Luis a Paris and making sure Brighton’s trip is even more arduous

It had to happen didn’t it? It was only a matter of time before Luis Suarez was linked with a move away from Liverpool. Here he is the pariah of football yet there is always someone willing to dance with the devil! Step forward Paris Saint-Germain who, having being rebuffed over Carlos Tevez, now appear willing to offer a safe haven to Suarez.

All a tad premature me thinks especially at this stage of the season. I guess the deciding factors in any Suarez move, if it happens at all, will be whether we qualify for Europe and for what competition and also how he is greeted on the playing fields of England between now and May. Suarez certainly appears to have supporters in Paris said Lugano, who is their captain and a fellow Uruguayan…

“You have to have balls to do what Luis did on Saturday. He followed his principles. We live in a democracy, and if you do not want to greet someone, you do not do it and less so if that person has made you experience some bad moments… He has gone through a few months he did not deserve. Everyone in football knows it is a big circus. Take into account that England is historically a colonial country and racism is a sensitive subject, but we all know it has nothing to do with what happened between Luis and the Manchester United player. It’s a football argument, and many false moralists and hypocrites have profited, and Luis is the only innocent party in this situation.”

Hmm pick the bones out of that! On second thoughts I think I’ll just move on just as this story will, odds on the number of clubs Suarez is linked with between now and the beginning of next season?

Back to business and with all the wailing and gnashing of teeth after last week’s match at Old Trafford it’s easy to forget the impact of the 2-1 defeat had on us. I guess it’s understandable as the Suarez incident clearly has rocked the Western World to its foundations, life will never be the same again!

They say there is no such thing as being lucky in defeat and our loss to the Mancs could have seen us seven points behind fourth place, however thanks to Chelsea and Newcastle’s failure to pick up points it’s only four. It’s been like that for most of the season, every week one or more of the clubs above us drop points yet we seem unable to take advantage? Thankfully it is still all to play for and surely we can eventually produce the results that our play has suggested we can?

I have to confess it’s getting very nerve racking every time we play in the league. No result seems nailed on, we seen capable of drawing, with anyone! So I guess that’s why, despite what some managers would have us believe, the next two weeks of cup action are a welcome distraction?

Which leads me on today and Brighton in the FA Cup. Argh the FA Cup! Hat’s off to ITV and ESPN for trying to portray it as “the peoples cup” and gosh, how we have revelled in their “unique” approach to covering certain ties. Use the word “underdog” a lot (tick), show Ronnie Radford belting in that goal against Newcastle (tick), visit the home of “minnows” who are entertaining a big side and cover their ground and town, the latter of the two usually featuring a bakers with a FA Cup themed cake or biscuits in the shop window (big patronising tick). It is almost as if the director thinks everyone lives in London, Birmingham or Liverpool or some other big city so needs to highlight everywhere else as if it’s from some by gone age where people still point at planes in wonderment as the fly overhead and shout “big metal bird”.

Then what do they do? Show Liverpool v Brighton at 4-30pm on a Sunday afternoon! So much for the “people’s cup” when Brighton fans, because of TV requirements, have to make the long trip to Anfield late on Sunday with work beckoning the next day. Well done ESPN and to paraphrase Arsene Wenger we have “sold our soul” to TV.

With two cup games there is less inclination for us to look forward and prioritise one over the other, as both are important. However, Kenny will no doubt be eager to avoid the alleged complacency that seemed to manifest itself in the game at Bolton which was just before the second Carling semi final leg against Manchester City?

“Every day in training if someone does well, or in any game, it never does them any harm. If someone plays well against Brighton it gives you a problem for the team the following week. I’ve not got any idea what my team will be for then. The target for us is to progress into the next round of the FA Cup.”

A veiled hint perhaps but for those who have their minds on next Sunday I guess it’s “you have been warned”

Brighton arrive at Anfield on a nice run of form which, after a good start to the season and then a drop off, sees them back in contention for a play off place. Although we beat them in the Carling Cup we surely can’t have failed to notice that, despite dominating in the early part of the game, Brighton suddenly woke up, threw of any nervousness they might have had away and gave us a good game at the end (click here for match report). They will therefore be wiser today?

Prediction? Despite next Sunday everyone will surely be keen to keep this cup run going besides there is no excuse as we have a seven day rest until Wembley? I take Brighton to come out and have a good go and perhaps give us a scare or two however I think we will prevail with a 2-1 win.

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