playing, they show no desire or heart, too many liverpool fans living in the past and the league doesnt lie, which KD thinks doesnt show true account, he also said that it would take a hell of a player to improve the squad, is he joking???? He spent alot of money, never mind “oh but he recouped alot back”, he still spent it and badly. At present we are in freefall and a laughing stock. I idolised KD growing up,and was one of the ones that wanted him back, but I dont think he is up to the job and rather he was moved upstairs, before he loses a lot of his fans. Its not just the players he bought, its also the chopping and changing and his cringing after match interviews. If you were the owner would you give him another 100m to spend coz i know i wouldnt. He got carol for 35m yet the guy doesnt get a look in, coz KD must not like him otherwise he would play him. I think its time for damage limitation and i certainly would play the kids now at least theyd show more heart than the shower that are only interested in their wage packets

    • sean says:

      Tony , spot on with your comments. The problem is the poor buys KD and Commoli has made.These guys are never going to get us Champs League or challenging for the Title.A squad devoid of skill and pace and no creativity.If Hendo is still developing why does he get so much game time.Shelvey is streets ahead of him.Players take their cue from their Manager and the message is clear’, We can dish out poor performances week in and week out and KD will still start us.Aqua vs Adam ,Cole vs Henderson ? If they are equal or better to Aqua and Cole then Im afraid I dont see it.Average players combined with poor tactics is equal to our league position.We have qualified for Europa,we playing at home against a team fighting relegation and we start with 1 up front with our 35 mil buy on the bench.Hendo a centre mid gets played as a right mid and is so bad he gets substituted almost every game – why start him ?
      The reason why our defensive record appears to be so good is because we have our midfield sitting in their laps because we so scared to concede.When we do go on attack the lack of pace means 1 player to aim at in the box.4 defenders marking Suarez in every game because he’s on his own up front ? Problem is everyone can see the shortcomings and everyone remarks on how poor Hendo,Adam,Downing and Carrol are, ex pro’s included yet why doesnt Kenny and Clarke see this. If this is what we will have for next season Im scared for LFC.Do you think the other teams wont strengthen ? Teams below us have more quality players. Where will this leave us ?
      If Suarez goes and Gerard gets injured , we have no quality players.Not since Souness assembled he’s misfits have I ever seen a LFC squad this poor and undeserving – now after R 100 mil outlay ,do you think the owners are going to give KD and Commoli anymore money to waste ?

  4. tonylfc says:

    and another thing u must watch your on sky sports too, to know what is being said, so how are u any different

    • redfloyd says:

      Tony I said “League form better than last season however, a small matter of being unable to convert this into an advantage, room for improvement in my book particularly from the new signings.” Note the last five words.

      You’re criticising a manager and a policy which everyone has been quite open about by saying it is work in progress . Agree with your comment re the kids.

      I’ve watched You’re On Sky Sports (a bit!) but I haven’t been mad enough to ring in! I’ve also watched “Silence of the Lambs” but that doesn’t make me a cannibalistic psychopath!

  5. calvin says:

    well done kenny.keep it up.YNWA!!!

  6. Anonymous says:

    King Kenny forever!

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