Johnson speaks belatedly and into the Stadium of Light

Although opposing fans are clearly intent on reminding Luis Suarez of the incident the general consensus amongst Liverpool and, in fairness The Mancs is that the Evra race row is over, done and dusted, it’s time to move on.

So quite why Glen Johnson saw fit to dig it all up again in a rather long interview with, of all papers dear God, The Daily Mail is something of a mystery

The timing of the article is a bit like Johnsons positional sense when the opposition are attacking, a tad awry. Why have we had to wait for long after the event for Johnson to speak in this way and what purpose does it serve? Perhaps Johnson, as Liverpool’s only black first team regular at present, feels he can take some of the heat off Suarez with this article? This is well meant however I think, in terms of minds made up, the horse has well and truly bolted?

Johnson analyses Evra’s tactics re the handshake at Old Trafford as if it’s some kind of complex slight of hand magic trick. Then, amid seemingly endless references to Twitter, we get the defence of Suarez which, although admirable in many ways, just makes you want to tell him to drop it as we want to move on. As Johnson said right at the end of the piece

“It was good that both clubs came out afterwards and said, “We are over it, it’s in the past. Let’s move on”. That’s how it should be.”

It’s pity that we had to read through an article such as this before that thought came out?

Of more importance is today’s game at the Stadium of Light. The defeat last week to Arsenal leaves us hanging on by our “fingertips” re a Champions League place. If we are to get back into contention then there can be no room for slip ups in games such as this. It’s come at a bad time with Sunderland seemingly going through a revival since Martin O’Neill took over. I often wonder how O’Neill would do as Liverpool manager. As Aston Villa manager he was something of a minor hate figure with us a few summers ago when we tried to sign Gareth Barry however….

While Sunderland appear to be on the up we must bounce back from last Saturday. Although we didn’t take any points against Arsenal we can at least take some heart from the fact that we dominated for long periods and were unlucky not to score at least three. Sadly, as mentioned many times before, this has been a common theme this season so much that we have the worst conversion rate in the division. When you read that and see that we seventh in the table you realise just how important the defence has been for us this season?

Team wise we welcome Glen Johnson back as well as Steven Gerrard. Agger’s broken rib rules him out. Despite keeping him on the bench against Arsenal one wonders if Kenny will be tempted to play Andy Carroll surely the Newcastle man will be motivated for this one as will Jordan Henderson who of course faces his old club?

Prediction? Sunderland will continue to be revitalised and will make it tough for us however, we can take some solace that Cattermole and Sessegnon are banned. No doubt some Sunderland fans who seem intent on flogging a dead horse will pitch up with beach balls however I’d prefer to remember the rather excellent 2-0 win we achieved at Stadium of Light last season (click here for match report) . I think it will be closer this time but as ever I take us to come out on top – 2-1.

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2 Responses to Johnson speaks belatedly and into the Stadium of Light

  1. zealot says:

    that is a good point from johnson.

  2. zealot says:

    we need to move on and look forward to top four.

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